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3 Easy Ways to Start Using Crystals in Your Tarot Practice

By November 8, 2018 February 26th, 2019

3 Easy Ways to Start Using Crystals in Your Tarot Practice

You’ve probably seen thousands of gorgeous photos on Instagram and Pinterest of those sparkly, candy looking rocks and thought, “Those are so pretty (I kind of want to eat them)! But, do they really work?” And as a Tarot reader – perhaps you’ve considered adding them to your own arsenal of awesome, but just weren’t sure where to begin. 

In this guest post by Team Biddy's resident crystals expert, Laura, you'll learn that YES they DO work, they are easier to use than you’re probably thinking – AND adding them to your practice has more benefits than you might realise!  

So, why might you want to integrate crystals into your Tarot practice (other than because they are super gorgeous)? Over to Laura to find out… 

It’s All About Energy and Vibration 

Everything around you vibrates. It’s called The Law of Vibration.  Your Tarot cards, you, the candles you light as a part of your ritual, the table you are sitting at and even the shoes on your feet have a unique vibrational frequency all their own.  

You’ve probably heard someone say “Attitudes are contagious” or have seen people tag posts on social media with #vibratehigher – what does it all mean? That’s where the Law of Resonance comes in!  Some of these frequencies can take on or be amplified by other similar frequencies and those vibrations can shape your reality into something completely different. It’s the reason we steer clear of the Debbie Downers in the office or find ourselves drifting away from childhood friends after years of holding on. Not all frequencies are good for you, or are a match for your body’s own personal resonance. We naturally gravitate toward the positive vibes, because they feel good.  

So, when it comes to setting your sacred space – It’s important to keep it ‘vibin’ high’ and positively supported, so that the negatively charged parts of your world don’t take over. Crystals are a very simple way to achieve just that.  

You see – crystals vibrate at predetermined frequencies that aid many different aspects of life. Love, strength, focus, purification, even fertility and psychic abilities.  And when activated with positive intention, they can really change the atmosphere around you and lend support to your purpose!  

Here are 3 examples of super-easy ways you can use the power of crystals in your every day Tarot practice.  

Before a reading

Meditate before readings with Clear Quartz to filter out distractions and tune in to your Self. You can use my free Confidence Boosting Meditation to guide you through a beautiful grounding and tuning in process.
Clear Quartz is considered a universal crystal that can be attuned to the energy needs in any situation. It is wonderful for amplifying energy and aiding concentration.
Sit quietly for a moment with your quartz in your hands, your feet flat on the ground, and concentrate on the energy flowing into your being. You might feel your hands tingle a bit! Take a few deep breaths to clear your mind and be present in the moment. Imagine a bright white light surrounding you. Set your intention for the reading and allow your intuition to take it from here.  

You can use many other crystals to meditate with – don’t limit yourself to just this one!  

Want to enhance your intuition? Try Moonstone. 

Maybe you’re reading for someone very close to you – or you’ve already formed an opinion or judgement about the querent’s situation… Distance yourself by meditating with Aquamarine. 

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Or perhaps you’ve been feeling out of sorts or a bit distracted. Ground yourself during meditation by working with Smoky Quartz.

During a reading

Drink a crystal elixir of Blue Lace Agate to open the lines of communication.
Blue Lace Agate is a calming crystal that works well to activate the throat chakra and support the verbal expression of thoughts and feelings.  

Water is an excellent conductor of energy, and it is possible to ‘program’ your water with the energies of specific crystals for ingestion. All you need to do is place a piece of blue lace agate (I recommend tumbled, versus raw) into your favorite drinking container and let it set for a bit. Have a few sips before you begin the reading and continue to drink as needed throughout.  

Crystal elixirs are wonderful ways to transfer the vibration of a crystal into your body at the cellular level. You can make a variety of elixirs for many reasons. 

Citrine Sphere Hibiscus MoonAre you afraid of holding back on delivering a message from the cards, because you’re afraid of how your client will react? Drink an elixir made from citrine to help boost your confidence and make you less sensitive to criticism.  

For the days you might be feeling a little down or depleted – drink an elixir made with Rose Quartz to open your heart chakra and help promote the loving vibes.  

*note You cannot do this with all crystals because some are toxic! Please do your research if you want to use other crystals in a drinkable elixir. HERE is a good place to start. Also, please discuss with your healthcare practitioner if you have any concerns. Using crystals is not meant to replace modern western medicine! 

After a reading

High PriestessStore your cards with a piece of Black Tourmaline to keep the energy surrounding your cards pure.
Black Tourmaline is a crystal that brings about protection and disperses (does not absorb!) negative energies.
Preparing your sacred space after a reading is just as important as before a reading. When you are ready to put your cards away for the day (or moment) do so as you normally would but include a piece of black tourmaline nearby. Right on top of the deck is a great place! It will help neutralize your space and allow room for the positive vibes to flow.  

Can’t find black tourmaline? No worries … You could also store your cards with a piece of labradorite to deflect any lingering negative vibes and keep your space pure.  

Or, Pyrolusite to repel negative energy and help you stay true to your own beliefs.  

So there you have it, 3 easy ways to start using crystals in your Tarot practice! If you want to take your intuition and readings to the next level, you can use my fifteen-minute Confidence Boosting Meditation before and after your readings to further enhance the grounding and clearing elements of your crystals.

Download the free meditation here.
3 Easy Ways to Start Using Crystals in Your Tarot Practice


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Wish You Had A Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet?

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