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The 4 Step Intuitive Manifestation Method

By September 5, 2023 September 6th, 2023

What do you want in life?

I mean, what do you really want?

It’s a BIG question, I know. And, it’s one that very few of us can answer honestly…. But that’s not our fault!

We’ve been programmed to “want” certain things from society. The problem is, most of the time, those things don't actually bring us happiness. Which is why it can be difficult to create the life YOU truly want.

It wasn’t until I got clear about what I wanted — not society, my parents, or my friends — that things in my life started to fall into place.

For the past 20 years, I've been cultivating a life that is truly aligned with who I am, and I have received more blessings than I could have ever imagined.

Now, I'm excited to share how I did it with YOU. This is my personal practice to manifest anything your heart desires.

I call it my 4-Step Intuitive Manifestation Method – a unique blend of Tarot and intuition designed to connect with your higher self. This method isn’t just about what you “should” want, but about stepping into a more aligned, authentic way of being.

Now, this is NOT just another manifestation technique.

This is a practice.

It’s a method that opens a portal with your higher self – your true self. And when it’s used with intention, you can begin a nurturing, intimate dialogue with the parts of yourself that have been locked away – so you can finally get what you want in life.

With this process you'll examine what you think you “should” want and step into a more aligned, authentic way of being.  And as a direct line to your subconscious, Tarot is the magical key that unlocks this deeper connection with your higher self.

The bottom line? Using Tarot as your co-creator amplifies your manifestation practice – and helps you manifest your dream reality much faster than you could do by yourself.

And the best part? You don’t even have to be a Tarot expert to use this method. 

Not sure what to manifest?

Get Clarity on Your True Desires & Start Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams

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Not sure what to manifest?

Get Clarity on Your True Desires & Start Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams

With this FREE
8-Card Tarot Spread

Get the Practice

So, let’s dive into this unique practice together so you can see how powerful it can be.

Step 1: Picture Your Perfect Future

Before you can manifest what you want, you need to get clear on what you want. That’s why any manifestation process should begin with dreaming big, reaching deep into your soul, and uncovering what’s in true alignment for you. And with Tarot as your co-creator, you can effortlessly connect with your inner wisdom to reveal your truth.

  • Discover Your True Desires: With the Tarot cards as your guide, you’re able to peel back the layers of what you think you should want and reveal the desires that resonate with your true self.
  • Set Clear Intentions: Tarot isn't just mystical; it's practical! With clear and specific guidance, you can turn your heartfelt dreams into actionable goals, creating a roadmap to success.
  • Align Your Goals with Your Highest Good: If manifestation hasn’t worked for you in the past, it’s likely because your wishes haven’t been aligned with your highest good. Using Tarot, you can ensure your goals are in harmony with your spiritual path, creating a balance that nurtures growth and happiness.

To feel into this step, I always set aside time to get quiet and drop in. I use guided visualizations to help me tune in to what it is I truly desire. Then, I envision those desires in my mind’s eye, allowing the path forward to play out like a move. The clearer you can get on your vision, the more effective the next 3 steps become.

Step 2: Elevate Your Energy Vibration

Think of yourself as a magnet that can be tuned to attract anything you desire. When you rush into action before aligning your energy, you can delay your manifestations indefinitely. But when you take the time to raise your energy to match your dreams, magic happens. Tarot helps you align with the right frequency to become an energetic match for all the abundance that’s seeking you.

  • Become an Energetic Match for Abundance: We all have the ability to tune in to our future selves and bring that future energy into the NOW. And this process is so easy using your Tarot cards and intuition.
  • Take Aligned Action for Positive Change: When your next step seems unclear, you can ask your Tarot cards for guidance on taking inspired actions that align with your intentions… making positive change feel effortless!
  • Clear Away Blockages Holding You Back: Sometimes, we hold onto energy that slows down our progress. Tarot will reveal any inner energetic obstacles, so you can work to clear them and pave a smooth path to your dreams.

Elevating your vibration isn’t something you can just “set and forget.” It’s a practice that you have to do consistently in order to get results. Sometimes it can feel hard to move your energy into a better vibration. That’s why I’ve developed a specific tried-and-true routine that I’ve perfected over time. Once I feel in sync with the frequency I want to attract, I move on to the next step. 

Step 3: Break Free from Limiting Beliefs

Even the most powerful manifestors have challenges on their journey. It’s time to face those fears and beliefs that have been holding you back! Tarot can be your compassionate mirror as you break free, reflecting what needs to be let go. This is a powerful, ongoing process that can bring you deep healing and transformation across all areas of your life. 

  • Discover What’s Stopping Your Success: Tarot can unveil your hidden fears and beliefs that have been acting as roadblocks to your success. You’ll see them, understand them, and finally be able to overcome them for good! 
  • Rewrite Your Negative Beliefs: By diving deep into empowering Tarot spreads, you can transform your biggest obstacles into stepping stones to living your full potential.
  • Trust and Surrender to the Universe's Flow: While this step may sound simple, it’s far from easy! But over time, you can learn to surrender and trust the cosmic flow through Tarot, accepting that everything is unfolding as it should.

One of the tricky things about limiting beliefs is that it can be hard to see them on our own. That’s why, in addition to self-reflection, it can be beneficial to have a coach or another outside perspective to shine light on what you might be missing. Once you’ve uncovered these shadow parts of yourself, you’ll be able to move onto the last step…

Step 4: Supercharge Your Results

This is one of the most important and overlooked parts of the manifestation process – celebration! When you embrace the joy of manifesting, express gratitude, and revel in the co-creative magic of the Universe, your results multiply exponentially.

  • Celebrate Your Manifestation Victories: Every success, big or small, deserves recognition. You can use Tarot to celebrate and honor your progress, giving you momentum for even greater achievements.
  • Express Gratitude and Amplify Your Creations: When you learn to practice gratitude, you amplify the energy of abundance and invite even more blessings into your life.
  • Experience the Magic of Manifesting with Tarot!: By weaving Tarot into your daily life, you can permanently enhance your connection to the Universe and manifest anything you want for years to come.

Now, the real secret ingredient to making this final step work is to get plugged into a community. When you build a group of likeminded people around you, it gives you a safe space to celebrate and build momentum much faster than you could on your own. Who you surround yourself with amplifies who you become, so choose wisely!

Are You Ready to Embrace the Magic?

These four transformative steps are more than just a method; they're a heartfelt invitation to a more fulfilling and magical life than you’ve ever imagined.

And if you’re feeling called to this path, I warmly invite you to explore my Intuitive Manifesting program.

I’ve thoughtfully designed this course with everything you need to manifest your most aligned life (visualizations, a proven energy elevation system, live coaching from me, ongoing group support, and more).

This is my NEW 6-week course where you’ll establish a foundation for a successful manifestation practice with Tarot.

Not just for a day, or a week… but for the rest of your life.

This program is perfect for you if you’re…

  • Tired of living a “groundhog day” life, re-living the same boring day over and over again
  • Feeling burned out because you’ve tried EVERYTHING to manifest with scattered results 
  • Not sure if “you’re doing it right,” then worry your doubt is sabotaging your manifestations  
  • Frustrated by all the successful people out there who seem to know a secret that you don’t

If you resonate with these, I promise you that this is the ONLY program that you'll ever need to finally manifest your dream life.

I’m saving a spot just for you! Click here to learn more and start creating your most aligned, joyful life today.


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Not sure what to manifest?

Get Clarity on Your True Desires & Start Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams

With this FREE
8-Card Tarot Spread

Get the Spread

Not sure what to manifest?

Get Clarity on Your True Desires & Start Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams

With this FREE
8-Card Tarot Spread

Get the Practice