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About Biddy Tarot

Biddy Tarot has been the world leader in online Tarot education since 1999. Our goal is to make the wisdom of Tarot approachable and accessible for all. That's why you won't find any overly esoteric teachings or cryptic messages anywhere on our site.

The Biddy Tarot Approach is a proven, practical method that helps you easily apply Tarot to your modern life. No fluffy or confusing jargon. No prior knowledge necessary. Everything you need to understand Tarot is waiting for you inside!

We demystify Tarot for over 15 million seekers per year through our courses, Certified Tarot Advisor program, and active Community. As a result, Biddy Tarot students go on to confidently read Tarot for themselves and others. Many even grow thriving intuitive businesses. We'd love to have you join us! 💜

Biddy Tarot is dedicated to supporting diversity and inclusion and supports the One Girl Foundation, providing educational resources to young women in Sierra Leone.