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BTP141: Witch Baby Soap with Founder and CEO Chelsea Selby

witch baby soap with chelsea selby

In this episode of the Biddy Tarot Podcast, I’m talking to Chelsea Selby, the founder and CEO of the wildly popular beauty brand Witch Baby Soap. Find out how Chelsea started her witchy line of skin care, bod care, and bath bombs in her kitchen.  Best of all, Chelsea tells us how she uses Tarot and vision boards to strategize for her business and to stay true to who she is. 

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Brigit: You're listening to the Biddy Tarot Podcast and this is episode 141 Witch Baby Soap with founder and CEO Chelsea Selby. 

Intro: Welcome to the Biddy Tarot Podcast, where you'll learn how to connect more deeply with your intuition, and lead an empowered and enlightened life with the tarot cards as your guide. Listen as Brigit and her guests share their very best tips and strategies to help you read tarot with confidence. And now here's your host, Brigit Esselmont.  

Brigit: Hello and welcome back to the Biddy Tarot Podcast. Today I've got a super awesome guest, and her name is Chelsea Selby, and she is the founder and CEO of Witch Baby Soap. Now if you haven't come across Witch Baby Soap yet, oh my goodness, you're totally missing out because this is probably one of the funnest brands of skin care, body care soaps, bath bombs, and so on.  

They offer such a unique range, and you'll see in a moment what I mean. So let me just read you some of the really fun names of the products. So we've got things like Dragon's Blood Body Oil, Full Moon Soap, Ghost Face Bath Bomb, there's even soaps with Tarot cards on them. So you've got like the Death Tarot soap, you have the High Priestess Tarot soap. There are bath bombs in the shapes of coffins, dragons blood bath bomb, like it's crazy good. And I think what Chelsea has done such a great job at is she's found this space in the market where people who are a little bit more on the witchy side want to be able to use skin care that's aligned with who they really are.  

So you'll hear Chelsea talks about walking into a makeup shop and seeing like blossom, and thinking that's not quite in alignment with who she was. So she's set up Witch Baby Soap about four years ago, and since that time it has grown into a wonderful business, and they've got customers from all around the world, 30 different countries. And they're continuing to do it in a way that is really sustainable, and really taking care with their products as well. So in this interview Chelsea and I talk about how she's started the business and then started growing it in a really neat way. And really all the while, staying in integrity with who she really is.  

I think that's kind of the key to her success here. And we also talk about how Chelsea uses things like Tarot cards, and vision boards to help her strategise in the business, and to stay real, and true to who she really is as she grows this business. So I think you're gonna really love this episode particularly if you are in the early stages of your business, and you're thinking oh is this still a hobby? What could I do with it? What is possible? As Chelsea will show you what is truly possible when you put your mind to it, and you just go.  

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And in the book we cover things like making decisions, creating an inspired career, growing fulfilling relationships, and bringing ritual into your daily routine. So remember it's available for pre-order now, and it will be in bookstores from September 18th, you can find it at, and there's also a gorgeous mini tarot deck that is available for purchase alongside the book. I think you're going to love it. All right so without further ado, let me welcome Chelsea Selby. 

So welcome Chelsea, I'm super excited to have you here. How are you going today? 

Chelsea: I'm doing well, and I'm really happy to be here too. Yay! 

Brigit: So you're like the founder and CEO of Witch Baby Soap, which is super cool by the way, tell me a little bit more about you, and how Witch Baby Soap came about for those who might not know your business? 

Chelsea: Okay. We are an occult bath and beauty company, we sell soap and body butter, and bath bombs, like crystals, we have Tarot card soap, we make coffin bath bombs, all kinds of spooky witchy stuff. I started it in my kitchen when I first had my daughter, and it's since grown into a much larger business, and yeah that's- 

Brigit: Like I'm really curious, I mean actually there's a couple of things I'm really curious about. So one, I know that you were, like you had just wrapped up your degree in I think it was Alternative Medicine, is that right? 

Chelsea: Yes.  

Brigit: Then you fell pregnant.  

Chelsea: Yeah. 

Brigit: The next week.  

Chelsea: Like five days, within a week of graduating from college I went to this school for Alternative Medicine, it was one of the only schools at the time for that. So I'm not even sure, there might be more now, but was a super crunchy granola college. Like we did Kundalini Yoga, and learned Hypnosis, and Reiki, and all that kind of stuff, so I also learned like Naturopathy, and Homeopathy, even took courses in like Chiropractic, and my personal favorite was Feng Shui.  

Brigit: Oh neat. I love it. When you were taking that course, like what was your intention, what did you think would come next? 

Chelsea: I was planning on becoming an acupuncturist, and then the thought of going to school with a baby, it just seemed like a very large undertaking. Which is kind of ironic, because starting a business is so much harder than just going to school. But yeah, I don't think a traditional path was really cut out for me ever. And having a baby, just kind of pushed me in the direction that I was supposed to be in.  

Brigit: Yeah. Interesting. And then when you started making all your like lotions, and potions at home, did you have an inkling that this might turn into something bigger, or an intention that it would turn into something bigger? Or it just evolved that way? 

Chelsea: Okay. Well my primary motivation when I first started, was just kind of to be able to buy my kid Christmas presents. So I started in October of 2013, and I was like, I'm going to buy all of the Christmas presents this year, and then it just kind of grew into something bigger. By March of the following year we had two employees, we couldn't keep anything in stock, we would sell out within minutes of putting it on Etsy, that's where we started. So yeah everything would sell out within minutes, and that's when I kind of figured out that I was on to something. But strangely enough, it kind of felt like that was the path I was supposed to be on all the time, even like going back to my interests as a kid. That's always what I've been into.  

Brigit: And so tell me a little bit about that switch then from the Etsy platform, into what you've got now, which is a whole different story. It's a big business.  

Chelsea: Yes, yes. So we switched over in April 2014 to our own website. We used Shopify, which is … they're great. Even if you have an issue, they'll fix it. But we were just paying a lot of fees on Etsy, and the shipping options weren't working for our sized business that we were moving into a bigger sized business, and the shipping options weren't efficient for us. So we moved to our own website and we've been with Shopify ever since.  

Brigit: And were you like at some point, were you kind of having a garage filled with all of your like stock? And going to the post office? 

Chelsea: It wasn't a garage because our landlord stored his jet ski there. Very important. But we … I had a small office that we started in, and we would start shipping, we would ship everything out of my office, and then it eventually became the office, and the playroom, and then the office, and the playroom, the living room had a bunch of shipping boxes in it. And like extra things, and eventually my partner and I, we were like, we can't live like this anymore. We need to get this out of the house. So we started working, actually in this space, right here. The business was once in here, this is like a punk rock studio, it wasn't really efficient for business meetings because I'd have to UPS, and other suppliers would come for meetings, and they'd be like, what is this weird graffiti place?  

They wouldn't know … they'd come in their suits, and it's like I have to be like… from all of the graffiti. Yeah.  

Brigit: I always find that funny like we need to have so called business meetings, and people turn up in a suit, you're like yeah, no this isn't that kind of workplace.  

Chelsea: Yeah especially, and then they show up and they see me, and I'm like covered in tattoos. Just wearing yoga pants. Yeah.  

Brigit: Yeah. Neat. So now I take it you probably have like fulfillment houses, and you're shipping- 

Chelsea: No, we ship all in house still. Because the nature of the product, I don't … it's hard enough like putting it in a box, and then letting someone else transport it, because bath bombs can be very fragile at times. So I'm like … so we ship everything in house right now. Now we have a 5000 square foot facility. So we do shipping there, we manufacture there, all the steps, and now we're opening a store there in September.  

Brigit: Yeah. Neat. Awesome. And then how many people do you have working for you at the moment? 

Chelsea: Right now we have seven. We'll probably hire some holiday help when it gets closer to Halloween, but for now it's just seven.  

Brigit: Yeah. 

Chelsea: We like to do … I like to grow it small, and sustainably instead of scaling it really big, and then … be like what do we do now? 

Brigit: Yeah. It's interesting to watch kind of the different growth trajectories, because I've seen the similar businesses where they've just taken on a lot of retail clients, and the growth has been insane. And so is the pressure, and you gotta kind of catch your breath to get up, get caught up with it all. So it's interesting that you've taken kind of more of a step by step approach. 

Chelsea: Yes. It's very old school. It's even … we're in an old school ravioli factory. We're in like a super Italian part of New Jersey. So we're in an old school ravioli factory, so maybe their vibes are rubbing off on us a little bit. But yeah, we like to keep it small and sustainable, and also we don't have any investors, so you know, our primary concerns are being able to pay good hourly wages and provide health insurance, those type of things. Because you know, our health insurance isn't … we have to pay for it here. It's very expensive. So being able to afford those things is more important than just scaling it really big for whatever reason. We just like the pace that we're at. 

Brigit: And what do you think, where do you think the business is going over the next few years? 

Chelsea: I would like to open multiple stores, this one's kind of like we're going to see how this one goes, and then hopefully I'd like to open more. Maybe in like New Orleans, or L.A., and we also want to open a shipping and manufacturing facility in Canada because for some reason, it's very expensive for us to ship from the United States to Canada. It's not that far. So we're trying to open a facility in Canada to bring down the shipping costs for all of our Canadian customers.  

Brigit: Yeah. Fabulous. And like if you were to think back say to four years ago, can you even fathom that this is where you would be? 

Chelsea: No. It's really funny, I just spoke at the local high school yesterday, and I was like a terrible high school student. So even my family was like, what you spoke at a high school? So yeah. I don't know I didn't envision this, but you know I'm glad that it's come to fruition.  

Brigit: I just think it's such an inspiration because I know many of our listeners are probably either with the idea, or maybe even just starting out with say an Etsy store. It's great to see how you've been able to like leverage this into a very sustainable business, and something that is rewarding. You're creating a really solid workplace for your employees, and you're keeping it real, like you're not … you haven't fallen into the trap of trying to go vanilla mainstream. You're sticking to who you are.  

Chelsea: I feel like some people, they look at Instagram when they start a business, and they're like oh I need this like glossy boardroom, or like I need these specially branded boxes with different compartments, and you know my own packing foam with my logo on it. It's just like, hey just because they saw, I don't know I guess a bigger company do it, or somebody who has investment money or whatever, so you feel like you need to reach these benchmarks, and you really don't have to. I mean before the internet you can just run a business exactly how we were doing it before the internet was a thing. 

Brigit: Yep. It's neat. And so like I absolutely love kind of the originality of your products, like the little coffin bath bombs, the Tarot soaps, so neat. And even the naming of your products, super clever and smart. 

Chelsea: Thank you. 

Brigit: So how does this all come about? Do you just sit around like a table and kind of brainstorm, or how does it? 

Chelsea: Right now, I've pretty much been the creative for a while. I try to like pull my employees in when I can. Usually we go through the scents together, and I have one girl on my staff that, if I make a scent, and I like it and she likes it, then I know it's going to be a good one. So they kind of help me with that kind of stuff. When it comes to creating … I have different methods for different things, sometimes I get inspired by something random, and I'm like, oh I want to make a product out of this. Or sometimes the scent comes first, and I need to come up with a name for the scent. So it's like whatever the scent reminds me of.  

For a full collection though, it's like this whole elaborate process, where I make a mood board, and I have try to build this whole world of scent. So for example, we did a southern gothic collection, when we first started out. And it was based on spending time in the deep south, my dad lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. So I used to spend all my summers in Raleigh, and I'm like super New Jersey. So when I would go to North Carolina as a kid, I did not fit in that well, so it was just kind of based on like not being super religious, and being immerged in highly religious atmosphere, and how I felt. And so I did a bunch of play on words, of all these southern religious statements. Like, Bless Your Black Heart, and Praise the Dark Lord.  

I remember showing up, because it was in the '90s and I had … like it was so cool to wear that dark green nail polish, remember that? So I wore that, and I'm showing up on my first day of camp, and I thought I was so cool. And the girls there, they all had like blond hair, with like ribbons tied in it. They looked at my nails, and they were like, that means you worship the Devil. I was like, my mom bought me this! Oh my god, no one's ever said that to me in my life. So yeah it was just based on like the extremism that I felt as a child, just being from like a completely different place. I live 20 minutes outside of New York City, so New York City and Raleigh in the '90s are worlds apart. 

So that was like one of the things that I based a collection on. I just like to make these really moody, atmospheric blends that when you smell it, it brings you somewhere.  

Brigit: Yeah. Neat. Neat. And I guess what I'm sort of feeling here is sometimes when it maybe … you know you're creating like this sense of belonging with people who may not have felt like they've belonged before. If that makes sense? 

Chelsea: Yes.  

Brigit: And you're making it like as something where you can just really own it, and have fun with it, and let it be your fullest experience, I think it's so smart.  

Chelsea: Yeah. When I would go to the stores and try to find like some beauty products before I started the business, I would look at them and be like, well I'm not really a blooming blossom. So if they have anything graveyard scented that would be great.  

Brigit: And so are you the only folks doing this, or are things starting to change a little bit, are you seeing more and more businesses pop up like this? 

Chelsea: There were like a couple of us who were doing weirder, darker beauty products in the beginning, but I feel like in the recent years it is really like become a thing. And a lot more people are doing it now.  

Brigit: Yeah. And then in that, then what's like your key differentiation? Like what makes you really different from everyone else who's doing similar stuff now? 

Chelsea: I just have my own style, and my own vision for our products. Everybody … there's so many different witch companies out there, or like dark candle companies, beauty companies, all kinds of things. But really what makes your brand different is the story that you tell. Nobody has those same life experiences that I've had, so I mean they probably have something similar, and that's why it's relatable. But I'm pulling from my own experiences when I create things. And that's something you really can't duplicate, and my own vision I like to make products that have more of like … I'm a Taurus, so I really like elegant things.  

So I try to give my products like more of an elegant edge, you know, they're packaged in glass instead of plastic. I like to just tell this story about each product, and I put a lot of thought into what herbs I put into each product, or like what experience you're going to get out of them. It's not just like, I like this scent, I'm going to make it this thing. No it has to tell a whole story. Like our collection right now is, it's based off of just feeling super rebellious as a teenager growing up in a suburban neighborhood, not fitting in. One of the products is based off of one of my close friends who passed away when I was around that age, and just all of the things that I was dealing with at that time. 

Brigit: Yeah. 

Chelsea: So I think when people find something that we make, that feels similar to their experience, that's what really resonates with them.  

Brigit: Yeah. It's beautiful. I love it very much.  

Chelsea: Thanks. 

Brigit: So obviously things are going swimmingly for you, like very, very well.  

Chelsea: Thank you. 

Brigit: What are some of the challenges that you might have run into over the last few years? 

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Chelsea: Growing your business is always difficult, I don't have a business degree, I have a degree in Alternative Medicine. I know how to do Kundalini Yoga, I was not prepared for like first of all just dealing with accountants, it's like he speaks a foreign language when I have to talk to my accountant. And just business in general, as a creative person, I feel like that's what I struggle with the most is figuring out business. Just how to get all the paperwork done. 

Brigit: Yeah. 

Chelsea: All these like structured things, even though I am a Taurus and you should feel like stable and structured, I am also like just, I've always been a very creative, rebellious person so just kind of falling in line, has been the most difficult.  

Brigit: Yeah. 

Chelsea: And also being like a mindful leader is something that I've tried to make a point, because I've had so many terrible bosses, that I don't want to be like them. So just trying to lead in a way that I have wanted to be led as an employee, has been … I wouldn't say it's been challenging, but it's definitely been something that I focus on a lot in my business. 

Brigit: Yeah I can resonate with that, I think we're in a really unique position as like leaders of our business, and leaders of a team, to create the kind of business that feels in integrity, and authentic to you.  

Chelsea: Yes. 

Brigit: I mean I used to work in corporate for 15 years or so, and there were many things I liked, and many things I did not like.  

Chelsea: Yeah. See I'm like complete opposite end of the spectrum. I was at the Girl Boss Rally in L.A. this weekend, and I was there with my friend, and we were sitting on these lounge chairs, and we're just talking, and I'm like looking at these corporate buildings, and I'm just thinking this is … I've never even set foot in one of these buildings, I don't even know what that would be like. To work in the corporate world, so it's interesting to think about. Like what would working in the corporate world be like? 

Brigit: Yeah, don't. It's all good. You've skipped that bit, it's all good.  

Chelsea: It's just such a strange thing for me, I've never done it.  

Brigit: Yeah. But I think you're a wonderful testament for someone who can take something that might be considered a hobby, and you have turned it into a business. So even though you're saying you don't have business skills, you clearly do.  

Chelsea: Oh thank you. 

Brigit: And you've been able to develop them in a way that is perhaps again more in integrity with who you are, and the way that you want to operate versus the way that you think you might be expected to operate. If that makes sense? 

Chelsea: Yeah. And I think maybe that's why I never stepped foot into the corporate world, is maybe it just didn't resonate with me, so kind of starting my own business is my own act of rebellion, it's my own like … I feel like my inner 13 year old girl would be very proud of me for kind of like bucking the status quo, and just doing my own thing. I feel like that's the most punk rock thing I can do.  

Brigit: Yeah. I love it. That's neat. And then so you … well I was going to say you do some unorthodox things to run your business, but in my view these are very normal, natural things. They're things like, using Tarot, or using vision boards. So tell me a little bit about all the fun stuff that you do to run the business from that more intuitive space? 

Chelsea: So I like to pull a Tarot card every day before I got to work, or just in general even if I'm not going to work, just because it kind of gives me … I feel like it gives me some insight into what I could be dealing with that day, or like what I maybe something that I've been not addressing, that I need to address. So I'll flip a card, and then if it's like the Tower, get ready. I'll be like how many rings can I put on with crystals to make me feel better about the fact that I pulled this card? 

So I kind of just like feel like all right, it's a dragon's blood kind of day. So just put some dragon's blood oil on and feel like just ready to embrace whatever I might be dealing with, or if I pull something that's like a super creative card, and I have plans to work on boring paperwork stuff, then I'll be like you know what? I'm just going to do something creative today. So I'll just use that energy, and focus it into the business, and kind of just go with the flow.  

But then I also use it, I take a lot of ritual style baths. So sometimes if I pull a card that really inspires me, then I might theme a bath around it. So I might, if I get like a cups card, I might use my water bath potion, and put a bunch of water herbs or flowers in my bath, and kind of just like try to connect with that energy if I feel like that's something I need. 

Brigit: Yeah, I love it. And I think the more and more we use like Tarot in kind of the every day space, and like more … less reading per se, and more doing or being with the Tarot I just think that's the magic place.  

Chelsea: Yeah. So sometimes if I'm going through a hard period too, like I had my Saturn return in November, that was rugged, so I just like taped the Chariot to the wall so I can just like remember that I just got to ride it out, and just persevere. So sometimes if I'm going through a period, and I feel like I need a specific energy, I'll just put that up on my desk or on my mirrors so I can see it every day.  

Brigit: Yeah. And then I know that you love using our Biddy Tarot Planner. Do you integrate that with your business stuff, or more of your personal side? 

Chelsea: I feel like honestly it all kind of … it's just all the same thing at this point. Like it just flows from one thing to another, so I use it kind of for both. You know the goals that I set in my personal life, regardless, are going to help me in my business life. And they're usually for things like I don't know. I feel like I've set a lot of get organized goals, and that helps both as a mom, and also as a business owner.  

Or like what's another one that I've set? A lot of get organized. Like I said, I'm very creative. And not very structured. Also just if I need to be more focused, or be more present is one that I've set, that's like a parenting one, be more present.  

Brigit: Yeah. 

Chelsea: Better boundaries, and more balance. So those things apply to both work, and home life.  

Brigit: Yeah. I think that's the beautiful thing of running your own business, but also doing it in a way that's in alignment with who you are. Because one, and the other it's just … your business is the expression of you, and everything you're learning in your own personal life, and vice versa.  

Chelsea: Yes. And I mean I basically started it so that I could parent the way that I wanted to parent, and not have to … I didn't want to just pay money to put my daughter in a daycare too. So I was like, this is the only way, this is what I'm going to do. And now I get to spend as much time as I want with her, and I don't have to miss anything, most importantly. My mom was a single mom, so she didn't get to … we didn't get to spend a lot of time together when I was a kid, so it's really important for me to spend a lot of time with my daughter. And that's also what drives me to be self-employed.  

Brigit: Yeah. Totally agree with that. I think that's been one of the hugest benefits for running our business is the flexibility, and yeah the ability to spend time with your family, and then sometimes not, sometimes I like to work so I can escape.  

Chelsea: Yeah. 

Brigit: I've got to work.  

Chelsea: Yeah, it's nice. Like I went to the … like I said I went to the Girl Boss Rally this weekend, I always look forward to it, because I get to like have two days where… my daughter still sleeps in my bed, where I'm not like getting kicked in the back all night long. Or I could go get a massage, you know, and then I get out and I don't have a phone call, or anything to handle. So it's nice. 

Brigit: Yeah. Awesome. And so, what advice would you have for someone who might be like, you know, you four years ago, at that very early stage of I'm going to make some stuff, might sell it on Etsy, what advice would you give them? 

Chelsea: Just to start. Just start doing it. A lot of people feel like they have to have these elaborate plans, you go to school, and they're like you need a business plan, and you need this, and that in high school. It kind of makes it seem like starting a business is a lot of work before you even start it. So you just have to get started, and it will come together, at least for me. That's what I did. I just did it. That's the hardest part I think is just getting started.  

Don't listen to anybody when they try to discourage you from doing what you want to do, because when I told everybody I was going to sell witch soaps, they were like, why don't you just sell natural soaps instead? You know, do the thing with your degree.  

And I was like, nah, I'm going to do this. So everyone's going to have an opinion about what you're doing, don't listen to them, don't tell anybody you're name before you name your business because everybody has an opinion about that. Just like a baby, you just got to name it.  

Brigit: Yeah. 

Chelsea: You know? 

Brigit: Yeah. I often see that where people will ask their friends for an opinion on what they're doing in their business, and their friend is not their client. Their friend is not the ideal customer, so you're not going to get the right feedback for it. 

Chelsea: Yeah, especially when you're starting like a weird business.  

Brigit: You know what I think it's just neat to be a disruptor. I really identify with the Tower card in terms of my purpose, and in the business side as well. And it's almost like fuel to keep going when someone says, oh why are you doing that?  

Chelsea: Yeah no, I don't really, I mean when I see the Tower card, I brace myself. But I don't really run screaming because you know the Tower has like surfaced so many times in my life. I feel like at this point I've lived so many different lives, that you know that whole burning it down and then starting over again isn't really that scary at this point.  

Brigit: Yeah. 

Chelsea: Knock on wood. I don't want to invite that, but I'm very content with where I'm at right now. But it's not the most frightening thing that could happen. 

Brigit: Yeah. Absolutely. Awesome so where can people find out more about you, and get their access to these awesome coffin bath bombs? 

Chelsea: So they can find me, all my of my social media is at Witch Baby Soap. So we're on Facebook, we're on Instagram, Twitter, we're on Tumblr, I don't even know if anybody has a Tumblr anymore, but we're on Tumblr. And we're also on Pinterest too.  

Brigit: Yep. Fabulous. And have you got an address for your store New Jersey? 

Chelsea: Oh yes. We're … it's not open yet. We're going to be located 534 W. Westfield Ave. in Roselle Park, New Jersey.  

Brigit: Awesome so that opens in September, so if you're listening after then, you know where to find them.  

Chelsea: Yeah. We've started discussing a Tarot card room too, so it's all in the works.  

Brigit: Do it. Do it. Yes. That would be neat. And then you can expand into like workshops, and events.  

Chelsea: Yeah, we love to do that so. 

Brigit: So many things. 

Chelsea: Hopefully in the future.  

Brigit: Fabulous. Awesome. Well thank you so much Chelsea for being on the podcast, and I've so enjoyed like hearing about your journey, and what you did. 

Chelsea: Yes, thank you for having me. 

Brigit: Oh my pleasure. And I just hope that this continues to grow in its success, and its reach. I think what you're doing is fabulous. And thank you for the cute little bath bombs and so on, so I can get a feel for it. I'm going to probably post a few of those on Instagram, I love like the Tarot soaps, and it's gorgeous. 

Chelsea: Any time. Thanks for having me, this was a lot of fun.  

Brigit: Thanks.  

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed that conversation with Chelsea as much as I did. Now remember you can pre-order your book Every Day Tarot at It will be available for sale from September 18th, and yes you can pre-order now, you can also get the mini cards which I think you absolutely are going to love. And if you've enjoyed this interview, or this whole podcast series, please leave a review it means the world to me, and it also means that we get tarot out in a bigger way. So jump onto iTunes, and leave a review and a star rating. That would be awesome.  

Thank you so much. And if you want to get the transcript and episode details to find out more about Chelsea and to find out more about Witch Baby Soap, you can go to 

All right my friends, that is it for today, I hope you have an awesome day, and I look forward to chatting with you again very, very soon. Bye for now.

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Witch Baby Soap with Founder and CEO Chelsea Selby holding a crystal ball with red nails | Biddy Tarot | Podcast


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