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BTP140: Discover Your Soul Purpose with Tarot

discover your soul purpose with tarot

In this episode of the Biddy Tarot Podcast, I’m tackling a big and beautiful topic: how to discover your soul’s purpose using your Tarot cards.  Spoiler: by the end of the episode, you’re probably not going to have a clear idea of precisely what your soul purpose is. 

This is an independent journey that involves you working closely with your highest self to discover what your soul purpose is and let it unfold in a beautiful and sometimes unexpected way. But, I’m going to give you some ways that you can use your Tarot cards to support you throughout this exciting process. 

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Brigit: You're listening to the Biddy Tarot Podcast. This is episode 140. Discover Your Soul Purpose with Tarot. 

Intro: Welcome to the Biddy Tarot Podcast where you'll learn how to connect more deeply with your intuition and leave an empowered and enlightened life with the Tarot cards as your guide. Listen as Brigit and her guests share their very best tips and strategies to help you read Tarot with confidence. Now here is your host Brigit Esselmont.  

Brigit: Hello and welcome back to the Biddy Tarot Podcast. As always, it's such a joy to be talking with you all about Tarot. Now today we're diving into a really big topic that is – how to discover your soul's purpose.  

Now are you going to know exactly what your soul's purpose is by the end of this episode? Well, no. You will have a way to work closely with your highest self to discover your soul purpose and let it unfold in beautiful and probably sometimes unexpected ways. Of course, I'm going to be showing you how you can use your Tarot cards to support your throughout this process.  

Now before we get into today's episode I want to let you know that this episode is brought to you by my upcoming book Everyday Tarot: Unlock Your Inner Wisdom and Manifest Your Future. This book that I've been writing and loving on big time is available now for pre-order over at It's going to be on bookshelves in the US from September 18th, 2018. 

Now my book Everyday Tarot takes a really fresh approach to the timeless art of Tarot. It gives modern soul seekers the tools that they need to access their inner wisdom and create an inspired life using the Tarot cards as their guide. 

Now this book is filled with practical exercises to help you bring your intuition and Tarot into your everyday life. For making decisions, creating an inspired career, growing fulfilling relationships, and bringing a bit of ritual into your daily life. 

You know what I love most about this book is it's not only a sort of practical how-to with some really neat exercises and activities and Tarot spreads, like so much juicy stuff, it's also a way for me to share my journey with you and hopefully to inspire you in terms of the journey that I've taken, the path that I've taken, and where it has led me and how Tarot has supported me in that.  

This is now my opportunity to be able to share that with you as you travel on your journey with Tarot and intuition. I have a really good feeling you're going to enjoy this book very much. At least I hope you do. You can pre-order now at and remember it's going to be on bookshelves from September 18th, 2018. Woo. Super exciting.  

Okay, so something that a lot of people tell me is that I'm very soul-driven. I absolutely 100% agree. Purpose and being intentional and making conscious choices is so very important to me. It's part of my being. It's so important to me that I'm always operating in alignment with my soul, my mission, and what I believe I'm here to do in this lifetime. 

Now I don't spend every single hour in absolute perfect alignment. We have lives. I have kids who take me out of that place quite often but for the most part I am living a life that is in alignment with my soul's purpose. That's what I really want to talk with you today about is how do you get into this place? How do you even become aware of what your soul purpose is in the first place? 

Now think about what some people seem to get a little bit confused about with soul purpose is that there's this expectation that one day we'll just wake up and we'll know exactly what our soul purpose is or maybe we're in the forest and a deer comes up to us and can somehow transmit exactly what you should be doing with the rest of your life.  

This stuff does happen every now and then. In most cases, understanding your soul purpose is something that happens over time and it happens through a process of trial and error. It also happens through a process of listening and allowing and being consciously aware of those things that really light you up and those things that might not light you up.  Of course, the things that do light you up you do more of and the things that don't light you up you do less of.  

Now if I'm thinking about my own journey I've had a pretty good idea of who I am and why I'm here. Throughout my life I've always been very purposeful and intentional. It probably wasn't really until, gosh, I can't even remember what year it was. It might have been around 2014, 2015 maybe.  

Anyway, I was doing a one day workshop with Alana Fairchild, who is amazing. She's created the Sacred Rebels Oracle deck. What else has she got? The Kuan Yin. So many good ones. Crystal Mandala Oracle and so on. She's a very charismatic, spiritual woman who is so much in her own power. It's an absolute delight to watch. 

Anyway, I'm in her workshop and it was based on Isis and the energy of Isis. We had done a lot of visualization and talking and so on. Then it came to a moving meditation, which is really code for dancing with your eyes closed. That freaked the hell out of me because I do not like dancing. I certainly don't like interpretive dance.  

I was like, “You know what? This is flipping me out so I'm going to do it anyway. I'm going to commit to it and let it go at me.” I closed my eyes and I just started to move to the music. Alana talked us through a whole series of exploration as to what we were feeling and experiencing as we listened to this music. 

Then suddenly Rage Against The Machine and Killing In The Name Of came on. I could just feel so much energy rising up in me. I had this visualization that I was being persecuted for my belief in intuition and for trusting my own inner power. Yet here I was being held captive and almost like having stones thrown at me because I trusted my intuition.  

I remember sitting there feeling like my power had been taken away but then I was like, “Has it? Has it actually been taken away here?” I felt this amazing energy surge through me and I started to rise up. If you know Killing In The Name Of it's like, “Eff you, I won't do what you tell me.” It's really strong words. So much energy behind it. 

I'm listening to this music and I'm like, “No, I'm never going to let anyone stand in the way of me accessing my inner power and my intuition ever again. No thank you.” I came out of that experience feeling so empowered and so inspired to be a light. Not just for myself and trusting my own intuition but to be a light for others and never let anyone else ever feel like they have to hide in the shadows, that they are a bad person because they trust their intuition or because they've learned how to access their inner wisdom and their inner power. 

I was really fired up around this. Afterwards I felt like, “Yeah. That was pretty cool. That's nice.” It took me probably a good couple of weeks for it to really sink in and go, “Oh, this is it. This is really it.” From that moment on, that's what I've been really inspired around. 

Yes, I love talking about Tarot but what I really also love is helping people get into that space of really trusting their intuition and seeing it as a super power. This isn't something that we just brush to the side or giggle nervously when we tell someone that we're intuitive. This is something where we go, “Wow. I'm pretty lucky. I'm pretty lucky that I'm connected to my intuition because I've got the power to do whatever I want here” and do whatever I want for the good of others. Of course, yes.  

That's really what fires me up. That helped me really connect to my own soul purpose. From that so much has flowed. I'm really checking in with myself quite frequently around staying connected to that feeling and staying connected to that sense of purpose.  

You know what was interesting at that time it was a point at which with Biddy Tarot I was like, “Do I really want to keep doing this? Is this really for me?” Then I had that experience and I'm like, “Oh, wow. I can't not do it.” You know what I mean? The universe was asking me to do this work. I needed to show up and I needed to be a light for others who wanted to access that inner power.  

Yes, a long way of going around it but that was a really important turning point for me. You know, I guess that's the thing with soul purpose is once you become aware of your soul purpose it feels as though you've got to follow that calling because if you don't you're actually doing a disservice to the higher power and the people on this planet.  

There are really no other options but to follow your soul purpose. It's like you can't not do it because once it's been shown to you, once you're aware of it, how can you turn that away? It's super, super powerful.  

Let's just talk about soul purpose and what it is. Your soul purpose is the reason why you're here on this earth and in this lifetime. It represents all of the lessons that you're here to learn and also what you're here to teach others. I think often what we learn in our own journey is what we are then about to share with others. That's how we can heal others and help others. 

Your soul purpose gives you direction on a really deep and fundamental level. It's like your calling or your guiding light. It's what gets you up every day. Just fired up and really ready to go. It's really what drives you forward with this divine determination and will. It's like you can't not do it.  

Now the thing is when you discover your soul's purpose you become aligned with your highest power and your creativity. From that place that's where you can manifest your deepest desires into your world. This purpose expands your heart and mind opening you to experience, that really amazing multidimensional being that you are inside. 

Soul purpose is powerful stuff. There's no denying that but here's the essential thing to keep in mind. Soul purpose can actually be quite dynamic. It can change, it can grow, and it can evolve. Just like you do. Here's the truth. You already know your soul purpose even if you think that you don't. Your soul purpose is really at the core of you and your inner being. It's actually not something that you need to find because you've already found it. You just have to get clear about it. You have to listen to it. You have to be able to hear it and honor it. 

It reminds me of one of my friends who started to feel like desperate almost to discover her soul purpose. She's like, “I don't know what it is. What is it? How do I find it?” I'm like, “Just listen. Just calm. Just go within.” It sounds so simple but I think the more we stress about trying to find our soul purpose, the further away we go from finding that soul purpose. 

For my friend she started to realise that actually finding her soul purpose is just doing what actually fulfils her in that very moment, whether it's being a mom, an artist, a construction worker, even a Tarot reader, whatever it might be.  

She said to me, “Just as the seasons change, life changes and our purpose changes too”, which I think is really neat because again it is a constant evolution. There may be this common thread with your soul purpose throughout your life and it will manifest itself in new and different ways depending where you are and in what situation you're in at the very present moment.  

Yeah. When you have this really deep connection with your inner self that's when you become a lot more consciously aware of your larger purpose in life. Of course, as you should know by now the more that you're using Tarot as a tool, the more that you find yourself in connection with who you really are. These things will become a lot clearer. 

It's really also at that moment where you let go and trust the universe and also the universe that you have within you, that that's when life guides you forward and you open up fully to the present moment. In that present moment you discover your passion and your desire for life again, which brings your soul purpose and mission back to the forefront.  

It's kind of like a beautiful loop. You've just got to jump into that loop so that it can all happen. If you're jumping out of it and resisting it and going, “Come on, where is it? How do I know? I don't know what it is. No idea what my purpose is” then there is no way that that beautiful cycling energy can happen. Let go of the resistance and just be in the flow. It's so easy. 

The thing is here it's not just enough to discover your soul purpose and be done with it. Even though you might know why you're here it's your responsibility and your obligation to the universe to follow through with your purpose and live it in your everyday life. That really means saying yes to the opportunities that are in alignment with your purpose and saying no to those that are not. 

Sometimes being clear on your soul purpose acts like a litmus test or a guiding light. You might be faced with a difficult decision or you're not really sure which way to go. That's when your soul's mission is super powerful and it starts to light up the path ahead of you. When you're in connection with that soul purpose you'll see, “Okay, well, if I take path A it's going to be out of alignment. If I take path B it's going to be harder but it is in alignment.” It just works out in a really beautiful way and it allows you all that beautiful clarity as well once you're in alignment with your purpose. 

I think being in touch with your intuition and doing a lot of meditation and journaling, those things are so important because they really create that sacred space for you to reconnect with your inner being and your soul's purpose. They help you really stay in alignment with the reason you're here. 

How do you know what your soul purpose is? Well, here's the thing. Your soul is always calling to you. It's calling to you in different synchronicities, events, people that you meet, so many ways. I think when you start to open your eyes to synchronicity in life you start to see that the universe is calling you all the time. It's like it's right there and it's about being open to those and hearing that calling that is being made to you. 

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It's also something that you'll feel through your emotional state. When you're feeling frustrated, when you're feeling bored, when you're feeling restless as I have recently, that is your soul saying, “You're on the wrong path here. You've got to find the stuff that's inspiring.” That is where you find soul purpose in all of that feedback loop. 

For me, I have always just been of the mindset of just do it. Do it and if it feels good do more of it. Do it and if it feels bad don't do it. So simple but so very effective.  

When you're really following what's lighting you up and what's inspiring you that is when you are in full alignment with who you are and when you're in flow with the universe. You're living a life that you were born to live and, even better, the life that only you can live. That is really a powerful thing.  

With all of that in mind how do we actually start to bring about this soul purpose into our conscious awareness. Well, this is where something like Tarot can really help.  

Now as part of the Everyday Tarot book I created the soul purpose tarot reading. It's a really powerful experience. It's not just a Tarot spread but it's a powerful experience designed to help you uncover the layers of your soul purpose so that you can live every day in alignment with your higher self. Sound good? I hope so. 

Now does this reading tell you exactly what your soul purpose is? No, as I said earlier. It's definitely up to you to discover and explore what your soul purpose is but this is like little seeds planted, seeds of inspiration, or little doors that open up and are saying, “Hey, come over here. Check this out. What does this mean for you?” 

It's kind of like those little bread crumbs too. I often have bread crumbs in my life where I just follow them. It's how I've met a lot of people. I've just followed little bread crumbs. Some of them lead to just a quick catch up and that's it. Others lead to yearlong friendships, like years long friendships and opportunities and so on. Those little bread crumbs can really help. 

I'm going to be sharing with you part of this soul purpose reading. Of course, if you want to find out more about the soul purpose reading you're going to have to read Everyday Tarot. I wanted to give you just part of it because there's aspects of this reading that can just start to plant those seeds and help give you more clarity around your soul purpose. Like I said, this is more of an experience than it is just, “Here's some cards to lay out.”  

This experience starts with a little bit of soul dreaming. First, bring yourself into a space where you have that time and space to dream and, oh my goodness, dream time is so very important. I don't mean just going to sleep. Go into a place in nature where your mind is free from all of the day to day and also where you can just connect with the expansiveness of the universe and what is absolutely possible for you. 

Then as part of this soul dreaming think about everything that is possible for you or what you want to be possible. If you could have anything in this world, anything in this lifetime, what would it be? What do you dream about? Who do you want to be? Who do you want to impact? 

Just allow yourself to really, really dream and think about what do you want to have, what do you want to do, what do you want to be, what do you want to experience, what do you want to create in your life. It's really your opportunity to go for it and live out all of your wildest dreams. 

Grab a pen and paper and just start doing that process. You're probably going to need at least a good half hour, hour. In fact, I'll tell you what I do with my own practice. This isn't a one-off thing. Often when I have time and space for journaling I'll just sit there and think, “Okay, what do I want? What's my vision? What's my soul dreaming here?” I'll just focus on one area and I'll just write everything that I want in that area of life. 

Then the next day I might think of a different area. Maybe that first day it was about family or even my connection with my daughter, how I want that to be. That comes at a good time when I'm feeling a little bit frustrated about not being heard as a mom. I will start writing, “I want to be able to craft and I want to be able to talk” or, “I talk freely with my daughter and she shares openly with me” and so on.  

That's all part of soul dreaming. It can be just everything or it could be part of your soul dreaming, part of your life. Just make sure it's coming into that being and writing it down, journaling, and so on.  

Okay. All right. Once you've got that conscious awareness of what it is that you want to create that's when you can start to bring out your Tarot cards. Yippee. This is the Soul Purpose Tarot spread. Remember, it's part of the spread. It's not all of the spread. Remember, you've got an in-depth Tarot spread for discovering your soul purpose inside of Everyday Tarot. 

To start this, take your Tarot cards and close your eyes. Just allow yourself first to centre, to ground yourself, and to also connect in with that universal energy. Creating this sacred space before you do a reading, especially something like a soul purpose reading, is so important.  

When we skip stuff like this we end up with just crappy, confusing readings that we don't even really take to heart. We don't do anything with it. I don't want that for you. For something like this, I want you to be really paying attention because this is when your intuition and your soul is speaking to you. Ground yourself, create that sacred space, and you might even have some affirmations or intentions that you set at that time. 

Then open your eyes and these are the six positions to drill card each for. Number one, what aspect of yourself are you expressing in this present moment? What aspect of your soul wants to be expressed? That's number two. Number three is how can you create alignment between you and your soul. Number four, what is your personal soul purpose? That is, what did you come here to accomplish on an individual level? 

Number five is what is your global community soul purpose? What have you come here to accomplish on a global level? I really like that contrast between what's your personal soul purpose? What's in it for you versus who are you here to serve? What's your bigger impact? I believe we all have a really big impact. Finally, what steps can you take to bring your soul purpose into your everyday life? 

Now if you're going, “Whoa, Brigit, slow down. I'm trying to write this all down” you can do your pause and stop and what have you or head on over to and go to the podcast posting for this podcast and you will be able to get a download of this particular spread or at least we'll have it written on there as well. 

All right. We've got what aspect of yourself are you expressing in this present moment? What aspect of your soul wants to be expressed? How can you create alignment between you and your soul? That alignment piece you're looking at the card one and two. You're looking at have I got alignment between how am I expressing myself now and how my soul wants to be expressed. Then how can I bring those two pieces of myself together even more. 

Then number four is what is my personal soul purpose? Number five is what is my global soul purpose? What's my impact in this bigger world? Then what steps can I take in order to bring my soul purpose into my everyday life? Super neat, right?  

Now this is big stuff so make sure you take a photo of your reading, you allow yourself a lot of time to really dive into it, and here's the thing. This is something that I say a lot throughout Everyday Tarot book. That is don't just let this be a Tarot reading. Don't just be going, “All right, Tarot cards. Tell me the answer.” 

That's not the idea. That is not where you'll get the depth in this kind of activity. The idea is that you're using your intuition to really guide you and the Tarot cards are simply a way to allow you to go deeper. Ultimately, it's your intuition, your inner wisdom that is talking to you here.  

Ask your intuition these questions. Like, “What aspect of myself am I expressing?” Ask that of your intuition. Let the cards simply be a little bit of nudge in the right direction or a nudge to help you go deeper but not just the only answer. The answer is already in you. Nowhere else. Just within you.  

Okay. That is the soul purpose. Combining that soul dreaming and then the soul purpose Tarot cards as well will just help to bring it into your conscious awareness of what your soul purpose might be. It's not your full soul purpose but it is bread crumbs. It's little signs to show you how you might be able to integrate this in your everyday life. 

Now I do want to share one more tip with you. I know we're going quite long on this one but that's cool. This is a big topic. I want to talk with you briefly about a soul alignment check-in because even when we're clear about what our soul purpose might be it's important that every day we're living in a way that is in alignment with our soul purpose. When we're making decisions about what we do and what we don't do that we're doing that from a place of alignment with our soul.  

I want to share just a brief story with you. When I was 12 I used to go yacht racing with my dad every Sunday. At first I thought sailing would be easy. You just set the sails, line up the rudder, and then away you go. What I realized is that to navigate the fastest and most efficient route we needed to check the wind direction and the speed, we needed to tweak the sails, adjust the steering, watch for the big waves, keep out of the way of other sea craft that might be coming our way, and so on. All the while making sure that the yacht was heading in the right direction towards the finish line. 

Living your soul purpose is similar. You can't just set and forget once you know what your purpose is. Instead you've got to be able to check that you're in alignment with your soul purpose on a day to day basis. 

Now given that my soul purpose is expressed mostly through my work I'm always making sure that what I'm doing in work is in alignment with my higher self. For example, if I've got a new business idea I usually just stop and check in to see if it resonates and if it's worth pursuing. Usually I'll check in intuitively first. Kind of envision the idea and look at what the energy is around it. It might be a color, it might be a feeling, sensation in the body. 

Then I'll often just draw a Tarot card around that too. Just to check in around what my intuition or subconscious wants to share with me around that particular idea. That's a way of allowing me a little bit more conscious awareness about how is this going to align with my soul purpose? 

Here's how you can do it. For anything in your life, maybe you're making a decision about a relationship, maybe about where you want to live, maybe about your career, and you wanted to check in how does this align with my soul? All you need to do is just call in that idea. Call it in and just visualize it and imagine the energy around it.  

What does it feel like? Does it feel really good? Does it feel like it's in alignment? Or does it feel a bit off? Sometimes you can feel when it's like, “Ugh, I think it's actually my ego that wants this, not my higher self.” Then you can also draw a Tarot card to go along with it. 

In Everyday Tarot I include a five card Tarot spread that really helps you dive deep into whether there's alignment or not. For now, I'm just drawing a Tarot card and asking to what extent is this idea in alignment with my soul purpose? Can be really helpful.  

Now don't expect that the cards are going to give you a clear yes or no answer. You should know that by now. It will give you some guidance around where this is sitting, this idea, whether it's something that's worth pursuing or not. 

Now as you build up your trust and your inner wisdom and your strength and your intuitive connection and also live in alignment with your soul purpose, you'll really start to step into your power to create the life that you want. I'll tell you what, that place is magical and beautiful and abundant and crazy good. It's fab. The more that you can allow yourself to lean into this process of soul purpose and your intuition guiding you to your soul purpose, the absolutely the better for you.  

Again, this is a taster also of what you're going to find inside of Everyday Tarot. These are examples of everyday things … I know soul purpose is kind of a big thing. If it's all about making these beautiful, sacred, spiritual moments part of our everyday life because when we do that that's when we just allow the magic to happen.  

Even when it comes to things like career and work … How do you find a fulfilling career that is actually in alignment with your purpose? Not just something that pays the bills but something that honours you and your talents. That's what gets covered inside of Everyday Tarot. Relationships as well. How do you find and create fulfilling relationships? All with Tarot and your intuition as a guide. 

Now next week I am speaking with the founder of Witch Baby Soap. Her name is Chelsea. We are going to be talking a lot about how she brings Tarot into her everyday life. She's been digging our spiritual compass spread and a few other things from our Biddy Tarot planner. I wanted to invite her on to share a little bit about how she's bringing that into her life and also to learn a little bit more about Witch Baby Soap. She's done some cool, cool things in that space. I can't wait to share Chelsea with you then. 

For now, have an awesome week and I'm sure we'll, well, we will, connect again very soon. Bye for now.  

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