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BTP137: The Tarot Food Plan with Kim Arnold

tarot food plan with kim arnold

We all know that the Tarot is an amazing tool which can help us navigate our lives and achieve our fullest potential, whether it's professionally, romantic, or spirituality.  But have you ever considered that it can be used to help you unpack emotional issues around eating and healthy body image? 

For episode 137, my guest is Kim Arnold, organizer for the UK Tarot Conference and the mastermind behind the Psychic Café Network. But today, we’re talking about Kim’s Tarot Food Plan and how she helped a group of eight women lose 78 pounds! 

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Brigit: You're listening to the Biddy Tarot podcast, and this is episode 137, the Tarot Food Plan with Kim Arnold. 

Intro : Welcome to the Biddy Tarot podcast where you'll learn how to connect more deeply with your intuition and live an empowered and enlightened life with the Tarot cards as your guide. Listen as Brigit and her guests share their very best tips and strategies to help you read Tarot with confidence. And now here's your host Brigit Esselmont. 

Brigit: Hello and welcome back to the Biddy Tarot podcast. Now we all know that Tarot is an amazing tool which can help us navigate our lives and achieve our fullest potential, whether it's professionally, romantic, spiritually, or whatever really. But did you ever consider that Tarot could be used to help you reach your weight goals? Yes, that's right, you can actually use Tarot to help you unpack emotional issues around eating, healthy body image, and so on. 

So my guest today is Kim Arnold, and she has created the Tarot Food Plan. This is what she's gonna talk about today. I just think it is so fascinating and so very creative. 

Now, Kim Arnold isn't just known for her food plan, she is also the organizer for the UK Tarot Conference, which is coming into its 15th year. Crazy, right? And she runs the Psychic Café Network. 

So today I'm gonna be talking about her journey with Tarot, and also the Tarot food plan, and how she's helped a group of, I think it was eight women, and they lost 78 pounds. You'll hear that in the interview, it's very very cool. 

But before we get into today's interview, I wanna let you know that this episode is brought to you by my upcoming book, Everyday Tarot: Unlock Your Inner Wisdom and Manifest Your Future. 

Now, it's very relevant because what I'm gonna share with you today with Kim and the Tarot food plan is very similar to what you'll find inside of the Everyday Tarot book. Of course not food plans but you'll discover how you can bring Tarot into your everyday life, not just use Tarot for Tarot readings, but use it to help you make better decisions to create more fulfilling relationships, to align your career and your work with your soul's purpose, and to integrate Tarot into your daily rituals, or more like your monthly cycles as well.  

So checkout the book Everyday Tarot, over at, and you can start to pre-order now, and it's also available in book stores from September 18th. And of course, there's a beautiful Tarot deck that comes along with the book, sold separately, and it's a beautiful modern take on the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. I hope you'll enjoy it. 

Now, without further ado, let me welcome Kim Arnold.  

Well, hi Kim, thank you so much for being here on the Biddy Tarot podcast, how are you doing tonight? 

Kim: All right, no, great, thank you so much for asking me. I'm so looking forward to this. 

Brigit: Oh, it's a pleasure and I'm laughing because I'm sitting here at 7 in the morning, and Kim's sitting here at 10 at night in the UK, so we had to make it work. It's always so challenging with time zones. I think particularly with the UK, it's always kind of like day and night almost. 

Kim: Oh, absolutely, yes. 

Brigit: I'm glad we can make it work. So, Kim, for those who may not know you, and I don't know how many people wouldn't know you, but tell me a little bit more about you and the awesomeness that you do, particularly in the UK, around Tarot. 

Kim: Okay. Thank you. Well, I started the UK Tarot Conference about 15 years ago, and the first UK Tarot Conference was an act of defiance, because I had a shop at the time, and I'd had a shop for many years called Enchantment New Age Shop, sold crystals and Tarot cards etc. And I was targeted by the Evangelical Church, and it was just horrible. It was complete intimidation. So it's a very long story, but to cut it short, they really frightened the life out of me, to be honest, and my husband said to me, “What are you gonna do, Kim, you're just gonna pack it all in now and walk away, or you're gonna stand up and be counted?” And I said, “Do you know what, I'm gonna put on a Tarot conference.” And no one to my knowledge at that time had done that. 

Interestingly, the same year that the New York people did the Readers Studio started, that's complete coincidence, and I put this Tarot conference together. And that was the beginning of 15 years of really allowing Tarot to shine in the UK, and just stepping out of the shadows, and making it into something not to be ashamed of anymore, that we didn't have to hide.  

And one of the things that I decided when I started the conference was that I would always have really upmarket venues. I didn't want my Tarot conference to be in a grotty hole or just some old place, that it was gonna be right bang-smack in the middle of London, and that it was gonna be in a gorgeous venue, and we were gonna honour Tarot in the way that I wanted it to be. And that was sort of where it all began. 

And at the same time I was running the Psychic Café Network, which was, again, something that tends to happen with me, that I plant this little seed and then before I know it, I've got 10 gardens to tend. And the Psychic Café Network, was when people used to come into my shop, buy a book, and then they'd come back and say, “Kim, how do I really use this dousing pendulum? How do I read these Tarot? How do I look in a crystal ball?”  

So the Psychic Café Network started and it grew into something quite phenomenal very quickly. So then I had the Tarot Conference which was then taking off, the Psychic Café Network that was going mad, and the shop, and I had a family, and everything else. And something over the years had to go, and I let go of the shop, which was a huge thing for me. And then I wound the Psychic Café down, because I just couldn't cope with what I had created, and Tarot then became my number focus. 

So that's who I am really. And my passion for Tarot, and my passion to bring Tarot out of the darkness, and into the light, which I think we moved on anyway now, but certainly 15 years ago, it was a different time. So in the mean time I've written a couple of books, and I've written the book for the oracle deck, Victoria Frances' Gothic Oracle, I've written a book for that. And life has just moved on, and in great way. And Tarot was moved with it, so I'm thrilled. 

Brigit: Yeah. I love that you chose the path of defiance when challenged, because I think it would've been so easy for you to go, “Oh gosh, this is getting a little bit too much, and I should just shut down.” And I think that's what we've done for so many centuries, is we've just shut off and been quiet. And I feel like now there's more and more people standing up and speaking up. And yeah, I think kudos to you for taking that path because look at everything that you've been able to create as a result of saying, “Nuh-uh, I'm not gonna let you put me in my corner, or put me down for something that is so normal and natural.” Right? It's craziness. 

Kim: Absolutely. I think the greatest challenge is when someone says, “No, you can't do that.” And if you have a mindset like I am, it's like well, actually I can and I will and I'll push all the buttons to make it happen. So this is where we are now, and packed houses and sold out venues, and it's really wonderful. 

Brigit: And yeah, I love that you're choosing venues that are very modern and perhaps a little bit more luxey, because like you say, I think often times when I think of tarot or I've been to kind of local tarot groups, it's kinda hidden away in a community hall where there's still a bit of like dust on the floor, you think, “Come on, don't we value ourselves more?” Isn't this something like really special and a part of even our self-care, our divinity, and so on? I think it's beautiful to have it, and like to really honor that, and have it in a place that might be like in a visible area and so on, like London of course. 

Kim: Yeah, absolutely. And we've moved venue this year, we were at the old venue for five years, we've moved to a bigger venue, right bang-smack in the middle of Kensington. And if people don't know London, Kensington is a really upmarket place. We've taken another step up and it's exciting. I actually can't wait till October, 'cause that's when the conference is. 

Brigit: Yeah. Awesome. And what kinds of people do you tend to attract to the Tarot conference? 

Kim: Well, they come from all over the world. And last year, we did have a little posse from Australia, America, Canada, Europe. They literally do come from all around the world. The conference is really aimed at intermediate and upwards, so we don't really cater for beginners. And part of the reason for that when I started the conference, aside from the reasons I've told you, is that as a professional Tarot reader as I was then, I didn't know where else I could go to learn. And I had sort of reached a level where I didn't know where to go. There was nothing to offer me as a professional reader more knowledge and information. And so that's why the Tarot conference was aimed at intermediates and upwards, because I think that as professional readers we read in a certain … I mean I find I have a certain style when I read as most of us do. And then every time I come back from a conference, it's like, “Oh my god I never realized that, or I never saw that.” And you think …  

I mean I've been reading the cards, and I … god, I really even hate to say this, but nearly 14 years, I've been reading cards, and I'm still learning. There's still stuff that I go, “Really? I never knew that.” And you think that you know quite a lot and actually there's so much more to learn, even on my death bed I'll never know half of what there is to learn. 

Brigit: Yeah, I think  that's the fabulous thing with Tarot is it's a non-stop learning journey, and I always have a little giggle. Sometimes when we launch, they are more beginner-like Tarot courses, we have people writing back going, “I've been reading the cards for 30 years, I don't need to learn anything more.” I'm like, “Well, I don't know, maybe there is something out there.” 

But yeah, I would love to kind of tap your brain around where Tarot is going now, because obviously 15 years ago was very different, where we are now I think we're starting to feel a lot of energy and forward movement and I'm curious about kinda your observations where we're taking Tarot now and into the future. 

Kim: I think that possibly in the olden days we've looked at it more just for predictive readings, and people would go for Tarot reading for prediction. But I think as Tarot readers, that we now appreciate the Tarot for different things. For example, I run meditation groups where we based some of those meditation groups on the Tarot, we pull cards and we use them for meditation. But you may know that quite recently I've setup something called the Tarot Food Plan, which sort of …  

Yeah, I don't know where I got that from I sort of plucked it from the air, and as someone … I'm not horrendously overweight, but I do struggle with my weight, and it was two years ago, and I was just at this point where, interesting enough, a client came to me with a huge emotional issues going on around her. And when she left, I sat and I thought, “You know, I feel so privileged, some people share with me such dark secrets, and worries, and concerns.” And it sort of played on my mind for a few days as I was scoffing too much cake and doing things I shouldn't. 

And I thought, “For goodness' sake Kim, get yourself under control.” And I thought, “Do you know what? if I can help all these clients that have gone through my door, why can't Tarot help me?” And that's where the Tarot Food Plan happened. 

And this is the god's honest truth that I actually went to bed this particular night, and before I went to bed I just sort of said in my head like, “Show me how this is going to work.” And through my dreams, and this is often how it happens with me, the Tarot food plan unraveled but I was only shown the 40 Minor Arcana. So there was no Court cards, there was no Major cards. So it's just the 40 Minor Arcana, which is why there's two plans on the Tarot Food, because the first one came and then the Major one came second.  

And so I was shown these cards, and what was really explained to me was that the cards are your emotional support. And what I actually did is that I got up the next day, and I rewrote over a few days the whole Tarot deck to have emotional meaning, so that every single card had instead of, if you like, a predictive meaning, had an emotional meaning.  

So I figured that most of us eat because we're emotionally unbalanced. Because we're sad, because we're happy, because we're bored, so there is … It's usually very rarely do we eat because we're hungry. The cards were really telling a story to me as to why I wanted to eat my body weight in chocolate for certain days. 

So I take the 40 Minor cards and I'd shuffle them and I say … And this was how I was told to use it through my dream, and I shuffle the cards, and say, “What does my body need to know tomorrow?” And I'll pull a card and I'll put it to one side. 

So the next that happened was how does this relate to food, how does this all work? And then of course we know that the four suits relate to the four different elements; Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. So Earth would relate to earthly food such as vegetables, fruit, anything that's grown from the earth. Air, the source would be light food, so this would be your salads, your omelettes, your eggs, and things like this.  

Your Fire cards which are the ones… would be maybe curries, or chillies, or even something that's cooked under the grill or on the barbeque. And water would be fish of any kind, or smoothies, or soups, anything like that. 

So throughout the 40 days, you would shuffle the cards, and you would take it out of the deck, so you would never repeat your card. And so the… a) it wouldn't be boring to do this plan, but also you learn about yourself emotionally. 

And then I had seven very dear friends who were all Tarot readers, who also struggled with their weight, came on board. And I had a day at my house, and we all came, and we just spoke about this whole idea of using Tarot as an emotional tool. 

And this is also true that in 40 days between the eight of us, we lost 77 pounds. 

Brigit: Wow. 

Kim: And I went, we can't lose 77 pounds, we have to lose 78 pounds, and bless Helen, one of my ladies, she literally ran around the block to get the extra pound off. So we banked 78 pounds in weight loss in 40 days between the eight of us. 

So the cards were … And everybody said the same thing that the cards were really reflective of our up and down moods. So you get great cards like for example, Three of Cups, so you think, “Well, this is gonna be a good day.” I mean mentally it was motivating to pull something for example, like the Three of Cups, because you thought oh that's good, that's a really great card.  

And then you would put something like the Three of Swords, and say, “Oh god, tomorrow is gonna be horrendous.” But what happened was through no effort, the cards actually reflected the moods. The cards actually reflected what happened that day.  

So it was an interesting journey. And then the Major cards came and that became the 22 Day Plan which was like a quick fix of having 22 days of being on an eating plan, using the Major cards. And I also had a nutritionist on board as well that helped to sort of balance all this, and write some recipes and all the rest of it. It is still and ongoing project, I have to say. But it's been quite amazing, how it's sort of slipped in into life really. 

But to use your cards everyday as an emotional tool, regardless of whether you need to lose weight or not, but to use those as an emotional tool, they will give you so many answers. And I wrote somewhere, I should've written it down before the interview, but we think we know ourselves well, but the cards know us better than we do. And that was sort of my motto. You know? 

Brigit: Yeah, absolutely. I think it's so clever, because you write I think a lot of eating or weight issues I guess or body image and so on, has got to do with what's going on inside. And so much of that is at a subconscious level, and we know that Tarot can just bypass that conscious layer, get right into the subconscious, and really get to the core of what is actually going on. 

And I imagine the weight loss is awesome, I imagine that has a lot to do with being more consciously aware of what is impacting me right now on a daily basis, and how might that be influencing the foods that I'm choosing, or my activity levels even. 

Actually, do you do any of that? Do you have it connected to the exercise as well? 

Kim: Yeah, we have actually. Because actually on the food plans site, I'm gonna have to remember this now, but things like on an Air day, so you would maybe go for a walk, or you would be active and maybe on a Pentacles day, that would be your day to sort of … just to be a bit more grounded to maybe if you got work to do, that's your day to do that. 

If you have a Cups day, for example, that's the day to nurture with your friends, to go meet your friends for coffee, or go for a walk with them. And if you had Earth, Air, Fire, Wands day, that would be a really active day, that's when you've gotta get the jogging shoes on, or go for a swim, or do something like that. 

So yes, no, it absolutely did definitely all connect. And I do think that there is still like a whole another 10 chapters on this, on the Tarot Food Plan which I am sort of slowly working on with everything else, because I just find it fascinating how it connects really. 

Brigit: Yeah. And I think we can go through life just kind of plodding along and treating every day as another day, or this kind of adds a whole new level of like colour almost to your day, which instead of just sort of accepting the status quo during your day, you're using the card to inspire you to go out and go and do something, or be aware of a particular emotional issue that might be influencing you. 

I think it's …What I love about it, is it just brings in that whole conscious awareness. And I think the more that we can live consciously, the better life that we have. That's for sure. 

Kim: And it's simple, that's the thing. It doesn't really take an awful lot of effort to pull a card a day, and to work within the boundaries of that, as best as you can. So I think that is what's so unique about it, because it is simple, but it is unique, and that's something that people really love. 

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Brigit: Yeah, and I think people get so bored of like, “Oh, you've gotta do low carb, keto, whatever it might be. It's like well, this is something new and fun, and physically, if you love Tarot, it's like a nice reference point that feels fresh and more connected.  

I'd love to hear a little bit more about the Major Arcana. Have you got an example of one of the cards, and kinda how that plays out for the food plan? 

Kim: Okay, so for example, because of course the Major Arcana, most of them relate to an element, so that's the first thing. And some of them don't. So for example, the Tower card is what we call a combination day, and so because the Tower card doesn't specifically relate to Earth, Air, Fire or Water, then we call it a combination day. 

And what that means is on a food level that you can sort of mix and match that day, that's sort of a free day, you can have pretty much whatever you want. 

So I'm just gonna read to you here exactly the meaning of the card, just a snippet of it, is that the Tower card is a cathartic card, your whole outlook on life, can and will change because of this period in your life. You may have experienced a challenging period prior to embarking on the Tarot Food Plan, but the lessons you have learned will far outweigh the negatives. So take a deep breath and if you feel you need to, recognize that all the opportunities are there to make something good out of a situation that will become clear. 

So that is something to sort of ponder on through the day, and I did affirmations for every card as well. So things that you can just affirm each day. And just to go onto a different card, so for example, the Moon card is that you may be experiencing mood swings and anxiety when you pull this card on the Tarot Food Plan. 

So we suggest that if you're able to meditate, do so, because it will calm your mind, and check out the moon phase when you draw this card, if we are approaching the new moon, it's time to make new plans, a full moon is near, then it's time to release negative emotions. 

We also associate this card with deceit, so be aware of that. By eating off plan, you're only deceiving yourself. And so the 22 cards, and there is a lot more obviously, and on the plan, but just to give people an idea of the sort of information they will get as part of the plan and that guidance. 

Brigit: Yeah, brilliant. And then let's say with the Minor Arcana how does it kind of differ, so say, the Five of Cups, what would that look like? 

Kim: Okay. So I will say that the Five of Cups dwelling on problems or a bad day, it will not change, it will not change anything, not put right what has happened in your life. You have the power to change how you feel and what you do. Don't waste any time of the day being negative.  Act and make things right. 

So the Cups is obviously is full emotions, the Five of Cups is for some people a bit of a nemesis card I think. I lot of people don't like the Fives. 

And so the advice on the Five of Cups is like just don't dwell, if it's a bad day, it's a bad day, but you just gotta keep moving forward and not looking back. 

Brigit: Yeah. And I'm so curious is the Nine of Cups like a cheat day, where you can just scarf and eat as much as you want? 

Kim: Well…Nine of Cups… none of them are a cheat day, but except the combination days, you can play around with that a little bit. 

What I call the “good cards” in Tarot, they're the days where we can celebrate, that we can feel a little bit lighter in ourselves, that we can celebrate the achievements that we have, and to keep going.  

And we all have our own interpretation of the cards. So with a little help from my interpretation, with a little help of what you already know about the card, it's like just put it all in a big boiling pot. Put it together and make it work for you. 

Brigit: Yeah, yeah, it's fabulous. And so how many folks have gotten through this program already? 

Kim: Okay, well we've haven't … it doesn't sound like an awful lot, 'cause I haven't pushed it so much really it's like with everything else going on, but I've had about 50 people go through the program, and all of them have lost weight. And there's lots of testimonials on the website, genuine of course testimonials, where people have said, “This have just been amazing, that it has changed my life.” 

We've also got like a closed Facebook page, so when someone is in the mood to eat the body weight in chocolate, it's like they just come on the page and go, “Kim, I'm just about to eat.” And everyone jumps in and goes, “No, stop, what's your card, what's your card. Let's help you through this.” So it's about this support as well. Myself and the girls have already done this plan. 

Brigit: I love it. So where can people find out more about the food plan, the Tarot Food Plan? 

Kim: Okay, so it is So all the information is on there, including a fat picture of me and then the after picture, because I actually lost 20 pounds on this when I started it two years ago, and you will see two very different pictures of me, and where I was and where I am now. 

Brigit: Yeah, that's so clever, so clever. So if someone was thinking about using the cards like today to start on their journey to health and a positive body image, what would be your sort of first step? What would be your recommendation for them? 

Kim: Well, I would say get your cards out, take out your 40 Minor cards, and just shuffle and work with them, and try and look at them from a different perspective. So not as the traditional meaning of the cards, but how do you feel emotionally when you pull a certain card? What is the message to you? And make it all about you, make that card all about you in the moment, you in the day, you in the zone basically. 

And as far as the food is concerned, it's like, “Well, how do you feel when you look at that card, do you feel like you wanna be good, how do you feel about your self-image, how do you feel about your emotional state at the moment, is that card giving you an answer? “ 

And I think there's lovely meditations where you can just close your eyes and step into the card, and it's a very simple thing to do, and just to look around and just to get that feeling and that energy of the card. But also on the website, there are some free recipes, there's lots of information that's all free that you could just go in there, have a look.  

And even if you sort of pinch a little bit in my idea and adapt it for you, I have no problem with that whatsoever, because if you're getting your cards out everyday, and loving them more because they're guiding you and they're helping you, then go for it, I have no issue with that whatsoever. So just take that advice, but use the card. And particularly if you are a tarot reader, where you're giving information and advice to people all day long, sometimes it starts with you, it starts with me, it starts with us. And sometimes I think as tarot readers, we're very good at giving advice, but we're not very good at taking our own advice. So this is a very good step in using your cards differently. 

And you'll connect with the cards better. That I promise you, because if you're working with a card on it, every day on an individual basis, but it's all about you, you'll start to see things in that card that you didn't see yesterday. So that voice in the card will talk to you, and it will just guide to where you need to be, just to help you. 

Brigit: Yeah, and I think it's absolutely where the magic happens is it's kind of when we … The tarot readings are just the tip of the iceberg, it's when we're using tarot in this kind of everyday way, that's where it becomes super super powerful. And I mean clearly you've had some great results with the folks who've gone through the food plan, and using it to get more awareness of their emotions, of self care and so on. 

And often, like I think often times the weight issue can be because we're almost protecting ourselves or we're not taking care of ourselves and often are so busy taking care of everyone else, and not taking care of ourselves, and using the cards for that self-care process as well is kind of just adding to all of that magic. 

Kim: Yeah, no, absolutely it makes sense. And I think most people they pick up food they … as I said earlier on we don't always eat because we're angry, in fact we rarely because we're hungry, it's filling a different void. And that's what the card is helping you with, it's trying to give you answers, it's trying to give you advice, it's trying to guide you as you guide your clients, to just take care of number one. 

Brigit: Yeah, absolutely. So Kim what's coming up for you in the next six months or so? I mean obviously you've got the Tarot conference which will be busy. 

Kim: Yes, the Tarot conference. We've also got the London Tarot Festival on the 2nd of June. And the London Tarot Festival is not quite as structured as the conference, so people can just come and go with the Tarot festival, so that's really good. 

There's just so much just expanding on the festival and expanding on the conference and just keeping on top of my game really, that's also quite important. And just trying to keep offering something new and fresh, and just working with that at the moment. So it's a busy time, and I'm a bit of a fool literally that first card where I'm always starting projects, there's always something going on with me, and I found as I've got older, I need to just concentrate and do what I do really well, rather than do 10 things and joggle too many balls in the air. 

So the conference and the festival, they're my two babies, and they're the things that are extremely important to me. And also last year we launched the first Tarot festival in Switzerland, just outside Zurich, which are run from a castle with a lady called Wicca Meier-Spring, and this is happening again next year. So that's bi-annually, the Swiss Tarot Conference. And that was just wonderful where all our German, French, and Swiss counterparts came in this beautiful castle. We had amazing speakers from around the world coming. So that's something else. 

Now, once the London Tarot festival is out of the way next month, then I'll start working on that for next year. And it's just bringing Tarot out of the shadows, literally. 

Brigit: Yeah, yeah, it's beautiful. And you're clearly a leader in that space in being able to bring people together, and unite people around, I mean the common cause, the common love. I mean when we were talking just off air beforehand, you were saying just how great it is that we can connect with people, because we like Tarot. 

Kim: Yeah, absolutely. 

Brigit: It's such a like, it's a nice thread that comes. 

Kim: Yeah, absolutely, friends all around the world, and true friends as well that we just meet on our tarot journey, and I just love it. I'm just so happy that when I was 17, I picked up that deck of cards, because it literally did change my life, and I never… who would have thought, for all of us, for all of us that are out there sticking our heads above parapet, it's like who knew, who knew? 

Brigit: Yeah, so where can people find out about the Tarot conference coming up in October, 'cause I actually think we'll be publishing this podcast a little bit after the June conference, so let us know about the October one. 

Kim: Okay, so the October conference is the 19th and 20th of October in Kensington in London. Our speakers this year are Rachel Pollack and Benebell Wen. And you can find all the information at So all the information about the Swiss conference next year will be on there, as well as the full program for the 2018 conference. 

Brigit: Yeah, fabulous. Awesome. And is there any kind of parting words that you would like to share with our audience maybe a little bit of inspiration or something to keep people going? 

Kim: Well, do you know, I think if you've got more than one Tarot deck, if you've got more than one Tarot deck, if you've got a pile like I've got on the shelf, just like just choose a random deck, put it out and start using it, just enjoy it and just get this flavor of different decks. Don't be afraid to go a little bit off the Rider Waite track, just if there's something new and something different, something fresh, get it out there, because it's what's stimulates us as tarot readers to just be able to pick up different styles of decks and work with them. 

And of course things like the Lenormand and the Kipper decks, these are all becoming quite popular now. It's like it's just such a lovely way to dive into cards and just learn more and just pick up that history. 

I must just say just as I was at the castle in Zurich just last month, and Mary Lenormand's actual deck of cards is there on display in the cabinet. 

Brigit: Oh, wow. 

Kim: So it was just amazing. So there's just so much history, but we've gotta move forward with Tarot as well. So we have all this beautiful tradition, but let's also embrace what's there in the future, all these new styles and don't be afraid of it. Even if you don't particularly gel with certain things, it's like experience it, because there's just so much knowledge out there, just so much diversity. We are so blessed with what we know, because there's just so much more out there to be discovered. 

Brigit: Yes, and it will continue to grow, which is pretty awesome. 

Kim: Absolutely. 

Brigit: Fabulous. Well, Kim, thank you so much for being on the podcast, I really appreciate you and thanks for sharing more about the Tarot food plan. I bet we've got people racing to their cards right now and going, “What, start the next 20 day the right way.” 

Kim: I hope so, I hope so. Well, thank you so much for having me on your show. Thank you. 

Brigit: So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed that interview with Kim Arnold, and perhaps you're inspired now to go and get your Tarot deck, and get to the bottom of what might be influencing your eating patterns, or your body image. 

Now I think there might be lots and lots that you might be able to uncover with the cards as your guide, and of course with your intuition as your guide. 

Now just a quick recap, you can also order my book Everyday Tarot: Unlock Your Inner Wisdom and Manifest Your Future. It's available for pre-order right now at, and remember this book will help really engage you between the divine wisdom of the Tarot cards and your everyday life, because as Kim and I chatted today, there's so much power and magic when you can bring those two together. So check it out, it's at 

All right, and make sure you check out Kim's food plan, and if you are in the UK or nearby in Europe, then absolutely check out the UK Tarot Conference. I think they're looking at about 160 people this year, so that is pretty awesome, so do check it out. 

Okay, have a great week and bye for now. 

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