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BTP123: Lunar Abundance with Ezzie Spencer

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Do you often feel the influence of the moon? I certainly do, especially living out in the bush with very little ambient light. Today, I want to introduce you to Ezzie Spencer an expert on the subject of lunar cycles.  She’s an amazing author who recently released her book “Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon”.  

In this episode, you’ll learn about:  

  • Ezzie Spencer’s new book “Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon” and its intention. 
  • Ezzie’s journey from working as a lawyer to starting her own business and practice around lunar cycles 
  • How you can tap into the knowledge and creative power of lunar cycles 


  • Visit Ezzie's website to purchase her book and download free materials.


BRIGIT: Hello, and welcome back to the Biddy Tarot Podcast. Now, today we’re not specifically talking about Tarot, but we are talking about another entry point into our intuition and that is working with the Lunar Cycles. 

Personally, I love to connect in with the Lunar Cycles, and I found that I have done that even more now that we live on 5 acres out in the bush, and we have no curtains in our bedrooms, and we definitely know when it’s a Full Moon and when it’s a New Moon. 

In fact, normally with the Full Moons, I am usually out in the middle of the night, staring up to the moonlight and, you know, really trying to let go of some of that excess energy that I feel at that time of that cycle. I was really excited that we have the opportunity to speak with Ezzie Spencer. 

Now, Ezzie is very well known for her system, I suppose you can call it, called Lunar Abundance, and Ezzie is a published author, obviously, creator of Lunar Abundance, and also a speaker and consultant. 

Now, she has created this beautiful book Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon, and the intention behind this book is to really support people in not just connecting with the moon but also connecting with themselves, and using the moon cycles almost as a part of the practice to come back to who you really are.  

Now, Ezzie started out in a very different field. She started as a lawyer (she will talk a little bit more about that in today’s interview), and then she moved into academic teaching, but she always felt called to something more, and for her, that was these Lunar Cycles. And not only did she just see it as “OK, these are the Lunar Cycles,” but more “How do I tap into the knowledge or the manifesting and creative power of the Lunar Cycles?” 

That’s what we are going to talk about today, how you can encourage and introduce the moon cycles into your life. We also talk a little about how you can bring Tarot and your intuition into it, and I just think you going to really love today’s interview with Ezzie, so without further ado, here is Ezzie Spencer.  


BRIGIT: Welcome, Ezzie, to the Biddy Tarot Podcast. It’s always a super pleasure to have you here and to be kind of diving into some really fun stuff today around Lunar Cycles. Welcome, Ezzie. 

EZZIE: It’s such a pleasure to be here. Thank you so much for inviting me on. 

BRIGIT: Of course, it is very exciting to have a fellow Australian to on the call. 

EZZIE: Right. 

BRIGIT: It’s neat. You tell me you are in Bondi right now? 

EZZIE: Yes, Bondi Beach, so I am basically one of the luckiest people in the world. 

BRIGIT: Quintessentially Australian. 

EZZIE: The best of everything Bondi. 

BRIGIT: Ezzie, you’re really well known for your work around Moon Cycles and Lunar Cycles, but I’ll love to hear a little bit about your journey, because you are similar to myself in that you came through a corporate background, and then you journeyed your way into something that some people might call a bit “woo-woo,” but it’s all backed by science. Tell me a little bit more about your journey to where you came to now… 

EZZIE: Well, people are often surprised when they hear that I started out in the law world. So, I tried it as a lawyer, and I worked in the law, and it was actually a really important step to creating the personal practice that became Lunar Abundance, which is what I teach now on the Moon Cycles, because I was feeling that sense of disconnection with myself really, that disconnection from something that actually I couldn’t name at the time when in my mid-twenties and the push and the hustle and the grind and the world that I know you know so well, and so many of your listeners would as well. 

It was very much focused around achievement and the external goals, and it was actually pretty meaningful work as well. I was doing, I was more on the social justice side of the law, so it had meaning and purpose, but gosh, I was working the long hours. I didn’t have a spiritual practice. I totally missed the memo on self-care. It was just a kind of environment where I was not only really disconnected from the rhythms of nature and the mystery and the magic of life, which had so captured me as a little girl, and I lost that along the way, but I was also really disconnected from myself, my body, my own rhythms, my own cycle. 

I was really stuck in my head, and I was drinking coffee in the morning just to keep going in the day, and I was drinking a lot of alcohol in the night to self-medicate to go to sleep, and there was something elemental missing from my life. 

I guess I became a bit of a spiritual seeker at that time. This was around 10 years ago now or more, and I ended up going down a bit of a rabbit hole with different things, and one of the things that really resonated with me the most, a practice which is so helpful for me, is journaling, and it still is to this day. I think it is such a great way to make sense of yourself and the world and your place in it as you’re showing up in privacy to the page at night. 

And then at some point, I don’t know exactly when or why, because the Moon was not really trendy at this point, I started to draw in my journal pictures of Moon phases.  

The moon goes through eight phases over the course of a moon cycle, which last for about a month and many of us are familiar with the Full Moon phase, but that is only one phase in the middle of the cycle. There are actually seven other phases that the moon goes through, starting at the New Moon, and then working through Crescent Moon, and First Quarter Moon, and waxing all the way up to Full, and climaxing there, but then waning on the way back down from Full to New. 

And what I found, as I was drawing these little Moon phases in my journal, is that I notice there were correlations between how I was feeling. My energy levels, for instance, might be peaking at the Full Moon, but I’d be a lot more introverted Balsamic Moon, for instance, which is the eighth of those eight phases in the Moon Cycle. 

And then, I also found that there was a predictability, a repetition to how I was feeling at each one of those phases. It was this sort of airborne flow movement that would repeat over multiple Moon Cycles, which was so fascinating to me. I went deeper into it, I started to work more consciously, aligning with the Moon Cycle by setting an intention at the New Moon and working more with the principles of abundance. The Moon is often represented abundance and fertility and creativity in many cultures around the world for millenniums. I really started to come into it and tap into it and play with the Moon Cycle on a deeper level, and what happened then was a couple of things. 

One is that I became much more intuitive. I’m much more connected with myself, my own deep purpose, my own sense of why it was that I was here on this Earth, and I realised that it wasn’t actually to be a lawyer. I was just going through the motions because that was what with… I guess I got the grades, and I got into it, and that seemed really good. And yes, there is a lot that’s good about the law, but it was not actually the right calling for me. I just needed to do something, which was meant to be a lot more creative and a lot more heart-centred. 

I also found, as I was working with the Moon Cycle, I became a lot more relaxed. Instead of being constantly in my head—the push and the hustle and thinking—I was able to tap into the feeling world, the emotional world, and tap into my instincts on a deeper level, listen to my heart more. 

I made a lot of changes in my life, and I must have talked about this at the time. People became so interested in it. It was something that I was speaking about literally as a passion, as a hobby from the heart, and I never planned to start a business. I actually went into academia after the law, and I was studying a PHD, which I finished, and I was lecturing and all of those things, so I never thought that I would end up doing what I do now. 

But it was just that people were so interested! Free workshops and free sessions turned into paid workshops and paid sessions, and a blog, which is a passion project, ended up turned into an online course, which ended up being really financially successful and a way that I was able to support myself, and to create a location-independent lifestyle. 

I had hundreds of women who went through the practice who had experienced the same results as me: meeting soul mates and being able to go from a six-figure business to a seven-figure business, and leave jobs that they hated, and leave a marriage that they hated, to really finding a deep sense within themselves of who they really were, what they were here for on Earth, and doing it in a much more sustainable way as well, really working with the instant flows of life. 

It ended up happening very organically. If I had tried to plan what it is that it has now become out of the practice… And now there is a book that’s coming out, too. I would never, ever in a million years have been able to sit down and figure this out with my brain, trying to do a five-year plan or strategy or anything like that. It’s been a process of following the crumbs the whole way through and just tapping into the magic of life.  

BRIGIT: I think that’s true testament to following your intuition versus trying to think your way through life. I think that’s just the magic place, right? That’s where all the magic happens, when you start to, as you say, follow those breadcrumbs, and then everything drops into place. 

I’m in a very similar journey going from corporate and not intending on creating a business, like Biddy Tarot, but just following where the energy is, and then it just grows and it grows and it grows, and it is incredibly abundant. It’s crazy, right? Well, it’s not crazy—it’s actually very normal. It’s all about following your intuition, nice and easy. 

So, tell me a little about like how you integrate the Moon Cycles now. Are you still including that into your spiritual or daily practice? Or have you found that it has evolved in a different way? I’m curious. 

EZZIE: Oh definitely! I feel like I have. There are other things that I work with now as well, but it’s still the foundation point of my daily practice and my monthly practice as well, so I still set intentions at each New Moon, and those intentions are feeling-based intentions, because the Moon represents the feelings, the emotions and the subconscious realm very much about working with the senses to activate how you actually feeling in your body. What are the physical sensations? What is it that your body is wanting? And what is that inner wisdom really telling you at the New Moon phase? It is a beautiful time to set intentions, and there is a particular way that I craft intentions in the Lunar Abundance practice, which I still do today. 

I don’t think I have ever missed a Moon Cycle now for a decade or so. That’s kind of juicy. I then sit with that intention each day in meditation, before I even get out of bed. It’s the first thing that I do in that luminal space, as you are coming into the day. 

I think, with many of us, we sometimes think that these spiritual practices need to be quite ornate or ritualised, and some of them do benefit from that, for sure. But I find even you just bringing your attention and awareness to what it is you are focusing on, what it is that you are cultivating in your life, what kind of abundance it is that you are welcoming at this time, can be done in as little as a couple of minutes a day, and then I work with each of those eight Moon Phases, and I talk about that in the book. 

There is a chapter in the book for each one of those eight Moon Phases, but the big one is the New Moon setting intentions at the New Moon, and then the Full Moon, releasing whatever it is that is holding you back from being able to manifest what it is that you are wanting to bring into your life, and to take really clear steps forward with confidence, knowing that you are on the right track, lit up by the literal and metaphorical light that we experience at the Full Moon stage.  

BRIGIT: Yeah wonderful! Of course, my Tarot brain is going crazy on how to integrate these. For the New Moon, we are setting intentions, and you are also saying that it is a highly intuitive time. Would you say a New Moon is more of an intuitive time than the Full Moon? Is there a difference there? What do you think? 

EZZIE: Well, I feel what happens at the New Moon, by working with the symbolism of the Moon Cycle… I love to, “as above so below,” the principle of correspondence is one that I live my life by, and the Lunar Abundance practice is founded on that, so this idea out there in the sky at the New Moon phase, the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, so it’s blocking the Sun’s light, so it’s dark in a literal sense, particularly if you're outside in nature, outside of the city or urban environment. 

On that metaphorical, symbolic level down below inside of us, if you will, we don’t necessarily have a lot of light to show us the way forward. It’s a time, as you say, to go within and to tap in to your own intuition and to get very clear about, “What are your desires? What is your deep purpose? What is your body telling you? What emotions are coming up? What physical sensations and feelings are coming up?” Certainly, that is a time where you can experience and where you can tap into and where you can cultivate tapping into. The more and more you do this, the more practice you have, the more intuitive I definitely think you become with this practice. 

And then at the Full Moon, I feel like it’s the instincts that time. There’s that opportunity, as I mentioned before, again working with that symbolism of light. Now, the Moon is on the other side of the Earth, so now it is reflecting the Sun’s light back down to us here, down below again, so we have that full illumination of the way forward, so there is that opportunity to really trust our instincts at this time and to move forward and to actualize what it is, to take the right action to bring what we want into our lives. 

BRIGIT: Wonderful! Awesome. OK, I’m seeing with Tarot, we could really use the New Moon again around setting intentions, and Tarot could be helpful in terms of guiding that process, perhaps even a little bit around the shadow self, and particularly in that concept to the darkness with the Moon and just seeing what is surfacing there, but certainly around setting intentions. 

And then, with the Full Moon, that is as if when everything starts to lock in. What often happens with Tarot reading (and I know you have just started using your cards too, which is awesome, so you might be able to relate to this) is sometimes you do a reading, and you are like, “OK, that was interesting, and now what?” 

And then it’s a few days later, or even a week or two, if it’s in alignment with the Moon, and then they all start to drop in, right? You’ll start to see, “Ah, now I get that, and I get that.” And perhaps that’s also where the Full Moon is supporting that process, is allowing whatever you created in that New Moon to really drop in. 

And the other thing for me, personally, when I get near a Full Moon, I know it, because I get really angsty, and I get busy. It just feels like my motors are turning like crazy, right? And as soon as that Full Moon has come to its fullness, I’m like, “Right, what can I let go of? What am I not going to do anymore? This is too much! Right, just strip back everything.” And that’s also where I find Tarot can be helpful to go, “All right, what else do I need to release here, perhaps more on an emotional or spiritual level as well?” 

So, I’m curious, how does that resonate with your understanding of the Moon? And maybe does it give you any kind of new ideas that we can add into this mix around using Tarot with the Moon? 

EZZIE: I love the idea of planting the seeds, which is something that happens at the New Moon, and of course, the Moon things are associated with agriculture and creativity and fertility, so a line begins symbolically with those elements. So, certainly, I love what you just said about having the initial sort of presentation of the archetypes and the information and whatever it is that is coming through in that Tarot reading, and then the dropping in down the track. 

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Once it’s been percolating a little bit in the subconscious mind, once there is that sense of potential and there’s also that… I like that sense of allowing a little bit of time for things to grow and evolve. I think so often we are in such a rush to have that instant gratification which is so endemic in our culture, like, “We want it and we want it now!”  But of course, when we are working with the natural rhythms of life and the universe whether being with Moon Cycles or Tarot or whatever kind of modality, sometimes really good things take time, and to cultivate that sense of patience is, I feel, a really sound spiritual practice. 

BRIGIT: Wonderful. OK, so this is a bit more of a technical question. How soon around the exact moment of the New Moon or Full Moon do you need to do your activities? 

EZZIE: So, I am a big believer in going with the flow. What that means is, as a recovering over achiever and perfectionist, I don’t get too rigid about it. For example, if the New Moon happens at 3 o’clock in the morning, I’m not getting up at 3 o’clock in the morning to do my New Moon ceremony, because sleep is an important value of my energy =, good for my limbic brain and my ability to work through and function in the world. 

I guess what I found is that having… When I initially started this practice, I was very rigid, I was extremely regimented, and then I realised that that was not actually in alignment with what this practice was teaching me and showing me, which was to be more relaxed and easeful and allow myself to move through life with more grace and flow. I found that when I ended up moving, just having some flexibility around it, it didn’t actually make a huge amount of difference for me, and it allowed me to relax more around the process. 

Ifeel like if you are doing it as close to the time as possible, then it’s going to give you the opportunity to work through the entire Moon Cycle at a pace, a rhythm. It’s a system, the more that you keep to the system, the more devoted you are to any kind of system, the better the rewards that you reap, right? But, I think there is a line between that and then just getting to obsessive about getting it right, which can actually interrupt that flow and magic as well. 

BRIGIT: Yeah and that applies to Tarot as well, because you can get a bit perfectionistic at that, “Have I got the right reading? Am I doing it right?” Then it takes away from the whole intuitive flow that’s in there, so it’s similar with the Moon Cycles then. 

EZZIE: Yeah, I think core takeaway is to trust yourself, and sometimes that might mean you get up at 3 o’clock in the morning, but you don’t have to.  

BRIGIT: I’ve noticed sometimes I’ll be aware that maybe it’s the New Moon or Full Moon, and I think, “Oh, OK, I should do something,” and then I think, “Oh, I can’t be bothered,” or my kids are screaming at me, and I’m not feeling very spiritual at all, and so I just wait until I feel really inspired and ready to do it. And if that means it’s 3 days out, then it’s 3 days out, and I feel like I’m still honouring the process, so it’s good to hear it’s OK to have that fluidity and flexibility as well. 

EZZIE: Definitely, because we exist in the real world, this new era where, to have this spiritual practice, you don’t become a renunciate and go off and live in a cave. We are living in the modern world, and we got families and obligations and jobs and businesses and clients and all of those things, so I think any spiritual practice needs to be able to flow with everything that makes our lives what they are, in order to be something which is sustainable for us to work with over time. 

BRIGIT: Absolutely. I think, otherwise, we place a lot of pressure on ourselves to be über spiritual, and we rarely get those über spiritual moments. Do you know what I mean? There is always someone coming and going, “Make me my breakfast! Mom!” Anyway. 

EZZIE: And that’s the most spiritual thing of all, right? 

BRIGIT: Yes, calm and Zen. Ezzie, you have created this beautiful book Lunar Abundance and just in case we use the video at any time, this is it. It looks amazing, and it’s beautifully illustrated, but the best of all, the best piece is, this does go into each part of the Lunar Cycle, and let’s put it in your words. Tell me a little bit, what does this book offer to people who do want to connect with the Moon and with their intuitions? Tell me a little bit about how it works. 

EZZIE: Well, it’s really practical, as you say, because what I wanted to do was to inspire people to create a better life for themselves, in line with the Moon Cycle, because I know so many people have that innate fascination and curiosity with the Moon Cycle, like I did and like I still do, a people mystics and sages and musicians and everyone over the ages has. 

I wanted to make it really practical and grounded, because I do come from a traditional, mainstream background. I find that some of the information online can be really esoteric and up in the clouds, and I needed something that was going to make sense for me, in my life, when I was going to be…. I wanted it to not just make sense to me, so I wanted to see that there were going to be results from it. I didn’t just want to get off on the idea of it. I actually wanted this to make my own life better, and that’s what happened. 

It has transformed my life, and I wanted to inspire other people to do the same and then give them the practical tools that they were going to be able to use at each one of the eight Moon Phases, starting with the New Moon ceremony, in the New Moon phase, and then working all the way through. There is a chapter in each one of those eight Moon phases in the book, through to the Yin and the Yang phases, and then working through the Full Moon ceremonies, the release ceremonies, journaling questions. 

It’s full-colour, it’s illustrated, it’s got graphics, and it’s got the photos. The entire Lunar Abundance experience is a sumptuous activation experience, and I wanted the book to reflect that. It’s sort of got that coffee table/bedside table vibe, but it is also really practical. 

BRIGIT: Spot on, because it’s super luxury, just the look and the feel, but you’ve also included space where you can journal and write and really use it almost as if it is a work book, which I think is great, because I am all for taking what could be potentially esoteric… I don’t think your books are esoteric, but taking this and bringing it back into the everyday life and into real life, because once we bring it in to the now, that’s where we can take action and that’s where it becomes part of what we are doing versus just a froufrou thing that you do on the side that it doesn’t really have any meaning in the day-to-day life, so I think you’ve done an awesome job with it.  

EZZIE: I’m so glad that you like it. I’m really happy with it. I’m delighted. My publisher has done a really good job as well. I’ve been so lucky along the way that I’ve worked with people who have just got it. They got vision, and they have helped me to bring the vision into this very tangible form.  

BRIGIT: As someone who has just recently finished writing the book part, and is about to enter the part of actually finalizing the book and putting everything into it, I know that writing can be a really transformative process. In my personal experience, I have just found myself going deeper and deeper into what is my connection with Tarot. I am curious for you, how did this writing about the Lunar Cycles, what did it teach about you? And what depth did you go into and unfold and discover? 

EZZIE: It’s such a good question, because I feel like I got to the point when I was writing the Lunar Abundance book, and I’m like, “Yep, I’ve be teaching this for years. I’ve led hundreds of women through the practice, and I really got this.” I did! I applied the Lunar Abundance practice as well to write the book, so it was very intentional, and there was lots of going with the flow, and I was able to draw in all the right people and publishers and opportunities and agents and everything to help me. 

But I have to say, the element around going deeper into the Yin was something which happened after the book was finished, and this is a big part of working with the Moon Cycle for me, working with the Yang and the Yin phases. I discuss all of this at length in the book, but essentially working with Yang phase… 

The Yang and the Yin phases are different modes of operating, if you will, the Yang being more about that initiative [inaudible [00:27:49], forward motion, doing, giving energy, and the Yin being more about the receiving, restoring, listening, being energy. On the whole, the Moon Cycle is actually pretty Yin, and that’s what I felt was missing in my life.  That’s why I was drawn to it. Even if I was not able to articulate that 10 years ago, I can see that now. And that’s the piece which I deepened into after, particularly after writing the book. 

After the book was finished, I had a very Yin period of my like, and that could be very uncomfortable for us go-getters and people who are used to be able to take action and to do things and to get things out into the world. To have a time when that project is completed and the goal is achieved and the book is finished? What happens then, you know? It was a period for me of going very deep into the unknown, into the proverbial darkness, not sure what’s going to happen next, and allowing myself to be OK with that discomfort, being OK with the mystery on a much, much deeper level because, of course, as you say, there are layers of this. 

You are sort of this conduit, I believe. Anyone who is writing a book is really a conduit for a message, and that message is as much for us as it is for our readers or our listeners. It’s certainly something which will work you, and I got really worked and taken into a period of uncertainty and unknown, which then has ended up opening up so many new things for me. And I think the longer you are able to stay in that unknown, the longer you are able to be with the mystery, then the more magic will emerge. 

BRIGIT: That’s a very interesting phase. Whether you are writing a book or not, I think this comes up quite a lot throughout one’s life where… Was it Kate Northrup? I think she called it the Fertile Void, and I love that concept of it’s the not knowing what’s coming up next but really sitting in that void, knowing that something is stirring and evolving, but you don’t necessarily need to do. You don’t have to take action. In fact, it’s better if you don’t. 

EZZIE: And if you try to, it will go nowhere. 

BRIGIT: Yeah. I think, in terms of Tarot, like it’s very much a Hanged Man kind of moment or phase where you are in suspension, but the whole intention of that is so you can see things differently. I’m curious, what do you think is then evolving for you? What’s coming through this new? Perhaps what’s this next phase or next level from this Lunar Abundance? What else? 

EZZIE: Yeah, I’m just going to say as well, I did call the Hanged Man card when I was in this time. Tarot was very helpful for me. Learning Tarot was very helpful for me in 2017, let me tell you. 

BRIGIT: Yes, it is! 

EZZIE: I am really excited about the growing integration in the world between spiritual concepts and the ability for science and research to catch up. I feel like there is a time where people who were interested in more of the sacred arts and were interested in any intuition and more of these spiritual concepts existed way over here on one side of the spectrum, and the mainstream was way over here on one side of the spectrum. I feel like there is this growing integration now, where things which use to seem a little bit strange or out there are now more and more accepted by the mainstream. 

I think first and foremost, that’s really cool. I feel the mainstream really benefits from all of these extra modalities and ways of working with the world. I feel like, for me, I am a bit of a bridge between these two worlds, as I think you are as well, because you come from that very mainstream traditional background and come into this kind of work. I am excited now to bring this work back into the mainstream and to be working with different ways of expressing perhaps what are those deep universal principles that I have learnt through this work to consider, “Are there ways that I can change the lexicon? Are there ways that I can better engage people?” 

Really, we are all talking about the same thing, whether that be emotional intelligence [inaudible [00:32:23] work with the principles of neuroscience, neuroplasticity and your ability to change our brain but also change ourselves and our lives, epigenetics. I think these are all the very interesting areas where there is a great amount of alignment between the kind of work that those in the more magical realms have been doing for a really long time and what the mainstream is increasingly interested in. So, I’m doing more of that bridgework. 

BRIGIT: That’s neat. It’s big, and it’s neat. And I think the challenge is, just picking up from what you said, being able to express it and articulate it, because it’s almost as if, once you start putting words around it, it starts to channel it into specific things, and we start to name things, when really, it’s the no-name. Does that make sense? 

I think what has happened, say, in the past, is we’ve created these frameworks to understand the big-ness, the everything-ness, the nothing-ness, and then we start to label it. But I don’t think it necessarily needs to be labelled, but then how do we convey and be that conduit without being able to express it? I think the challenge is up. 

EZZIE: It’s such an easy challenge, isn’t it? But I think that the Moon Cycle, maybe even Tarot, always to attempt to name it, they are all languages, you know? All these systems and mentalities are all languages, and I feel like similarly so, science is another language. It’s just another way of being able to express, as you say, that great unknown, because ultimately, that’s what it all comes down to, in our relationship with ourselves and the relationship with all it is. 

BRIGIT: Absolutely, and I think that’s something I discovered quite a lot through the writing of my book, with Everyday Tarot. I thought what I was doing was writing a book about how to use Tarot cards, or how to use them day to day, and what I realised was that I was actually helping people to really reconnect with their wisdom and their inner power, and reconnect with the everything-ness and all of that beautiful stuff. And I think, just like you said, it’s kind of these little doorways… It’s like a thousand doorways into this giant chamber almost. That’s what I am envisioning, this giant chamber. It is the same thing, but we have these little different like entry points that we can go in that help us make sense of it. 

EZZIE: Ah, I love that, all of these different keys. Some of them are a little more sparkly perhaps than others, but everyone uses the perfect key, don’t they, to get to the same place? 

BRIGIT: Yes, because if someone is not into Tarot, then maybe it is the Moon Cycles that connects them to intuition and the universal energy. And if it’s not that, then maybe it’s science, and there is quantum physics, and that gets you into that space. Like you said, it’s different languages. Yeah, that’s really neat. I can’t wait to see what comes through from you next. 

EZZIE: Me too. 

BRIGIT: No pressure. With Lunar Abundance, by the time we publish this podcast, it will definitely be on bookshelves in the U.S. Tell us a little bit about where people can find your book. 

EZZIE: Yes, in the U.S. and around the world! Exciting! You can get it anywhere where books are sold. You can probably just do an internet search for Lunar Abundance, and it will pop up. Or you can come to my website which is, and there is a link there where you can also get the book. And then, come on over to my Instagram, @EzzieSpencer on Instagram. I post about each one of those eight Moon Phases, and there is always an invitation for you to comment. 

I love to connect with people who are working with this practice. I love to hear results. I love to hear people’s intentions. I feel like it’s really fun to have that ongoing communication, dialogue and support as people are working through the book as well, because it’s a living, breathing practice for so many people now all over the world doing it—the same way that we are all under the same Moon, I think. It’s really fun to be connected with the people everywhere in the world who are into the same kind of things. 

BRIGIT: Fabulous. Ezzie, is there anything else that you want to add that would help make this session or this conversation complete? 

EZZIE: Oh, I think this is just beautiful. I really enjoyed chatting with you. I feel like the takeaway for me is always a very similar message to you, which is that the Moon is a mirror, and it’s always giving you that opportunity to come out to yourself. At the end of the day, it’s not all about the Moon making you do anything or making you feel a certain way. It’s just illuminating who you are and how you feel, and providing that opportunity for you to connect in more deeply to who you really are. 

BRIGIT: I love it. Thank you so much, Ezzie. It’s been an absolute pleasure. 

EZZIE: It’s been divine. Thank you for having me.  

BRIGIT: So, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed that interview with Ezzie as much as I did. I just loved hearing how Ezzie has been connecting in with her intuition and supporting and encouraging other people to connect with their intuition by using the Lunar Cycles as a guide. 

Now, remember, you can get Lunar Abundance at any good bookstore, of course, and you can also find Ezzie on her website 

Now, I just really invite you to find out where you are in the Lunar Cycles. Go outside to start connecting with the moon. Use to the New Moon to connect with your Tarot cards, your intentions, set your intentions, connect with your intuition, and then feel that energy, really building up through until the Full Moon, where everything is coming into fruition, and those seeds that you planted at the New Moon have really started to grow. And as Ezzie said, this is where your instincts really come into play and show you how to bring this into being. And then, of course, comes that beautiful release that is from the Full Moon into the moon. And again, your Tarot cards can guide you through this process.  



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