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BTP120: How to Be an Authentic Tarot Reader

how to be an authentic tarot reader 

When I first started reading Tarot, I thought that being “authentic” meant that my readings had to be 100% accurate, I was widely recognized as a professional, and I belonged to an accredited association.  Boy, has my perspective changed! Now, I've come to see that for me, authenticity is more about connecting to my intuition and my true self.  

In this episode of the Biddy Tarot Podcast, I'll discuss my personal journey to becoming what I consider to be an authentic Tarot reader.  I'll also touch on how to share your authenticity with clients and how we as Tarot readers can shift society's perception of Tarot. 

In this episode you'll learn: 

  • All about my personal journey to becoming an authentic Tarot reader 
  • What “authentic” means in the context of Tarot reading 
  • About intuitively based readings  
  • How to build a relationship with your clients  
  • How you can become an even more authentic Tarot reader 
  • Shifting the perception about Tarot

Now, let's get to it! 



You’re listening to the Biddy Tarot Podcast, and this is Episode 120: How to Be an Authentic Tarot Reader. 

Welcome to the Biddy Tarot Podcast, where you'll learn how to connect more deeply with your intuition and live an empowered and enlightened life with the Tarot cards as your guide. 

Listen as Brigit and her guests share their very best tips and strategies to help you read Tarot with confidence. Now, here is your host, Brigit Esselmont. 


BRIGIT: Hello, and welcome back to the Biddy Tarot Podcast. As always, it’s my absolute pleasure to be talking with you all about Tarot. And today, we’re talking about a topic that is very close to my heart, and that is how to be an authentic Tarot reader. 

Here’s the sad reality… 

Unfortunately, many Tarot readers get a bad rap, whether it’s from being told that they’re just doing a silly, whether what they’re doing in the actual Tarot reading is just B.S., and you're really only hearing what you want to hear, or it could apply to anybody. 

Even worse, sometimes Tarot readers are called evil and doing the work of the devil and disobeying the rules of the Bible. 

Again, some Tarot readers can be labelled as scammers or fraudsters, that they’ll just take your money and rip you off by telling that you’ve got curses and hexes, and trying to make you pay lots and lots of money to take away those curses and hexes. 

So, we are faced with this challenge where there is a lot of general misperception that Tarot readers just aren’t the real deal. Today, what I want to talk about is… 

How do we stand out from the crowd? 

How do we start to shift the perception of Tarot? Not just as individual readers, but as a wider community, as a tribe of readers, how do we start to present Tarot as this beautiful, authentic tool? How do you become an authentic Tarot reader? 

That’s what we’ll be talking about today. 



Now, I want to get started with my journey around what I thought was an authentic Tarot reader. Obviously, my goal (as with many of you) is to be an authentic Tarot reader. 

But authenticity often takes on different meanings or definitions or different expressions, and we think that we’re doing something that’s authentic, but as time goes on and maybe we learn more about Tarot, we start to see other ways of being an authentic Tarot reader. 

So, here’s the thing… 

When I first started reading Tarot, obviously, my goal was “How can I be the most authentic in my practice?” 

At that stage, I thought “authentic” meant being accurate with my readings, that I could accurately predict the future, that I could accurately tap into my client’s life and tell them everything that they needed to know, and surprise them with the level of detail that I knew about their life. 

I thought being “authentic” meant being right every time, that every time I did a reading, the client would walk away going, “Wow, you’ve told me something so new about my life, and everything you said is so right!” 

I thought that was authenticity. 

I also thought that being “authentic” meant giving the most in-depth meanings of the cards in my readings. When I would do an email reading, it would be a huge amount of detail and depth, with these long descriptions of the cards and what they meant for the client. 

Sometimes what that meant, though, was there wasn’t really a story or a thread or a summary of what the key messages were. Instead, it almost read like a book or even an academic textbook about what the cards meant versus what the actual answer was for that particular client. 

I also thought that being “authentic” meant giving clear messages and being direct in my advice and recommendations, not really leaving room for “Maybe this” or “Maybe that” or “Perhaps this” or “Here’s a possibility.” I thought being “authentic” meant saying, “This is how it is. This is what you need to do. This is what should happen.” 

I also thought “authentic” meant being professional. 

At this stage in my life, I was doing a university degree. I went on to working corporate. Being authentic and professional to me, at that stage, meant using very clear language, being not too… Not being your best friend, but at least being almost transactional, and keeping some level of distance, not really necessarily bringing all of my personal stories or personality into the reading, but just being “professional” and transactional, to be honest. 

I also thought being “authentic” meant belonging to an association. 

At that stage, I started to look for various Tarot associations online and locally, and I thought, “Oh, great, well, if I do that, that’s going to boost my credibility as a reader.” I joined those associations. I got a professional membership. I also went through a certification application as well. That really did give me that boost of confidence, knowing that I was backed by an organization, and I had almost passed a test to show that I was an authentic Tarot reader. 

That’s what Tarot looked like for me when I was first starting to read Tarot. 

Now, over time, I started to really open up to using my intuition a lot more in my readings. Instead of reading by the book, I really understood the value of using my intuition in my readings and really trusting into that intuition. 


When I started to apply that mindset—that my intuition could really help and support me in my readings—then authenticity started to take on a very different meaning for me as a Tarot reader. 

At that stage, being an authentic Tarot reader meant for me that I could trust my intuition. So, the more that I trusted my intuition, the more authentic I could be. 

It also meant that the overlapping of who I really am… I mean, being “authentic” is really about connecting in with who you really are and bringing that into everything that you're doing, so trusting my intuition was really a first step to that in becoming more authentic in what I was doing in my readings. 


Now, authenticity, at this stage, also started to come through by giving unique and specific readings based on my intuitive insights. 

Instead of doing a by-the-book reading that might have been a perfect representation of what you would find in the textbook, I started to really lean into my intuition and allow my intuition to open me up to a whole new raft of possibility when I was doing a reading. 

One of the examples I often give is this reading I was doing for a woman where she wanted to know if her ex would return to her. I pulled the Knight of Cups, and I noticed that this had a desert oasis in it, and it reminded me of this romance happening in the desert oasis. 

She said, “Well, I’m not in the desert oasis.” In fact, he was—with a new woman! 

These are these kinds of details that really come out when you're trusting your intuition and allowing that to come through in your readings. 

Authenticity was very much about using my intuition more than I was using the book. When I first started, I thought it was very much about doing it by the book, and now it was much more about doing it by my intuition. 

Another piece to the authenticity was about speaking from the heart, from a place of truth even if that truth hurts. 

This kind of feeds into many things. One, in particular, is this concept of good cards and bad cards, and what do you do when you’ve got a negative message in the cards? 

I know some readers freak out and think, “I don’t want to give someone a really bad message here!” 

But when we are being an authentic Tarot reader, we speak from our hearts, and we speak our truth—again, even if that truth hurts in some way. 

For example, if someone has asked about a new relationship and what might unfold over the next three months, and you draw the Three of Swords, well, you have a choice. You can sugar-coat it and go, “Oh, you don’t have to worry about this. Surely, it’s just a temporary disagreement. It’ll pass. It’s all good.” Or you might actually see that card and say, “Oh, man, you know what? I’m really sorry, but I just don’t think this is the right relationship for you. But what’s neat with the Three of Swords is that it’s clearing the way for something better for you, something that’s more in alignment with who you really are.” 

In that case, you're speaking your truth. You're saying, “This is what I’m actually seeing in this care.” You’re not trying to censor it or soften it in any way; you're conveying what you see, but you're also doing it in a way that is serving the highest good of your client. 

And to me, that’s very much about authenticity. 


Then, finally, at this stage of my Tarot readings, authenticity was about setting boundaries. 

Earlier, it was about being professional, but then that started to evolve into this concept of setting boundaries and having a code of ethics. It’s very, very important, because for me to remain authentic in my readings, I need to have a personal code of ethics, a personal code, a personal set of guidelines around how I wanted to read and how I wanted to interact with my clients. 

Now, fast forward to right now, and I’ve read for over 10,000 clients online, mostly email readings. Some in-person readings, but mostly email readings. At the same time, I’ve built Biddy Tarot into what it is now. We have 15 team members. We’re a seven-figure business, and we are actively serving over 15 million people every year who come to visit our website. 

So, authenticity is really starting to evolve again, because yes, sure, it’s about being an authentic Tarot reader, but there’s something bigger for me in particular, and something is really coming through where it’s about… There’s this mission, this vision inside of me that it feels like it’s my purpose in life to share this in the world in a really, really big way. 

For me now, authenticity is about really lining up with who I really am, and being authentic truly starts with me, so I need to be the best person that I can be so that then I can be truly authentic in this world, so that I can really show up as who I really am. 

No more trying to put on my suit and be professional or pretend like I’m some gypsy Tarot reader, because that’s not who I am. 

For me now, being authentic is just showing up as me, who I am. Some people will agree with it; some people won’t. 

But so be it. 

It’s about being authentic. 


I also think with being an authentic reader, this stage is very much about integrating Tarot with many other skills. For me, that’s been about integrating it with NLP (neurolinguistic programming), hypnotherapy, coaching, counseling, doing some wider reading around relationships, career, soul purpose, shamanic journeying. All of these things come into my Tarot practice in some way or another—and certainly in my business! 

I run this business very much from an intuitive, authentic place, and it’s because I haven’t just focused on Tarot. I’ve focused on many other areas as well. 


Another part of being authentic is really, now, I see it as holding a space for my clients and seeing the whole person in a reading. 

What does this really mean? 

Well, originally, I thought that being a good Tarot reader or authentic reader meant that I would need to give lots and lots of information, and it would all have to be correct and direct. It’s basically a one-way conversation. But what I’ve learned over time is that an authentic Tarot reading experience is actually one where I’m holding the space. I’m basically a conduit. 

The work is happening within the client. It’s not me telling the client what to do. It’s the client coming to realizations… 

“There’s this inner wisdom and power inside of me, not the reader telling me what to do, but the reader can help me dive further and deeper into who I really am.” 

So, my authenticity as the reader actually becomes “How do I transfer that authenticity to the client?” 

This is happening on a whole different level. Instead of focusing on “me, me, me” as the reader, I’m starting to shift my focus a lot more now to the client, and this is what I teach. I teach people to really focus on the client and how they can create authenticity for that client. How do they connect their client into that space where they can access their inner wisdom and inner power? 


Finally, at this stage of my reading and my connection with Tarot, being an authentic Tarot reader is about empowering the client and showing them how to use their intuition, rather than just reading for them. 

A large part of why I really now only read Tarot for close friends and for myself and for the business is I love helping people understand their own Tarot cards, and I love helping people to read their own cards. I think that’s where the magic is at. 

I feel that I am in my most authentic space now by teaching people to read their own Tarot cards, which is why you see Biddy Tarot exactly as it is right now. It’s so focused on helping others learn to read Tarot. And not just learn to read Tarot but also to trust their intuition and bring their intuition into their readings and then to create these beautiful, intuitive, authentic experiences not just for them but also for their client. 


So, let’s talk a little bit about what’s an authentic Tarot reader. 

Just before I started recording, I looked up: What does “authentic” actually mean? 

Here’s what’s really interesting… 

This is, I don’t know, Google Dictionary! It says: 

Authentic: Of undisputed origin and not a copy, genuine. 

I think that’s really interesting. This is something I haven’t even picked up, but being authentic is about finding out who you really are, what your unique skills and talents are, and how you can bring that into the experience of your Tarot reading. 

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It’s not about copying what other people do. It’s not about doing it by the book. It’s not about doing it by the rules. 

It’s about being genuine. 

And to be genuine, you really do need to have that full understanding of who you are and what makes you special and unique so that you can then project that out when you're doing your Tarot readings. I think that’s fascinating! 

When I came to thinking about “How do we define an authentic Tarot reader?” I started writing down some notes, but then something said to me, “Hey, come on! You’ve got your Tarot cards. Why don’t we pull those out and see what the Tarot has to say about being an authentic Tarot reader.” 

I grabbed the Lumina Tarot deck, and I drew three cards. 

I tell you what—they could not be better in describing things. 


The first one was Judgement. In the Lumina, Judgement is represented by an eclipse. We see the darkness of the planet with the light coming from the back. To me, this represents that an authentic Tarot reader is able to see the light and the shade in any situation, even those good situations, like, “Oh, you’re going to get married, and it’s going to be amazing… And you're going to need to focus on respecting one another or allowing each other to share opinions, even if they’re different from one another,” and so on. It’s about seeing light and shade. 

Judgement card also shows us to be unafraid of dealing with the shadows and to go through those dark moments, but to go through them with courage. You know, we all come up against dark times in our lives whether it’s for a few days—I mean, I often feel it around the moon cycles—or even for a few months or a few years, where perhaps you're going through an up-leveling experience, a spiritual awakening, maybe even some rough times where maybe you're experiencing depression or so on. 

The Judgement card reminds us that as authentic Tarot readers, we’re not afraid to step into those dark places and to explore the shadow: What is this darkness, and what does that mean for you? 

Judgement is also about helping others to hear the calling and to see the light. If you are walking through darkness, what is also the place that you're heading towards? How can you move through this darkness in honoring what it is but also finding the end state, the end goal in that lightness? 

And, of course, Judgement is very much about powerful transformation. As an authentic Tarot reader, we are supporting our clients through powerful transformations, not just surface level. 

I mean, look, mind you—I don’t mind if you have a fun reading here and there that’s like, “All right, what am I going to do next week?” or “What should I cook tonight?” and you draw a Tarot card. That’s absolutely fine. 

And we can create these beautiful, powerful, transformative experiences for our clients as well. 


The next card I drew was the Six of Wands. In the Lumina, it’s this beautiful pink and purple color. It almost looks like a crystal crown. I just love the vibe of this card. To me, the Six of Wands shows that an authentic Tarot reader is empowering. It’s about empowering the client and helping them feel that they are aligned, that they are serving a purpose in life, that they are moving forward to a place where everything is going to work out. 

And it’s not sugar-coating! Please don’t think that this is sugar-coating. It’s more about helping someone come back into who they really are so that when they do project themselves out into the world, it’s a true reflection of their authentic self. 

In fact, in that way, when we’re all authentic Tarot readers, we have authentic Tarot clients. 

This is about making the client feel as if they can handle anything and helping the client to create an authentic life for themselves. 

Oh, I think this stuff is super juicy! 


OK, the final card I drew was the Moon. In the Lumina Tarot deck, I love the Moon. It’s this beautiful woman with a gorgeous headdress on, and behind her is this purplish moon that shines over her. 

For me, this Moon card represents our connection to our intuition. As an authentic Tarot reader, we’re connected to our intuition. We’re also in a healthy space ourselves. I really do believe that when you are working on your own spiritual journey and your own spiritual hygiene, then you’ll be a much better Tarot reader. 

When you’ve got all crazy stuff going on in your life, and you're still figuring things out, or maybe you're going through a bit of a transformation but haven’t quite found your footing just yet, it may not be a good time to pick up the cards. It’s an important thing that you need to be looking after yourself before you're helping others. Make sure that you're in a healthy space yourself. 

And being an authentic Tarot reader with the Moon card is about having the intention to serve the highest good of all involved. It’s really important. We won’t come up against issues of scams or anything along those lines if we’re serving the highest good. We are here to help both ourselves and our clients and the greater community in these readings. 

And finally, the Moon reminds me of believing in your work and the value that you offer as a reader. There’s something beautiful about the woman in this card, and she really owns her space as an intuitive woman. As an authentic Tarot reader, own your space as an intuitive, authentic Tarot reader, as an intuitive person, and know that you offer so much value in your readings. 

I hope that you're starting to see this picture of “What is this authentic Tarot reader?” I really do invite you to ask yourself what being an authentic Tarot reader means for you, because there may be some things that I’m talking about today that you're like, “Nah, I’m not really gelling with that,” or maybe you're like, “Yes, that! Definitely that!” 


OK, I want to wrap this up with how to actually become an authentic Tarot reader with some tips to get you started. 


Now, I truly believe that this begins with being authentic with yourself. To be a great Tarot reader, I think we need to be great people within ourselves first. Commit to being the best that you can be as a person. Really commit to your spiritual growth, your spiritual journey, your understanding, and create a life that you truly want to live. 

I always think it’s something that you are ready to brag about, and this is not to serve your ego. It’s more to create something that is exciting for you. 

Be authentic with yourself. Really come into your fullest potential. 

Practice good spiritual hygiene. What I mean by that is daily meditation, your daily Tarot card draw. If you’re feeling frazzled, don’t turn to drugs and alcohol. Find ways to manage these things in a more constructive way. And, of course, commit to your soul journey. We’re all on a journey to self-improvement and empowerment and so on. 

When you're committed to that, then you can help others in a similar way. 

Start with being authentic within yourself in really discovering who you really are so that you can then project that outwards as you're working with others. 


The second thing to become an authentic Tarot reader is to commit to Tarot as a sacred practice. Really believe in what you do. This translates through things like how you talk about your value, what you think of your self-worth, how you price your readings, who you read for, what your boundaries are. 

If you don’t believe in what you do, then your clients will not believe in you, and that whole concept of authenticity being about being genuine and not a copy, all of that starts to crumble if you don’t believe in yourself, so you’ve got to believe in the work that you're doing. 

Honor the sacredness of Tarot, too. We can, of course, have fun with Tarot, and I really do encourage you to, but also acknowledge that there is some deep, sacred work that happens when you use Tarot cards. 

Create a sacred space. Invest time into meditating before you read, to clearing your mind, to setting intentions and so on. Don’t just necessarily whip out the cards, pull out a card, and go, “Whoop! That’s what it is!” and then pop it back in the deck and run off. Really, take your time and honor it as a sacred practice. 

I’m just looking at my notes… I think I got a little bit direct here. 

Three things: 

  • Don’t ask dumb questions. 
  • Don’t do dumb stuff with the cards. 
  • Don’t be a doofus! 

Basically, follow those rules, and you will have a sacred practice around your Tarot cards. 


What do I mean by this? Really bring yourself into your Tarot readings. That means reading from the heart and not just the book. Again, I thought that it was all about just doing it by the book when I first started learning, but as we saw with the meaning of authenticity—not a copy. And what that means is not copying. 

“Well, so and so does it like this; therefore, I must do it like that.” 

Find your own style. Personalize your connection with the Tarot. Find your own meanings. I mean, that’s why we have the Tarot Card Meanings Workbook, which is basically a blank workbook designed for you to write down your meanings of the cards, not just what you read in a book. 

Also, create and connect your life experiences with the cards. That way, you can support others and share your stories with them, and then they can relate to the journeys you’ve taken and how that might be unfolding for them as well. That’s #3, personalize your connection with Tarot. 


Now, by this, I don’t mean that you have to put on a persona that is not you, but I do believe if you’re going to be working with other people in particular, then there needs to be some kind of level or standard that you have with those people that you're working with. For example, you might set clear expectations and honor those expectations. 

I remember very, very early on, sometimes I would get a request for a reading, and I had a promise that I would deliver it in 2 days. Then someone might ring me on that second night and say, “Hey, you want to go out?” and in my head, I’m thinking, “I’ve got to do a Tarot reading! Oh, but maybe I could go out to the bar with my friend, and I’ll just do it tomorrow.” To me now, that seems ridiculous and totally out of integrity. 

If you are going to be an authentic reader, it’s about honoring those commitments that you're making to others, and that to me is about professionalism as well. And, of course, if you do have paying clients, it becomes even more important because they are investing in you, and you need to invest in them as well. 

Part of being professional is having a code of ethics. Now, I know a code of ethics may seem a little bit dull, but it is incredibly important. With a code of ethics, you’ll probably find there are many different codes of ethics online, and if you're part of an association or an organization to do with Tarot, they often have the code of ethics they ask you to abide by, which is a great starting point. 

However, I recommend that you create your own, that you go through a process of self-inquiry around what is important to you. Where are your boundaries? Is it OK to read for someone who is under 18? And if it’s not, then why not? If it is, then why? Will you read for someone who is intoxicated? Will you read when you're intoxicated? Or even if you’ve just had one little glass? Where are your boundaries? 

Now, in the Biddy Tarot Certification Program, we make sure that all of our certified Biddy Tarot readers have created their own code of ethics because this is so important in being an authentic Tarot reader. 

OK, so be professional, but do it with authenticity. Be an authentic professional. It doesn’t mean trying to put on a certain part of you that’s not you, if that makes sense, and focusing on those expectations, honoring expectations, and having a code of ethics. 


Now, finally, becoming that authentic Tarot reader is about continued improvement. We’ve talked already about the self-improvement and continually becoming a better person, basically, and continually being committed to your journey of the soul and honoring your soul purpose and so on. 

You can also invest in things like training. Now, I certainly recommend taking a course in Tarot, and of course, at Biddy Tarot, there are plenty of courses available, including our certification program. 

But I also recommend that you take courses in other areas. As I mentioned, I’ve done neurolinguistic programming and hypnotherapy, hypnobirthing, and even shamanic journeying, and all of these aspects have now integrated into how I work with the Tarot. 

I recommend that you also do similar things. It might even be in life coaching or counseling or energy work or Reiki, crystals or even something like executive coaching or speaking in ways that you could then integrate Tarot. 

Tarot Certification 

Now, of course, with training, you can become a certified Tarot reader if it appeals to you. There’s all sorts of debate around whether you should be certified as a reader or not. I think you need to tune into what’s important to you. 

Now, when I was first starting to read Tarot, becoming a certified reader was very important to me, and that helped me become confident in what I was doing. 

And something like the Biddy Tarot Certification Program is not just about that piece of paper; it’s also about the training that comes with it and the opportunity to practice your skills and get that experience. So, consider becoming a certified reader if that feels in alignment. 


You might also think about mentoring. You can get a peer mentor, someone who is also reading Tarot, where you can share your experiences and ask questions of one another. As an example, we have Rebecca and Maddy who are inside the Biddy Tarot Community, and we have a Study Buddy assignment system, so we can link you up with another Study Buddy. Rebecca and Maddy now meet every week on Skype. They talk about their readings. They ask each other questions. It’s absolutely fabulous, and they have grown together. It’s beautiful. 

Now, mentoring can also come through a teacher to help you learn more, and even to become a teacher yourself, to mentor others. You don’t have to have 20 years’ experience! You could simply be someone who has taken a few steps on the journey and is now helping people who are a few steps behind you. That’s a really beautiful way to become an authentic Tarot reader. 


Now, of course, you also need practice. This is part of your continued improvement. You need to have a ton of different experiences with different people to really work out and establish your boundaries as a reader and to discover “Well, who really am I as a Tarot reader? What makes me genuine and not a copy? How do I access my unique skills and talents to offer value for my clients?” 

Having that practice is really important, and again, it’s why we include our Free Tarot Readings inside of the Certification Program. You’re taking the training, and then you can take what you’ve learned in Master the Tarot Card Meanings and Read Tarot with Confidence and then go and do a few free readings for people, and it all falls into place. You have this unique experience that shows you, “Wow, I actually can do this, and people do value what I’m doing.” Practice is incredibly important. 


Here’s the thing… 

If you do these things, if you really step into that place of being an authentic Tarot reader, here’s what’s possible for you… 

It becomes such a rewarding and enriching experience. Not just for you, because you're focused on improving yourself and becoming more authentic not just in readings but in all aspects, but also think about the impact that you're having on other people. You're helping more people. You're having a much bigger impact. In fact, for some of you, it might even be going forward and becoming a leader in the Tarot space by teaching or sharing what you're learning along the way.  

From a more financial perspective, you can certainly charge more when you're being more authentic in what you are doing, because you understand your value, and you have aligned with that value—that unique set of skills and talents that you have to offer. 

So, being an authentic Tarot reader is certainly something that I always strive towards. Basically, it’s not just for me. It’s not just about being an authentic Tarot reader now, because my focus has expanded in so many ways. But just how do I be more authentic in all things that I do? How do I bring all these parts of myself into full alignment so that what I’m offering the world is a true expression of who I really am? 


I want to invite you now to think about what one action you can take today to become an even more authentic Tarot reader. Just think about that. What’s the one action you're going to take today to increase your authenticity as a Tarot reader? 

Now, of course, if you do want to take this further, and you want to step into a place where you can get training, practice, experience, and certification, then I certainly invite you to check out the Biddy Tarot Certification Program. If you're listening to this now as it’s come out live in April, know that the doors are opening later this month in April 2018, and you can find out more at 

Now, if you jump onto that page and see a waitlist, no worries. Just sign up for the waitlist, and we’ll let you know as soon as the doors open again. 

Inside of the Certification Program, you get access to our two best training courses. You get 7 months of access to the Community, which means you can connect to a thousand other Tarot lovers just like yourself. Plus, you get to practice your Tarot readings inside of the Community. You’re doing free readings in exchange for experience and for feedback from those you are reading for. Plus, there are Masterclasses inside of there and other training to support your learning journey. 

And then, of course, at the end, you can apply to become a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader, which simply means handing in a few sample readings, a log of your readings, your code of ethics, what you see Tarot as, who you are as a reader, all of this good stuff. All things to support you in becoming a more authentic Tarot reader. 

Check it out at 

Now, next week, we’ve got a really special guest. Her name is Melanie O’Rourke, and she is another Aussie but a really special kind of Aussie because she is a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader. Mel is going to share a little bit about her journey from being an ad executive, experiencing a bit of burnout, knowing that there was something more for her, and now stepping into a new career that involves Tarot and Reiki and creating her own business. I think you're going to love that call. 

All right, that’s it from me for today. I hope you have an awesome, awesome day and week ahead, and I’ll catch you next time. Bye for now! 



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