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BTP12: How to Develop Your Intuition with Licia Morelli


As Tarot readers, we rely heavily on our intuition to guide us to interpret the deeper meanings of the Tarot cards. But that doesn’t mean your intuition always speaks to you loud and clear!

In this Biddy Tarot Podcast episode, I speak with Licia Morelli, professional psychic and intuitive expert about what it really takes to connect deeply with your intuition and to know when to trust its unique voice.

In this episode, we'll cover:

  • How a college party opened the door to Licia's psychic talents
  • How Licia deciphers between her intuition and what she wants to hear
  • The value of creating space and openness before a Tarot reading
  • How anyone and everyone can develop their intuition

Now, let’s jump in!

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Podcast Transcript


Brigit: You’re listening to the Biddy Tarot Podcast, and this is Episode 12: How to Develop Your Intuition with Licia Morelli.

Welcome to the Biddy Tarot podcast, where you will learn how to connect more deeply with your intuition and live an empowered and enlightened life with the Tarot cards as your guide.

Listen as Brigit and her guests share their very best tips and strategies to help you read Tarot with confidence.

And now, here is your host Brigit Esselmont.


Brigit: Hello and welcome!

One of the biggest challenges that aspiring Tarot readers have is knowing when and how to trust their intuition.

You know the feeling when you're doing a Tarot reading, and you think it's your intuition doing the talking, but is it?

How do you really know the difference between your intuition and your ego?

Well, I invited psychic and intuition expert, and bestselling author, Licia Morelli to the podcast to find out.

So a big hello and welcome to Licia!

Interview with Licia Morelli

How are you going today?

Licia Morelli: Oh thank you Brigit.

It’s so wonderful to be here. I’m so excited to be hanging out, and I’m thankful for you to have me on.

Brigit: Wonderful.It’s awesome to have you here.

I think I found you – well, you might have found me a little bit earlier – but I remember finding you about six months, maybe nine months ago. And I was really drawn to your website because it appealed to me was that you were kind of like a normal person!

And certainly in this field it’s really good to find people who are just normal, regular people, doing awesome things, with things like tarot cards or working with intuition, or mediumship, and so on. I was really drawn to your website, particularly, because of how just normal you are – and you seem to be like an all-round cool chick.

You know, the other thing that we seem to share in common is that corporate background, and then moving into the spiritual work that we do. So I think, we come from a similar place.

Licia Morelli: Absolutely – absolutely.

I’ll never forget, I felt so happy one day when one of my first clients – many, many, many years ago – was like, “But you’re so normal. What do you mean you’re a Psychic?”

And I just thought that’s it, right there – like, approachable, acceptable, and normal. We can do this. This can happen.

So, I’m glad you and I are out there like forging the flag, and saying like, “Hey, this can happen. It’s definitely accessible.”

Brigit: Yeah, wonderful.

So, Licia, tell me like when did you first know that you were psychic; or had any sort of psychic ability?

Licia Morelli: So it all started, Brigit, when I was little.

I was about eight years old when my Grandfather died. My mum tells a story about how I created a little shrine to him in my bedroom. My Grandmother did ceramics and she had made this little ceramic statue of my Grandfather, and so I had that on the shrine.

My Grandfather was an avid beer drinker and cigar smoker, and so I had a can of beer and a cigar. I’m pretty sure I was the only eight year old in my neighbourhood with a can of beer and a cigar in their room, but that was on the shrine too.

And so I had just made this little honour to him. I would have these conversations – my Mum would say she would walk by my room and I would be having these conversations. But she knew it was a little bit more than just like an imaginary friend – like I was getting answers.

I was actually conversing with him, and so she knew, like, hmm, something’s happening here.

And I remember doing it. I remember thinking at the time that that was just normal that I could be having a conversation with my Grandfather who had passed on.

And then fast-forward – which I know all of your tarot reading listeners will like – I was in college, and I started doing tarot readings for my friends.

And, as you, as a master tarot reader would have probably witnessed, they were definitely not tarot readings – you would have been like, “Oh boy, Licia, no, no, no!”

So, what happened was, as I would see things and then I would flip over a card, and I would be like, “And there’s the Sun, and so there that means it’s all going to come together.”

What was really happening, because I’m a Clairvoyant, was that I would see these images and then the cards would confirm it.

But then these girls would come back to my room and say, “Oh my God, you were totally right. He did call me,” or, “Oh my God, you were right about me getting into a Master’s program.”

And so I started to think like: Huh, there must be something to this.

Then I would get knocks on my door from strangers, people who had recommended me to them – and they would say, “Oh, my friend said – Allie said that you were really good at what you do, so could I have a reading too?”

And it sort of started there.

Then finally in 2008 was when I had gotten a regular job. I had worked in Non-Profit management first, and then I was in Sales.   And 2008 I had my son, and I quit the corporate sector, and started to do the psychic readings full on. And that’s when I started taking more courses, and I started really getting into the craft and learning more about it.

But it was really early childhood and college when I knew that I knew things that people didn’t necessarily see for themselves.

Brigit: Yeah.And was there like a point in time that was kind of like you knew 100 per cent you’re Intuitive?

Or was there something that kind of like just sealed the deal for you to go, “Yes this is it. This is my calling.”

Licia Morelli: Yeah, I think it was the ease in which I would get clients.

I didn’t advertise. I didn’t do anything. I would just sort of say to my friend, “Oh, I can do a Psychic reading,” and then I would suddenly get two or three people calling me.

And that’s when I knew like there was something so simple about it. It wasn’t like I had to try really, really hard. I just started to offer it, and then I started to see that the ease in which I was met with it was like: This must be what I was meant to be doing, because people are healing when I’m talking to them. They’re getting value from the information. And they’re obviously trusting me enough to say, “Oh, my friend now wants to see you,” and then their friend wanted to see me.

I think it was then – that was right in 2008 when I realized this must be what I’m meant to do, because never in my life had I experienced something so fluid. You know, just sort of staking my claim, and putting my sign out saying The Psychic is In, and then suddenly having clients. You know – marketing is usually involved.

So, I think that’s really when I just internally thought: Wow, there is something to this flow that really marks a path for me.

Brigit: Excellent – and like these days when you’re working with clients, how do you know when you’re intuition is switched on? Is it something that you can switch on like a tap that can go on and off?Or, how do you work with it?

Licia Morelli: Yeah, so I love this question because people often ask me at parties, “Oh, can you see everybody’s information right now?”

I’m always like, “If I wanted to I could.”

But, yeah, no, usually it’s just a matter of intention. So I can turn it off, but it can be quick as a snap, if somebody needed me to turn it on I can turn it right on. But that’s only after years of practice.

I tell the story of when I was first starting out. My readings were like an hour, and often times would last longer than that, because I would really have to ease into the information – like it wouldn’t come right away. But now it’s just a matter of intention – you know – before a reading I’ll close my eyes – I will sort of intentionally open my Crown Chakra up and imagine a little trap-door at the top of my head sort of opening like it’s time.But it can turn on and off easily.

That was something I had to learn to do, because I would be open all the time, and I would be at these parties and I would be like, “Okay, that couple’s fighting; and that girl’s mad at her friend; and that girl is wanting to sleep with that guy.”

And it was a lot of information. So I was like: Alright, I’ve got to turn this on and off.

But, yes, to answer your question, it’s just about intention at this point. I think: Okay, here I am – the reading’s starting.

Then if somebody asks me a question, that usually is an entrée for me just to open up right then, and then I can close it back down.

Brigit: Yeah. What about when you’re reading for yourself or using intuition for your own life and your own guidance – how do you start to decipher then between, is this my intuition talking, or am I just trying to make it up the way that I want it to be?

Licia Morelli: Right, well I always laugh because I know – and this is what I tell people too – I’m a professional Psychic, and still second guess my intuition.

It happens all the time. I’ll be like, “Okay, give me a sign; or let me see an image,” and then I’ll be like, “No, that couldn’t possibly be it. No, no.”

I’ll use tarot cards occasionally. If I’m really stumped, and I’m having trouble separating myself – my own intuition – from what I really want, I know I’m blocking my Intuitive Self when I will pull a card and I will be like, “Oh no, no, I don’t want that card. Let me pull another card.”

So it’s sort of like when you’re talking yourself into something by – either two things. Either you feel you’re beating your head against a wall, like you literally feel exhausted by the question. So, for example, if somebody’s moving and they don’t know if they should move or if they should stay, they’ll start to ask themselves, “Okay, do I move?” and then their head immediately starts to go, “Moving is really hard.”

There’s a lot to that. That means you’re just going to start to beat your head against a wall; your brain and your ego are really starting to talk you into sort of the logical piece of it.

It’s when you can feel that – the secondary part of you, that is – when you can feel in your heart. We all know what our heart feels like when it gets warm, or we get excited and it starts beating faster; or if we’re asking a question and we have to take a deep breath and then we kind of sink into that heart-space, there’s so much information there.

You know when you’re in that space, versus in your head. If you’re having a conversation with yourself rather than just a simple yes, or a simple no – like, the head part – you’re really beating your head against a wall.

And that’s when I know it’s not my intuition, it’s just me trying to talk myself into something, or me trying to make it so.

Then another thing that I notice is that – when I’m ignoring my intuition –I will ask cards over and over again: No, I want a different answer! No, I want a different answer!

Or I will go on my Tarot App and I will be like, “What about this?”

And I will get like the Five of Wands, and I will be like, “No, that’s not what I want.”

I keep asking!!

I mean, when you’re doing that, you know that you’re out of your intuition.

But really what the key to trusting your intuition is: Taking space – even if it is two or three minutes – and settling in your chair or in your seat, and really taking a breath in and a breath out, sinking into that heart-space.

In that space it becomes undeniable.

The other thing I also tell people, Brigit, is: There’s a couple of seconds between an experience, and then your brain talking you into it.

So if you ask a question, there’s one or two seconds where the answer lies in that space; and then suddenly your brain will take over.

And I always say: Go back to that space. Go back to that initial reaction, and that’s usually where something, some information is going to be fitting.

Does that make sense?

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Brigit: Absolutely.

I really resonate with both, because I think in terms of sitting in that heart-space before you even start a reading – it’s so valuable, because if you rush into reading the cards, or trying to connect with your intuition in any way, and you haven’t done that, you are subject to that monkey-mind andyour brain is just taking over and going, “What about this? What about this?” It’s still going full force.

Whereas if we can take that space just to breathe into it, and clear our mind, then it’s a much a much better environment for more of an intuitive reading.

And I think that second piece around the one or two seconds after you’ve laid a card out, it’s like: What comes to your mind instantly? What’s the instant sort of feeling that you see?

Because what will then often happen after that is like: Oh crap! What does this card mean? Maybe it’s different – what I saw in the card meant something different to like what was in the book!And the monkey-mind starts coming up as well.

So, paying attention to that first part is really important.

Licia Morelli: Exactly!

And I think it’s funny because we have to laugh at ourselves, right?

Like we flip a card and we see the Sun, and we are like, “Oh, awesome! [We can be in that space.We can be feel it. We can sit in it.

But if it’s a tougher card, or it’s a tougher answer, intuitively, then we’ve got to sit with that just as much, but our ego will immediately take us out of it because it’s painful. It’s like, oh, this is hard. I don’t want to sit in this couple of seconds where I know what the answer is because I’m being told and I’m being guided.

But really it’s that balance of knowing that we’re learning from each experience, so to move through it is just part of a process. I think if we can sit in it for those few seconds and really trust – because that’s really what it’s about,it’s trusting ourselves in that feeling. I love the quote, “We always ask for advice when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.”

I always think it’s so funny because it’s true.

Like, we know in those split seconds what the answer is, and usually it’s pretty right on.

Brigit: Yeah.

Actually it brings up an interesting situation where someone might consult the cards and may already have a preconceived idea of what they want the outcome to be. Then the message in the cards is very different – maybe it’s a more negative message (well, that you would see initially was negative). And perhaps that person’s not ready for the message. What do you think might happen then, when someone isn’t really ready to receive the intuitive messages that are there and available to them?

Licia Morelli: Well, what I say to that is that I think even though we’re not ready, our energetic level is ready. So our intention part of our self is actually open to the information.

If we push it away at first from a physical perspective, our energy, our subconscious, takes in the information and starts to work with it.

So even though our physical self might not be ready, and our ego says, “Oh no, no, no, I don’t want this information yet,” our energetic self takes it in. Which is likely why we asked the question anyway, because on some level we’re partially there.

You know, I always laugh because people will say, “Oh Licia, if I ask you something are you going to tell me bad things?”

And I say to them, “It’s not my job. It’s not my role to give you doom and gloom.”

However, if you ask me about a relationship, and I see that that relationship’s ending, you already probably already know that it’s ending – on some level.

Do you know what I mean?Like, some part of you knows that things are going awry. That’s why you’re asking about it.

And, you know, I always laugh with my clients because I’m like, “I’m not here to tell you, ooh, I see nothing for your future or whatever. I’m here to give you the most tools in your toolbox.”

So to bring it back to being ready for it, I think it’s a matter of understanding that we’re asking the question. So, if on a physical level, we sort of push it away and deny it and say, “Oh, I’m not ready,” – we still are getting that information on a sub-conscious level. And as we get it on the sub-conscious level, then our self, our core self, starts to process it, so that when our physical self actually is met with the situation, it’s more prepared than not.

That’s something that we have to trust too in the intuitive process – that, you know, we can kid ourselves all we want, but that’s what intuition is, it’s that secondary layer of information that we are aware of even if it’s at the back of our mind. When the actual scenario starts to take place we are like, “Aha, this is that, and I am ready for it because I’ve really been preparing for it all along.”

Brigit: Yeah, that’s really interesting.

It reminds me of someone, I think it was – maybe it was Alana Fairchild, who’s an Australian based psychic – and she was talking about intuition is sometimes like taking your vitamin tablet. And you take your vitamins, not really being able to see the process of what those vitamins do to your body, but knowing that they’re in place and they’re doing the work that they need to do. In some ways, perhaps our intuition can operate at a similar level, where we might not consciously be aware of it, but we might even be saying, “Oh, that reading was completely wrong,” or, “I don’t want to listen to it.” But on this underneath layer, it’s already doing it’s work – it’s already starting to sort of re-organise you in a way, so that you are aligning to where you need to go.

I think that’s the beauty of intuition – it’s such a subtle force, isn’t it?

Licia Morelli: It is. It is.

I think when we’re we using tools like the tarot, or if you’re asking for signs, or a lot of people say, “What are the double numbers like 11-11 or 12-12?” – those are almost more tangible ways to get our intuition to sort of hook in, and anchor in, just even more. To give it that sort of groundedness that can say: Okay, I’m affirming what I’m feeling with these tools.

I think that’s the beauty of it –, going back to sort of creating the space before we act, saying to ourselves, “I’m going to sit for a moment. I’m going to breathe, and I’m going to focus on my heart.”

Inevitably, I get a much better read with the cards, or with my own intuition, when I get to that space of openness to it. Then I’m able to receive, even if it’s just for a split second, that answer so much better, because I’ve created the context in which I feel calm in asking.So no matter what the card ends up being, I’m like, “Okay, well I don’t know what that answer is yet, but I hear it, I see it, I feel it, I understand it, it’s in my sub-conscious.” Then when it occurs, it all comes together and it says, “Oh, well that makes sense.”

I’ll give you an example: The other day I’m doing I was using a deck of cards, and one card – I think it was like the Ace of Swords or the Three of Swords – you know, a lot of heartache, with the heart and three swords in it I got that card, and I was like, “Ah geez,” and I was kind of annoyed.

I was like, “What the heck is going to happen here? Everything’s fine. Everything safe.”

Well, lo and behold, later that day I got some sad news, and I just thought: Oh, you know…

And there was a part of me that was, not expecting it, but I just knew something was around the corner. I was able at least to connect it to that moment in the morning where I was like, “Oh, I had this experience when I pulled this card – my intuition said something was up,” but I had to live into it to actually experience it. But I was already sort of anchored into it. I had that preparedness. I knew something was around the corner.

Brigit: Yeah, I think that’s also really important because there are times when we might look at our tarot cards and not understand what the message is; or it’s a card that is seemingly so out of context, but we need to allow things to evolve, and time to pass, before it becomes apparent –what does that card actually mean.

Licia Morelli: Yeah.

And the more we practice, the more we pull a card and feel the feeling, and allow that space; the better we get at understanding what it is our intuition’s trying to tell us.

I always say it’s like learning a new language. Sometimes we just have to do a daily practice where we’re starting to connect the dots of like, okay, when I feel this feeling, or when I see this image, or when I get this card, this is what is happening in my life, and this is what I need to be aware of and move forward with.

But it takes time, and it takes practice. I think that’s part of the tool of just allowing that practice to be part of your day to day.

Brigit: Yeah, absolutely. So I was going to ask you: What would be some activities or exercises that you might recommend to help you develop your intuition in between readings?

Licia Morelli: Yeah, so one of my favourite is the light-bulb exercise.

I love this exercise. It’s so much fun, and you can pair it with the tarot. And I actually love to pair it with the tarot, because it’s then two pieces of information that you can get.

The way the light-bulb exercise works is, you can imagine a light-bulb above your head. So what you would do is you would sit quietly for a moment or two, and just close your eyes and take a deep breath in, and let it out. Imagine a light-bulb above your head. As you imagine that light-bulb above your head, you want to imagine in your mind turning on the light-bulb. Just sit with the light-bulb illuminated for a moment or two. And then what you’re going to get is a feeling, or you might get a picture, or an image, or a word. Or you might hear something like a song, or a voice, or something; and that would be if you’re Clairsentient. You would feel something; if you’re Clairaudient you would hear something; and if you’re Clairvoyant you would see something.

But you want to sit with this light-bulb above your head, and maybe pose a couple of questions. I always say pose open-ended questions. Yes or no questions are almost impossible.

So pose the open-ended question and just sit with this lightbulb sort of illuminated above your head with your eyes close, and then after a moment or two, after you get some information, you can turn off the light-bulb and then open your eyes.

Once you do that, that’s when you would flip a card to go along with the imagery or sounds or feelings that you got during that exercise. Usually by then you have two or three things that you’re working with, alongside the question that you’ve asked.

The great thing about flipping the card as the last piece, is that it can really collaborate with the information that you get during that light-bulb exercise.

That should take somebody, five, six minutes. It doesn’t have to be a long time. It doesn’t have to be like you have to meditate for 20 minutes and then do the light-bulb exercise. It can be a quick check in around what you’re enquiring about.

Then paired with the Tarot, it really solidifies some answers. It illuminates more of what the imagery or intuition is trying to tell you.

That’s one of my favourite exercise, and I think lots of people get lots of good information from it.

Brigit: Do you know what I particularly love about that, is that you’re actually accessing your intuition before you’re picking up the tarot cards.

Because I think what often happens when we are learning how to read the cards, and becoming more experienced at it – is sometimes we can go, “Okay, I’ve got this big question on my mind,” and then we go straight to the tarot to say, “What’s the answer to my question?”

And we’ve actually by-passed probably the most important piece, which is to check in with our own intuition first, and then get some additional information from the taro. Because ultimately these answers are coming from within us, versus from the cards that are in front of us.

Licia Morelli: Exactly. Exactly. I mean that’s exactly it.

And that’s why – because I will be – I’m always influenced by the cards. If I’m not checking in with myself first, then I flip a card and I’m like, “Well that clearly means that.”

I’m definitely influenced by it, but I think what’s great is that it’s giving that clean slate of information.

And that’s usually important when doing this work.

Brigit: Yeah – wonderful.

Well, I’m going to wrap it up here because I think we’ve covered so many fabulous things about intuition. It’s so good just to hear about your experiences, not just professionally, but also personally, how you connect in with your intuition. So glad you’re able to share some of the strategies, because I know for those listening, you can walk away now with something that you can do in your practice to build up your intuition.

And then, wonderfully, it may mean that you have highly intuitive tarot readings, which is just perfect.

So, whereabouts could people find you if they want to find out more about you?

Licia Morelli:

The best place to find me is on my website. I’m over at, and also Facebook and Instagram are my favourite places to hang out on social media.

My Facebook page is Licia Morelli’s Scooch. Daily

And, then my Instagram is @Licia Morelli

Those are my social media pages, but you find them all listed over at my website:

Brigit: Wonderful, and Licia, I know you also have some great programs for helping develop your intuition as well – so, if you’ve liked what you’ve heard today, then definitely go and check those out.

So, I just want to say a massive, massive thank you. It’s just been an absolute pleasure to have you here on the Biddy Tarot podcast.

Licia Morelli: Oh, thank you Brigit.

It’s been such a joy to be here. I always love hanging out with you, and I’m happy I got to be part of this.

Thank you very much.

Brigit: Wonderful.

Wrap Up

Alright, well that has been another episode of the Biddy Tarot podcast.

And if you loved this podcast episode, then make sure that you leave a five star review on iTunes, and subscribe to get the latest podcasts.

I am SO looking forward to being part of your journey with the Tarot, so until next time, I am sending you lots of love and support.


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