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BTP105: Intuitive Planning for the New Year with Kelly-Ann Maddox

We’re coming up on the New Year—can you feel it? Welcome in the New Year by planning ahead with the Tarot cards! In today’s episode of the Biddy Tarot Podcast, I invited well-loved Tarot reader and teacher Kelly-Ann Maddox to talk about intuitive planning for the New Year. Previously known as “The Four Queens” on YouTube, Kelly-Ann has shared hundreds of videos on Tarot, shadow work, spirituality and self-love. Listen to Episode 105 of the Biddy Tarot Podcast to learn how to tackle 2018, guided by your intuition.

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You’re listening to the Biddy Tarot Podcast, and this is Episode 105: Intuitive Planning for the New Year with Kelly-Ann Maddox. 

Welcome to the Biddy Tarot Podcast, where you'll learn how to connect more deeply with your intuition and live an empowered and enlightened life with the Tarot cards as your guide. 

Listen as Brigit and her guests share their very best tips and strategies to help you read Tarot with confidence. Now, here is your host, Brigit Esselmont. 


BRIGIT: Hello and welcome back to the Biddy Tarot Podcast. Oh my goodness! It’s coming up to the end of the year—can you feel it? I sure can. I’m so excited to be welcoming today’s guest because we start talking about all of that good, juicy stuff around intuitive planning for the New Year. 

Today, I’ve brought on Kelly-Ann Maddox, who is going to share some of her techniques and tips and strategies and all that good stuff about how you can use the Tarot and your intuition to get ready for the New Year and to also be really consciously aware throughout the year so that you're creating a year that is exciting, magical, fully aligned and truly abundant. 

Now, a little bit about Kelly-Ann if you don’t know her already… She is a well-loved Tarot reader and teacher who has a really popular channel on YouTube. She used to be “The Four Queens”. Now she goes by Kelly-Ann Maddox, and on YouTube, she shares… It’s, I don’t know, over 300 videos on Tarot, on shadow work, spirituality, self-love and all of that good stuff. 

Now, Kelly-Ann is also a full-time Tarot reader, and she loves working with people who want to create their future instead of just tell their future. 

This is so much fun! It was so much fun having a conversation with Kelly-Ann. It was early in the morning for her, but she put on her best, and I’m sure you're going to love today’s interview. 

Before we get into the interview (that was a tongue twister), I just want to let you know that we do have the 2018 Biddy Tarot Planner available. If you’re thinking about your intuitive planning for the new year ahead. Make sure you check out the 2018 Biddy Tarot Planner over at 

It has so much good stuff from things like your Manifestation Tarot Spread, New Moon and Full Moon Intention Setting, the theme for the month, plus a ritual that connects in with that theme, the crystal for the month… My goodness—it’s got Tarot spreads for every month. It’s packed with so much goodness. 

Ultimately, this planner has been designed to help you have your best year yet by connecting you in with your intuition and allowing you to fully manifest your goals and your dreams. So, check it out at 

All right, let’s get into today’s interview. It’s super fun! Yeah, let’s do it! 


BRIGIT: Welcome, Kelly-Ann. I am so excited to have you here on today’s podcast. How are you doing? 

KELLY-ANN: I’m good, thank you. It’s early here in the U.K., but I’m ready and rearing to go! 

BRIGIT: Awesome. I’ve woken you up a little bit early—sorry about that. 

KELLY-ANN: Not at all, not at all! Thank you very much for the opportunity to be on. 

BRIGIT: It’s fabulous. I’m so glad I’ve got you. I have been thinking I don’t know why we haven’t gotten you on this podcast earlier. I’m really looking forward to today. 

Now, you are probably best known on YouTube as the Four Queens, and you do some amazing videos there. Can you tell a little bit more about yourself and who you are, especially if there are folks who don’t know your work? 

KELLY-ANN: Yeah, the Four Queens is quite retro, actually. That’s quite a throwback. I haven’t actually used that title for over a year now. That was originally what my channel was called, and a lot of people that have been with me for a while still call me the Four Queens. They still refer to me as the Four Queens. 

With my channel, I do talk about Tarot. I do talk about using the cards, but I also talk about other things. I talk about various different aspects of self-improvement. I talk about witchcraft and mysticism. I try to tie everything together. 

Really, what the channel is it’s kind of a little gazebo under which all of my interests—or a great deal of my interests—are [inaudible [00:01:24], and I’m hoping that it’s only going to broaden and widen from here, and I’m going to be able to talk about all kinds of things, really. I talk about planning. I talk about ambition and success and how to move towards goals. I talk about all kinds of stuff, and it’s probably going to get more expansive as we go along. 


BRIGIT: Awesome. And tell me a little bit about how you found Tarot (or how Tarot found you). 

KELLY-ANN: I was passed a deck by one of my mum’s friends when I was quite young. I always say that I think the age was 13. It could have been even younger. It was a friend of my mum’s who was having some sort of clear-out, and she came across a very old copy she had of the Marseilles Tarot, and she said to my mum, “I really think Kelly would like this.” 

Obviously, at that age and without any guidebook or anything, all I could determine was that these cards were really cool, and I wanted to touch them, and I just wanted to play with them and look at them. Obviously, with the Marseilles, the titles were in French, but that wasn’t too bad for me because my stepfather was fluent in French, and he used to take us to France, so I had a sense of what the cards said, but I didn’t learn with that deck. But I got the bug big time. 

When I was about 14 or 15, so strangely and coincidentally (or synchronistically, as I like to say), I had an aunty who was giving away a deck. She was having a clear-out, and she had a copy of the original 1986 Mythic Tarot. I still get emotional when I think about it. 

She said, “Do you want these? This seems like the kind of thing you would be into.” 

That was when I got that deck, complete with the guidebook, which I still say is one of the most amazing Tarot guidebooks I’ve ever read in natural life. That deck is completely based on the Greek myths, so I’ve got this real, good working knowledge of the Pantheon from that as well. I was away from that point on. The bug never really left me. 

Now, looking back, I definitely see that as the Universe saying, “Pick up this deck. Do something with Tarot.” 

BRIGIT: Yeah, amazing. And when did you actually start your YouTube channel? 

KELLY-ANN: I started my YouTube channel in late 2011/early 2012. 

BRIGIT: Yeah. 

KELLY-ANN: I say that because there were a few videos in the beginning that I literally just filmed on a potato, and they were never going to be able to… I had to just get rid of them in the end. I thought, “That was silly.” That was when I was using my old webcam. There are some bits and pieces from way back in the day that aren’t there anymore, but generally, I’ve kept pretty much everything on there, so I’ve been going for a while now. 

BRIGIT: Yeah. And when you started that channel, what was your intention? Was it just to jump on video and talk about something you love? Or was it to set up a business? What were your thoughts then? 

KELLY-ANN: It was quite weird, actually, because I was already kind of messing around with Etsy on a very, very sporadic, very part-time basis, but it had never occurred to me that the YouTube channel would have anything to do with that. It wasn’t a conscious thing at all that I could one day connect a business to the channel. It was more that I was lurking and watching lots of other different channels, and I was thinking, “This looks like so much fun, and actually, I have something to say about quite a lot of these topics. I could really bring something to the table.” That was why I joined, really, to be able to have my say as well and not just lurk but actually be involved. 

BRIGIT: Yeah, it’s awesome. I was just watching a few just before we jumped on today’s call, and I love, number one, how comfortable you are. You’re hilarious. I think I saw one with a little Sylvester in the back. 

KELLY-ANN: Oh yeah, guilty! 

BRIGIT: Of course, you’re talking about Tarot, and you're talking about it in a really smart way. I love it. It’s a fully integrated approach to Tarot that you have. It’s not just about “Here’s this card, and this is what it means” kind of thing. It’s how you're integrating Tarot into your life. I think it’s pretty awesome. 

KELLY-ANN: Thank you. 


BRIGIT: Are you doing Tarot readings now? How else is Tarot playing out in your life? 

KELLY-ANN: Oh yeah, I do Tarot readings for clients every day. I have a Tarot table where I do my readings for clients. I do pre-recorded video readings, I do live Skype readings, and I do email readings delivered as PDF documents, so you can choose your weapon, if you like, however it goes in best for you. 

I do Oracle readings as well. What I like to do is I really like to keep it open. My preference is to select what deck I work with on a client based on what intuitively feels right, although I do allow clients to say whether or not they really do want an Oracle deck because some clients are really much more into the Tarot system, and, of course, they read Tarot themselves, so they would like to work with a Tarot deck, but I’m never sad about that. It’s normally Tarot that I pick up anyway, although there is a soft spot in my heart for Oracle cards as well. 

Yeah, doing readings a big part of my bread and butter now, and I’m so grateful for that. Every single day when I get off, I go to my table, and I shuffle my cards, and I just think, “This is the dream.” For me, it’s living the dream, you know? 

BRIGIT: Yep. I can definitely relate with that, absolutely. Do you have time and space to use the Tarot cards for yourself? If so, how do you use the cards? 

KELLY-ANN: Yeah, I do. I make time and space. I’m sure that’s something you’ll relate to is having to actually sometimes carve out the space. I’ve realised sometimes it’s been quite a while since I used my cards for me. Normally, when I’m at the Tarot table, and I’ve done my clients for the day, I think to myself, “I’m going to do some draws for me,” and what I really like to do now more than anything else is that…  

I used to be very much about sitting with the cards, getting my journal out, and asking myself some questions, giving myself some points of contemplation, drawing cards, and then journaling. That is a very longwinded way of doing it now for somebody like me, who is got so many other things going on, and whose business is very much full-time now. 

Now what I like to do… And this is something that I picked up from Katrina Clark from Phoenix Rising, who does readings. She gave me this tip, and it is a pro tip. 

She said to me, “Why don’t you do video readings for yourself? Why don’t you do exactly like you do for a client? You do the video reading, you talk for the 30 minutes nonstop, but you talk to yourself, and then you watch it back? It takes so much less time. It’s so much less longwinded. You’ve got it there. You’ve got a folder on your computer with your Tarot readings in it that you filmed for you.” 

And I just thought, “This is so much less fiddling.” 

I mean, don’t get me wrong—I love journaling—but after a very long day of doing readings, replying to emails, making creative content for the channel, I can’t push myself to do that, whereas a video, once I’ve put that baby on, I have to do the reading the same way I would for a client. It doesn’t stop. It’s not something I edit. 

And I find that when I’m watching it back, I’m like, “Oh my God, did I say that? Oh, that is a good idea! Let me jot that down. That’s a really good thing.” 

And then I get to look back, and it is just a lot less cumbersome, so that’s the main way that I do it now. 

BRIGIT: Yeah, that’s neat. I like that. I think it’s interesting because so often, when we do our own Tarot cards, we just whip them out and go, “Yeah, that’s what it is,” and then throw them back in and then race off to the next thing. I think when we can treat ourselves like a client, then that’s when you get a lot more insight than if you were just doing your one-minute reading. I think doing that video reading, that’s such a cool idea. It’s great. 

Obviously, we’re coming up to the end of the year, which also means that we’re coming into the New Year. What kinds of intuitive planning or Tarot planning do you do when you're at the New Year, and you're thinking about the year ahead? 

KELLY-ANN: When I work with deciding upon my goals for the year and that kind of stuff, that’s the main way in which I really like to integrate Tarot and Oracle. I know a lot of people really love to do year-ahead spreads, and sometimes I will do that if I feel called to, although what I really like to do is zoom in, chop a year up into 3-month stretches, and I like to do blind draws. 

I also like to do conscious draws. That’s what I call them. I know people have got different names for them. I like to call them “conscious draws”. What I’ll do is I’ll have a look at the first few months of the year. Sometimes I do get curious, and I’ll do the whole year. It really depends on how I feel. 

Because let’s face it—it is exciting to have a whole year spread that you can look back on in a month. I got that from the Leonie Dawson planner. In the back, she encourages people to do a card for every month and then check in. That’s when I got the year planner bug. 

Essentially, what I do is I do some blind draws. I open sacred space at my altar, and I do draws to show me what kind of energies will be coming in, what I might want to focus on, what any challenges could potentially be, what I might want to actually build or achieve. I will do ordinary blind draws. I don’t like calling them “random” because to me they’re not random—synchronistic, face-down draws. 

Then after that, I will assess how I feel about what’s come through from the reading, think about what I really want to achieve and know I want to achieve, or what I think challenges are going to be, and then I will do conscious draws. I’m working with the deck face up, and I’m flicking through the deck, and I’m thinking, “OK, I think my issues are going to be around this,” and the perfect representation of this is this card,” and I will actually do some conscious draws, and I take photos of both the synchronistic draws and the conscious draws, make some notes, etc. 

Again, I’ve really been encouraged by Katrina to use videos, so if I’m feeling tired or like I don’t want to be doing loads of long hands, then I’ll video it and maybe do notes of it later. 

But I’ve found that that combination of both the face-down draws and the face-up draws is so powerful because you’ve got synchronicity and the universal energy that you’re allowing in, so you're surrendering. You are a receptacle for wisdom. Then energies and the themes that have been evading you (or that you’ve been avoiding), they will surely come through when you do the face-down draws. 

But at the same time, you can take control of the narrative and take control of deciding upon goals by doing the conscious draws. Together, they kind of work in tandem. 


BRIGIT: I love it. I think there’s so much good energy when it’s going beyond “Oh, what’s the Tarot going to tell me? I’ll find out what the Tarot cards say I should do.” Instead, it’s moving towards that place of actually connecting in with your intuition first and then working with the Tarot cards. I think those conscious draws are awesome in terms of getting you tuned into “What is it that I need to manifest or create? What are the issues I’m experiencing here? How is that visually expressed through the Tarot?” 

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I think what happens so often is we can get stuck in that place of “Oh, Tarot has got the answers,” but actually, it’s us that have the answers, and the Tarot is just helping us to connect with those answers. I’m really glad to hear you using that. 

KELLY-ANN: Oh, that’s very much my paradigm. 

BRIGIT: Yeah, absolutely. 

KELLY-ANN: Yeah, that’s very much my paradigm, for sure. I do think we can give too much control and too much power to the cards, and we can make ourselves passive observers, and we want to avoid that. 

BRIGIT: Yep. That’s smart. What about with your goal setting? Do you ever use the Tarot cards for adjusting or aligning with your goals? 

KELLY-ANN: Yeah, absolutely. When I’ve gone wrong with my goals is the key time that I do it, and I think this is true for a lot of people that work with Tarot. It’s very powerful for getting you back on track, and if you struggle to open up that time to be with yourself, but you know that it’s the self-loving thing to do, and you know you really need to give yourself time, grabbing your Tarot deck will make it that much more attractive to be like, “No, this is for me. I need the next few hours for me because something has gone off track, something isn’t gelling, something isn’t fizzy anymore, and I need to figure out what has gone wrong.” 

For me, it’s really about that grabbing your emergency deck and being like, “Right, OK I plan to be here by this point. I’m not here by this point. Not only that, I’m feeling notably lacklustre, so what is going on here?” 

Really, what I’m looking at is “Is it external situations that are coming along that are knocking me off my perch? Has the plan fundamentally changed? Is the goal different?” It’s really using the Tarot to kind of lean into that exploration. 

Normally, it will be when something is not going great. Sometimes it will be when I’m looking back over the 3-month spread that I did (or the year spread that I did), thinking, “Yeah, I’m not feeling like this is gelling, so I need to pull some clarifying cards.” It will be for those kinds of reasons where I need a little emergency check-in with myself, and it will normally be as well mainly about whether or not I’m just being undisciplined, and I need to stop making excuses, or whether fundamentally my goals have changed. That’s one of the main things that I’m talking with myself about when stuff is going wrong. 

I’m saying to myself, “Has the goal changed? Do I need to do something different? Has my decision fundamentally changed on some level? Or is it that I’m making excuses, I’m standing in my own way, and I need to stop myself?” and the cards will very clearly tell me that. 

BRIGIT: Yeah. I think sometimes goal setting can be so linear in that we think, “Set goal, do stuff to get goal, then get goal or don’t get goal.” 

But as you said, what can happen is that goal can shift and change. Even in reflection of what you're saying, a 12-month spread versus a 3-month spread, I kind of like doing the 3 months because things do evolve and change, and it’s very hard to say exactly what will be happening in 12 months’ time. I don’t know where I’m going with this, but yeah. 

I think the other piece with this is it’s also… You know, you can set your goals up front, at the beginning of the year, and then you think, “OK, awesome, and you put them out there,” and then we can kind of get lazy and just go, “Yep, I’ve done the work. I’ll just wait until it all happens.” But what you're suggesting here is something of continually checking in and continually doing inner work to make sure that you're on track. 

Do you ever do something around making sure those goals are aligned? I think we’ve got potential for so much more, but our brain says, “No, you can only do this amount.” Do you ever use the cards to stretch what’s possible? 

KELLY-ANN: Absolutely, mostly by looking at what strengths I can bring to the equation and what I can do that I haven’t thought of. It’s really about looking at the hidden information and the blind spots, the areas where I’m not realising what my potential and my capability really is. It’s kind of like, I suppose, having a mentor that comes to you and says, “You know what? You can do so much more. You can be so much more. You're not pulling your weight in these ways. You're not recognising that you're capable in these ways.” 

The Tarot can be very inspiring and uplifting with that as well, asking “What strengths do I bring to this situation? What can I do that I’m fully capable of doing that I’m not yet aware that I’m capable of doing?” It’s seeing the light when it comes to the things I can be doing that maybe I’m telling myself I can’t. Maybe I’ve got some negative self-talk going on, and I need to really connect with what my strengths are, and it’s very exciting to do that because invariably you get some really fizzy cards coming up. They’re archetypes. They’re representations of some of the most potent archetypal energies in human nature, and when you look at them, you think, “Yeah, I do have an Empress inside me,” or “Yeah, I can be the King of Swords in this situation.” It’s very encouraging. 

BRIGIT: Yeah, absolutely. Actually, I was just doing a reading with a friend over the weekend, and she’s experiencing a tricky financial situation. She sort of feels like she’s a bit stuck. 

We had the Queen of Wands come up, and I’m like, “What does this card represent for you?” 

She was like, “Oh, there’s power, confidence, independence.” 

And I’m like, “Yeah, well, what if you embody all of that?” 

She was like, “Oh my goodness, yes!” 

She was completely lifted out of the space of “Oh, everything is not working,” and she saw this potential of that Queen of Wands, and I think that’s the beauty of Tarot. It allows us to see more than maybe what our rational mind can see. I’m thinking of that in terms of planning, too, for the New Year. That’s huge about what’s possible for you. 

KELLY-ANN: Absolutely. I love the fact as well that you do readings for people in your personal life when they are struggling and having difficulties. I really like to remind my friends, “If I was a builder, and you needed something sorted in your house, or if I was a carpenter, would you not call upon me, darling, for some advice? Well, I sling cards! Don’t be afraid—come to me.” 


BRIGIT: Yep, that’s neat. Awesome. Tell me—do you also use Tarot with, say, the Moon cycles—with the New Moon and the Full Moon and setting intentions and all that good stuff? 

KELLY-ANN: Yes, I do. For me, the lunar phases have become so much more of a thing. I’m really much more into the now with my witchcraft and my rituals than I used to be. Obviously, the Moon phases mean different things to different people. 

The main time that I will use divination (I categorically will use divination) will actually be on the half Moon now, which is really not very common for people, but because I work principally with a goddess that is depicted as being half-dead and half-alive (or half in shadow and half in light, as I like to see her spiritually), I think that’s a really good time to tune in with the divine feminine energy and that guidance that I get from that. But I will principally use the runes for that, rather than Tarot, so it’s still a divination system, but it won’t necessarily be cards. 

With other areas of the moon phase, I really enjoy using the New Moon, of course, to plan for things that I want to do over the next 28 days. That is much more common. That’s something that a lot of people do, plan for that next cycle. 

We can plan for when we want to be at the absolute height of our energy, which will be on the Full Moon, what we want to have achieved by the Full Moon, and then how we want to move on from that and continue on that journey of exploration and manifestation until the New Moon again. 

What I used to do when I first started working with the lunar phases was literally to have my calendar out in front of me and be like, “Right, OK, the New Moon is tonight, and I’m doing cards for this phase of the moon, this phase of the moon, all the way back to the next New Moon.” 

That’s very exciting to do, but for me, it really depends on whether or not I feel like doing that. Sometimes if it doesn’t feel right, I won’t do it. If it does feel right, then I really do. I know some people are much more religious and rigid about the Moon phases than I am, but I do use them as a correspondence a lot more now than I used to, and I really enjoy that. I really enjoy recognising how much the Moon seems to have an effect on my mood and my life. That’s really exciting to bring the cards into that exploration as well. 

BRIGIT: Yeah, super, super juicy—I love it. For us here, we’ve just moved to the Sunshine Coast. We’re now in more of a rural property, so we get the Full Moon light, and we definitely know when it’s a Full Moon and definitely when it’s dark Moon, and I’m finding that is influencing us much more positively, and I think there’s a great opportunity there to make more use of that intentions and really working with the Moon cycles as well. Yeah, it’s good stuff. 

KELLY-ANN: Oh, absolutely. Yeah, it’s so weird you should say that because a few times the Moon was becoming more significant, and I was really realising its power. I would occasionally go “You know what? Is it a Full Moon?” and my partner would be like, “Yeah, it is,” and I’m like, “Well, you know what? That’s why I want to stay up all night making flipping collages.” I’ve just got this feeling because it really is the height for a lot of the months, I’ve noticed, a lot of the cycles. The height of it is when I really want to stay awake all night and create stuff. 

Then, on the waning as well, I’ll notice that a lot of stuff happens, which is appropriate to waning—letting go, release work, wanting to regenerate, wanting to hibernate. I look at the Moon sometimes and go, “Oh, I was just checking. Yeah, I’m feeling you there because I’m definitely right there with you, honeybee!” 

BRIGIT: Yep. That’s cool. For someone listening who might be a little bit newer to Tarot, what do you think would be the one thing to do when thinking about planning for the New Year? What would be your advice? 

KELLY-ANN: When you're new to Tarot, do you mean like when you really are only just getting the hang of the interpretations and reading cards for yourself? 

BRIGIT: Yeah, and then how can you use the Tarot for year planning? Maybe in your mind, you're thinking, “Oh, I just don’t know what the cards mean,” but how can you get the most out of it? 

KELLY-ANN: Well, first of all, I think you’ve got to have a deck that you're comfortable working with that represents you. You’ve got to have a deck that you really feel you're at home with. I think a lot of people are trying to do this more personal work with a deck that actually isn’t working for them, and I think that that can be a big mistake. You’ve got to be able to feel the essence and the energy of you in the deck, and of course, there are so many different decks on the market now. 

I really just recommend that you're making sure you do an image search or checking in with people on Facebook groups and saying, “This is the kind of thing I’m looking for. This is the kind of thing I really don’t like. Sling me some suggestions.” I think people are more than happy to do that. Have a look at different art. Have a look at what’s been on offer now, what the classic decks are. 

Some people are trying to work with traditional decks, and it’s just not the one for them. I personally love Rider-Waite-Smith, but I know that a lot of people don’t see themselves represented in it. They don’t feel the energy talks to them. Do not try to do year planning with a deck that you feel like that about. It takes a while to figure out sometimes what kind of deck you want, but it’s fully worth it for year planning because this is something that you’ve got to go back to. This is something you’ve got to feel inspired by and excited by. 

You might, actually, want to pull the cards out of the deck that you’ve received for every month. When you get to the month of June—just as an arbitrary example—you look back over what was in your year planner, and you’re like, “Oh, OK, June was the Knight of Wands and the Knight of Pentacles,” and you pull those ones out, put them on your altar or your reflection space and say, “I’m going to work with these every day as well. I’m going to have them on my mind. I’m going to use them to inspire me.” 

If you’ve got a deck that you feel really lacklustre about, already you're starting on the wrong foot. It’s all gone a bit wonky already. For me, it’s really about finding that deck that you're bonding with, for sure. 

Then, obviously, as you're going through your planning, I think it’s also about using those opportunities as a time to learn more. I think that, with astrology, the main thing that I’ve noticed about astrology as a system is that the main thing that hooks people to learn it first is when they do their own chart. That’s been true for me. I couldn’t get a groove in the work with astrology at all until I figured out, “Hey, let me look at my chart. Let me learn about me. Let that be the starting point.” 

I think one of the main, most potent learning tools for somebody with Tarot is when they’re attaching the deck to their own journey, their own ambitions, what they’re trying to do, what they’re planning. It’s a really good time as well for you to learn. 

If you find that you do struggle to go to the book, and you struggle to go to the online interpretations, your Tarot journal is dusty, you don’t get the time, do it alongside the planning. Just be like, “Oh, OK, King of Swords. I don’t know much about that guy. He’s come up for this month as my obstacle or my key strength. Let me have a look now. Let me write as many things now as I can down in the next half an hour.” It’s really a great way to learn Tarot, when you're also learning about yourself, your plans, what you want to achieve, and where you want to go. 


BRIGIT: Awesome, yes. I think the best way to learn is just to be in there and using it and experiencing it, especially with something like Tarot. I think that’s great advice. 

What’s coming up next for you? What’s kind of in the works? What’s on the horizon? 

KELLY-ANN: Well, at the time of when this airs, I will have already done all my magical [inaudible [00:27:01] and stuff that I love to do. I will have been carving down that by the time this comes out, and I certainly will have something picked up—no doubt whatsoever—for December, and it’s probably on sale as you guys are listening to this as it airs. What it will be, I don’t know. 

I mean, I say I’m not one of these people that plans terribly in advance. It depends on what it is. With stuff like “Self-Love September,” obviously, I’ve already got notes by the following January, and I’m like, “Come on, September! I’m ready and rearing to go for Self-Love September.” 

But other things, I like to do them on the fly. Especially with the cold half of the year in the northern hemisphere, I’m much more spontaneous. I literally will decide I’m going to film three workshops, and they’re going to be about this, this and this, and I’ll film them right there and then. I’ll really let the energy come through because I just feel like that’s how it’s the most magical and mystical and wintery for me. 

But for sure, there will be video collections. There will be workshops. I really enjoy making video resources now. I like to make exclusive resources which complement the public resources that I’ve put onto YouTube. That is my main thing now that I love, love, love to do. 

Check out my website. Have a look at what workshops are on offer, what courses are on offer. There are video collections. You don’t have to be there for a certain time. You don’t have to turn in your homework. You basically purchase the collection, it’s delivered to you on set dates, and you just basically sit back and imbibe the content. 

There will be things that I set to the themes of the cards of the month, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what I do as well. I’m thrilled and excited, too! 

Yeah, I won’t look too much into the future right now, but video collections and workshops will certainly be available for sale over at my shop. 

BRIGIT: Yep. Awesome. Where can people find out more about you then? 

KELLY-ANN: Everything is at That’s my little online hub. There you can find my readings. At this time of this airing, you might be particularly interested in, weirdly (because this is the subject that we’re talking about), I often do New Year kick-start readings, actually. Moving into January, what are the key things you need to be looking at, and how can you connect with the energy of January and use it to your advantage? That will definitely be there. That’s really strange because that’s very much what we’ve talked about. And you’ll find my blog on there where I keep everybody up to date with what I’m doing and whatnot. Really, that’s the main hub. 

If you look at the bulletin board at, you will see the links provided there for everywhere else where I am online. I’m a busy little bee online. I’m always posting on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and I also do Soundcloud audio files as well. A lot of that is just allowed to be very spontaneous. I’ve got my series on the channel, of course. “Tea and Tarot,” “Card Slinger Rambling Witch,” but there are lots of other spontaneous things on there as well. 

And, of course, social media—I’m really the queen of spontaneity. I just post whatever I feel like at the time. Come and hang out with me online! 

BRIGIT: Awesome. I think we’re polar opposites because I’m recording this 3 months in advance! 

KELLY-ANN: Yeah. Oh, I’m always really, really impressed by the people that do that. I think it’s really awesome. I’m not a big board planner for content. I always take a little leaf out of people’s books that do that as well. I think there can be a balance that needs to be struck, for sure. 

BRIGIT: Yep, awesome. Thank you so much for today, Kelly-Ann. I’ve really enjoyed chatting with you and hearing more about how you use Tarot with planning and how you weave intuition into your life. It’s been super, super fun. Thank you so much! 

KELLY-ANN: Thank you so much for having me! It’s been really nice to chat. 


BRIGIT: There you have it. I hope you enjoyed that conversation with Kelly-Ann and I all about how you can do intuitive planning for the New Year. I had heaps and heaps of fun. I hope you did, too. 

Now, if you’re inspired to start thinking about your New Year and how you can bring your intuition and your Tarot cards into your New Year planning, then make sure you check out the 2018 Biddy Tarot Planner. 

It’s jam-packed with Tarot spreads, with the monthly Tarot theme, with those Tarot rituals, with the Manifestation Spreads to help you manifest your goals with Reflection Spreads so that you're learning the lessons along the way. There is so much goodness inside of the Biddy Tarot Planner. 

It’s really perfect for you if you love planning, and you know the power of including your intuition in that planning process. I tell you what—whenever I say, “Hello, intuition,” and I’m saying, “Hello, planning,” I can tell you the world just blows open, and there is so much opportunity and potential there. I’m sure you're going to experience something very similar. Check out the planner—it’s over at 

Biddy Tarot Planner

Now, since we’re just before Christmas, if you’re listening to this live, I want to wish you a very merry Christmas and, of course, a fabulous end to the year so that we can welcome in the New Year. 

All right, bye for now! 

Intuitive Planning for the New Year with Kelly-Ann Maddox | Biddy Tarot | Podcast
Top 10 Goal Setting and Planning Tarot Cards | Biddy Tarot


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