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BTP101: Tarot Potions and Aromatherapies

Tarot Potions

The gift-giving season is right around the corner, so I invited a couple of gorgeous ladies to share about their Tarot potions and aromatherapy. Ailynn and Emily (a mother and daughter duo) are both Tarot readers in Portland, Oregon, and I met them at the Northwest Tarot Symposium back in March of 2017. Ailynn shares how she combined aromatherapy with the Tarot to create beautiful, empowering scents based on the cards. I hope you’ll be inspired by this mother and daughter team in Episode 101 of the Biddy Tarot Podcast—maybe you’ll create your own gifts or start using scents in your readings! 

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You’re listening to the Biddy Tarot Podcast, and this is Episode 101: Tarot Potions and Aromatherapies. 

Welcome to the Biddy Tarot Podcast, where you'll learn how to connect more deeply with your intuition and live an empowered and enlightened life with the Tarot cards as your guide. 

Listen as Brigit and her guests share their very best tips and strategies to help you read Tarot with confidence. Now, here is your host, Brigit Esselmont. 


BRIGIT: Hello, and welcome back to the Biddy Tarot Podcast. As always, I’m super excited to be talking with you about Tarot. 

Now, today, I’ve got two special guests. Aren’t we lucky? We’ve got two! And even better, this is a mother and a daughter who both read Tarot. I can’t wait to introduce you to Ailynn and Emily Chandler as they talk about, well, on one hand, just working together as a mum and daughter with Tarot, and two, Ailynn is a creator of amazing Tarot potions. 

I got to meet these gorgeous ladies at the Northwest Tarot Symposium back in March 2017, and I got to have a little sniff of these Tarot potions, and I thought they were amazing. 

I think even better, I just love their energy and enthusiasm, and I love what they’ve created with these Tarot potions. 

I invited them onto the podcast because I thought, “You know, we are getting a bit closer to the end of the year and to that gift-giving season,” and this might be the perfect inspiration for you either to discover a gift that you could give to someone you love, or maybe even start to create your own Tarot potions. 

I’m just going to give you a little quick background about both Ailynn and Emily, and we’ll get started on the conversation. 

Emily has been divining since she was 12 years old—thanks very much to her mum—and she also now reads Tarot and teaches the Lenormand cards. Now, that’s an area that I’m not really up to speed with, but I’m sure we’re going to have Emily back on a future podcast to share a little bit more about the Lenormand. 

But for now, let me also introduce you to Ailynn. Ailynn is also a Tarot reader and a teacher, and she’s also a registered aromatherapist. I love how her brain works. She’s thought, “Aromatherapy and Tarot? How do we make these things work?” 

This is what you're going to hear about on today’s call. Ailynn will talk you through her inspiration about creating these Tarot potions and sprays, and she’ll also talk with you about how she goes about creating these. She even gives away a few of her little insider secrets. Make sure you listen all the way through. 

Now, of course, if you want to get access to the transcript for today’s call, plus how you can contact these gorgeous ladies, make sure you go to, and you get all of the details there. 

Without further ado, let’s get into today’s conversation. 


BRIGIT: Welcome, Ailynn and Emily! I’m so excited to have you here on the Biddy Tarot Podcast. How are you both doing today? 

AILYNN: I’m doing fantastic. Really great day! I have the day off, so I’ve been home all day, just doing fun stuff, so it’s a really good day. 

BRIGIT: Beautiful. What about you, Emily? Have you had the day off? 

EMILY: No. I did have to work today, so I’m really excited to spend this time talking about my favourite subject with you guys. 

BRIGIT: That is, of course, Tarot! 

EMILY: Yeah! 

BRIGIT: In case anyone is wondering. 

EMILY: Yeah. 

BRIGIT: Fabulous. Awesome. Well, I’d love to hear a little bit about your story for each of you. Maybe we’ll start with you, Ailynn, how you got introduced to Tarot and, then, how that passion for Tarot drifted over to Emily as she as growing up. 

AILYNN: Sure, yeah. Well, I was very fortunate. I have a sister that’s 13 years older than me, and she went to a garage sale one day and found a Tarot deck with the book, brought it home, started working with it, and she started teaching me to read when I was about 10. 

About 1969 I started to read Tarot, and it’s been with me my whole life. There were times, of course, when you're in college and stuff, where you put it away for a while, and you don’t pick it up. But I did pick up and did some readings during college parties and things like that for fun and just worked with it off and on, but I really, really didn’t delve into it until I hit my 40s. I’m going to be 58. 

About the 40s, I really delved into it, and I really made it a part of my life then, and that’s about the time Emily got into it, too, because I’m 30 years older than her. It was about the time that she was about 10 that she wanted a Tarot deck, and we went shopping, except for she ventured into something beyond Tarot. She ended up getting a Lenormand deck, and now she’s teaching me! 

BRIGIT: That’s beautiful. I mean, it’s not often you hear about mum taking 10-year-old daughter out to get Tarot cards. Not that we shouldn’t hear those kinds of stories because they’re awesome, but… 

AILYNN: Yeah! 

BRIGIT: It’s a little bit different. What’s kind of prompted you to share that with your daughter? 

AILYNN: You know, I just think that Tarot is a really good tool to have in your pocket. What it’s taught me is that I have options in life. If I don’t like the direction I’m going, change your energy, make a shift, do something different. You don’t have to go there. Things aren’t always… Even if you make a shift, it may not turn out exactly like you think it will, but it takes you on a different path. 

I just felt like they’re a really good tool to work with. They give you advice. They help you make decisions, and I really think working with Tarot as a young adult… This is going to sound funny, but I think it makes you smart. I really do. 

BRIGIT: Yeah. Emily, what was your journey with Tarot? I mean, obviously, your mum introduced you at 10. How did that feel, and where did you go from there? 

EMILY: Well, I mean, I always see her with her friends, and I felt like I just had this whole community of women supporting, and they were into Tarot and celebrating the solstices and equinoxes and doing rituals. I just felt this connectedness to femininity, and we also belly dance, so all different kinds of women body types, so I think it was a really great thing for me to be exposed to, especially as a young adult. I was just drawn to everything my mom did. I just thought she was the coolest. I mean, she still is the coolest, especially when you’re young— 

AILYNN: Aww, thank you. 

EMILY: Yeah, no, it’s true! So, I wanted to have my own superpower. You know, I thought she had a superpower, so I wanted to get my own deck. We thought I was picking out a Tarot deck. It was this really gold, shiny, pretty thing. Being 10, you go for the shiny thing. 

I open it up, and she’s like, “Sorry, I don’t know how to read this. This is going to be something you figure out.” 

I spent the next 15 plus years learning how to read those cards, and now I teach Lenormand, and I also learned from my mum and her Tarot classes. We take each other’s classes. 

I think as a young adult it gave me a sense of confidence, having divination, Tarot and Lenormand in my life. I feel like I was able to consult my higher self at a young age, which I think gave me more confidence into adulthood to know what kind of person I was becoming. 

BRIGIT: I think that must be so beneficial, especially in those teenage years. I don’t know about you, but my teenage years were spent a lot journaling, “What’s going on?” and “Does he love me?” and “Why do my friends hate me?” and all this crazy stuff. 

EMILY: That stuff still happens for me, but at least I had a card to pull to bring me back to reality a little bit, I think. 

BRIGIT: Yeah. Did it help you get that sense of balance, do you think? 

EMILY: Oh, definitely. Yeah, it brought me back to “OK, what is the essence of what I’m struggling with? What is the story in the cards? What is the storytelling?” and I could relate my experiences to those stories to say, “Oh, this is part of this journey. I’m on this journey.” It helped me to kind of contextualise my experience, so I didn’t feel as “I’m all alone and out there!” That’s how teenagers feel. 

AILYNN: Well, and I have to say, recently, she’s still… I mean, Emily went through her Death year last year in the Tarot, and it was a bit traumatic, but she was like, “Well, it’s my Death year.” I mean, it helped her. 

EMILY: Yep, totally. 


BRIGIT: And for those who are listening and maybe freaking out right now and going, “What is a Death year? That sounds awful!” can you tell me a little bit more about that? 

AILYNN: Well, Death year is about releasing and letting go and making room for transformation and change. Sometimes things fall away from you, but they are things that are ready to go, and it opens you up to new beginnings and new opportunities, and it’s actually a very wonderful year. It’s just that sometimes the things that fall away, maybe you think you're not ready to let go of them, but it’s time for them to go. It’s not about physical dying; it’s about a piece of you moving away and new beginnings happening. 

BRIGIT: It’s interesting. Do you feel like as a mum you now have a way of having better conversations with your daughter? And vice versa for you, Emily. Having that bridge of Tarot, intuition, the Lenormand, does it create a new pathway to connect on a more meaningful level? 

EMILY: Oh yeah! I definitely think so. I mean, just this morning, we were on the phone with each other saying, “Hey, are you going to take that class on magick? Are you taking that? Oh, I was thinking about signing up for it.” And then, “Can you pull a card on which class I should take, if I should choose this one or this other one?” I mean, we just always have a point of contact with this common interest in spiritual way of being that it definitely deepens our bond into adulthood. Even if we weren’t mother and daughter, our paths would cross all the time with the interests that we have, so it’s really nice to have that common interest into adulthood. 

BRIGIT: As a mum, Ailynn, did you notice that it made things a little bit easier to understand with your daughter? Or, again, could you connect on a different kind of level? 

AILYNN: Yeah. Well, I think, actually, it helped us to have conversations. 

BRIGIT: Yeah. 

AILYNN: It helps because you can talk about the cards, and you can bring them into your reality as to what’s going on right now in your life, and it makes conversation easier, I believe. Totally. So, we’re better able to communicate, definitely, because of the cards. 

BRIGIT: Yeah. I mean, I’ve heard that, actually, with a couple of other readers I know who have teenage sons, and they’ve said, “You know what? It’s impossible to try to have a conversation about feelings just normally, but then we put some Tarot cards in front of us, and we can talk about the pictures and what they might mean,” and it’s a way of redirecting the energy, so it feels safer. It sounds like you were able to do a little bit of that, too, in your mother/daughter relationship. 

AILYNN: Yeah, definitely. I think the cards have really brought us even closer together. 

BRIGIT: Yeah. That’s beautiful. Awesome. Now, I’d love to switch gears a little bit, and I would like to hear more about Tarot potions because you do some pretty awesome things, Ailynn, with blending different essential oils and doing that with inspiration from the Tarot cards. Maybe just tell me a little bit about how you got into that and how you're starting to use oils and Tarot together. 

AILYNN: Sure, yeah. I think it’s fascinating how they work together. It all started back… Well, I went through aromatherapy school, became a registered aromatherapist. 

I was working with oils, and I was getting ready to teach my very first Tarot class, and I was terrified. I was like, “Why are you doing this? Why do you think you have the ability to teach a Tarot class?” I was all in my head about it and decided to pull some cards. 

I did a Celtic Cross spread for myself, and right down the middle were all these Swords. What crossed me (the second card I pulled) was the Nine of Swords, which is one of my regular cards, and I call it “the nightmare” because it’s what’s going on in your head. Sometimes we make things worse than they are because we think about them too much, and we analyse them too much. 

After looking at this Tarot spread that I did, I was like, “Oh wow, you’re so much in your head. You really need to ground. You really need to get it back inside your body. You need to trust yourself. You need to have your roots down. You need to really get back into who you are and what you want to say.” 

I decided I needed to ground, so I went into the kitchen and grabbed oils, like cedar wood, patchouli, cypress and vetiver—very deep, dark, earthy, woody oils—and I made a blend. On that day, the Queen of Pentacles was born. 

From that point, as I was doing readings for other people, I started… One lady, during the reading, we discovered that she had a lot of earth in her cards, and she was feeling stuck in her life. 

I was like, “Oh, well, let’s add a trickle of water. Let’s just get a little flow going to get your feet out of the earth and get a little bit of movement going. The Queen of Cups was born. 

They just kept growing and growing, and at one point, it was really cool. I had all four Queens designed, and I was working with them, and I sat down one day and decided to spray and have a conversation with the Queen. I did that, and I just sat there, and I wrote whatever came into my head, whatever the Queen said to me. These turned out to be four really pretty cool stories that ended up getting published on the four Queens, and it was all from the spray. It was from smelling the spray and just meditating with the Queen and being open to what she had to say. 

Since then, I just keep growing with the essential oils. The Magician was born during a time when I was going through my Wheel of Fortune year. There was all this change going on, so I decided to reduce number 10 down to 1 and work with the Magician that year and to manifest my changes. 

The Magician was born that year, and he was really powerful for me. I ended up making a list of the changes I wanted to make during my Wheel of Fortune year, and every single one of them happened, so it was very good. 

BRIGIT: Tell me a little bit about what you put in for the Magician. Your thought process around this is just divine, so tell me a bit more about how you— 

AILYNN: Yeah. The Magician is a really cool spray. I used what’s called morphology Doctrine of Signatures, which is a term about speaking about looking at the plant directly, and where is that oil coming from in that plant? Where is it derived from? 

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With the Magician, I started with a seed oil because the oils that come from the seed, that’s a seed of potential. That is like you're planting a seed. So, what is it you want to manifest in your life? That’s the seed. I used anise oil for the seed. 

Then you need roots. You need roots to be grounded, so I used root oils to ground and centre the Magician. 

After you have the roots, you also need leaves and twigs. When you think of how leaves and twigs give the plant the ability to reach out and to grow, so they bring in the energy of growth, and they also bring in the energy of reaching for what you want in life. Using an oil like petitgrain, which comes from the orange tree, it actually comes from the leaves and twigs of the orange tree, was added into the oil. 

I’ve also got to have a flower because flowers are all about attraction. You think about how insects are attracted to the flower due to the scent and the beauty of the flower. Adding a flower in helps you to attract those things you want in your life and those things or people that you want to bring into your life. 

You also have to have a fruit because think of the word “fruit” and the word “fruition.” The fruit is the final manifestation that you need. 

Also, adding a little bit of… What’s the word I want? Sap from the trees. That adds in protection and healing. And bark, also—cinnamon bark. Think of cinnamon bark. That goes around the tree, and it’s for protection. 

The Magician has all these things in it. He has protection. He has growth. He has fruition. He has attraction. He’s rooted. He’s grounded. 

Also, I made sure that all four elements were present in this spray. I made sure that there was a water oil, an earth oil, a fire oil, an air oil. This Magician has everything in him and so much energy for manifestation. Plus, it smells really good—very deep, dark vanilla-type smell with the anise (a little bit of that liquorice scent into it) and sweet ylang-ylang, the flowers—very nice oil, and it works well. It was really fun to create, and it has a lot of power within it. 

BRIGIT: Yeah, I bet! Oh, it blows my mind. I think it’s just masterful, being able to tap into the essence of the card and then be able to express it through these different essential oils as you're creating a potion. 

I’ve been really interested to then know… So, you’ve created the potion or the spray. What are the uses for it? How do you bring it into either a reading or into just general life? 

AILYNN: Well, in relationship to a reading, I would do a reading and determine if you have an excess of one element because there are four suits in the Tarot, and each suit represents a different elemental energy. If you have a lot of Swords, maybe adding a little water for compassion, calming or earth for grounding—something to bring in a shift. 

Essential oils actually go directly into your bloodstream if they’re applied or inhaled, so they work quickly. They have the energy to bring that shift on. I wear the Magician as a perfume, and when I’m wanting to manifest, I really want the power of the Magician in my life, and I will spray the spray three times on me during the day. 

Each time you spray that spray, it’s a reminder of what you're doing, who you're becoming and what you want to create in your life. It brings it back into your mind, and it works with all of your senses, too, because not only are you smelling it; it’s going into your system, it’s on your skin, you feel it and it enters into your mind. They’re really powerful. You can use them. 

The Queen of Swords is a clearing spray because you think of the Queen of Swords. She cuts through the muck, and she makes things clear. It’s peppermint, eucalyptus. You think of how those help clear your lungs or your mucus membranes when you have a cold. Well, it will do the same for your mind about bringing clarity. They’re really fun. 

BRIGIT: I imagine it would be a great anchoring, in a way. Let’s say if you're wanting to manifest that Magician energy, you might amplify the power of it by meditating with the Magician and having that spray and then, five days later, when you want to reconnect with that same energy, you can just spray the spray, and it will take you right back to where you were with that meditation. 

AILYNN: Exactly, yes. 


BRIGIT: Yeah, that’s incredible. Emily, I know that you also use some of these sprays with your readings and personal practice. How have you been using the sprays? 

EMILY: Well, I’m pretty lucky to be the guinea pig. I get a lot of her sprays, and I use them all the time. With Tarot and Lenormand clients, the way I tend to use it the most is using the Queen of Swords, or she also has this other spray called Seven Brooms, which is a clearing spray, a lot of the same smells intertwining there, and I use that almost like sage. In between clients, I’ll spray that, right before a client comes in, and it’s just magical to see them breathe in, and it’s the first deep breath you’ve ever seen them take. That’s what it seems like. Like, “I’m in a different space; I’m in a different realm,” and you can see their attitudes, and you can see all their weight kind of lifted. 

I love using it in that way, and I also use it in my daily practice to just, like how my mom said, when I’m feeling up in the air, and I don’t have any grounding, I’ll spray Queen of Pentacles. When I feel like I need to write a blog post, or I need to be creative, I’ll spray Queen of Wands. I really like using it in my daily practice. 

For my clients that I see in person, I think it helps them get into their flow a lot quicker. Instead of rambling around and not sure what direction to take, you can kind of pick the element that they may need, and you can integrate that into the reading, and it just kind of helps them step back on their path a lot faster, from what I can tell. 

BRIGIT: Oh, it’s absolutely genius! I just listen to this and go, “My goodness, I’ve got so many lightbulbs going off.” In fact, I was sharing this with a lady who I met who has run into Doterra essential oils, and I was saying, “Do you know you could even integrate Tarot in these oils?” She was like, “Oh my God! That’s amazing!” I’m like, “Yes, there are people that are doing it!” It’s great. 

AILYNN: There are so many things you can do with them. I’m learning right now to make planetary oils, bringing in the Sun energy, or bringing in the Moon energy… Even Jupiter, which is about expansion, and they relate to the Tarot cards, too, depending on what energy you want to bring in. If you want to bring in the Moon energy, then there’s Moon oils. I actually have a spray called the Moon, so there you go! I have a Moon spray. 

BRIGIT: Have you thought of going and doing all 78 Tarot cards? Or is that a bit scary? 

AILYNN: You know, it’s actually… I have thought of that, and I think I would stick with the Major Arcana because with the Minor Arcana, I think if you just… I think of the Queens as embodying the energy of the element they are a part of. They own that energy, so I think with the Minor Arcana, just working with the Queens is great, depending on what energy you want to bring in. 

I kind of use the Queens for that, but with the Major Arcana, they seem to be coming to me one at a time. I’m working on the Hanged Man and the Empress right now, because I’m in my Hanged Man year. Those two are coming to me. 


AILYNN: I’ll have a couple of new ones coming up. I like to really just embody the card. As you embody that card… I mean, you can pull a card for the day and really just read about that card and meditate with that card, and then you can come up with a blend for it, especially if you do a little research and find out what oils relate to what elemental energies and what different oils do, their medicinal properties and their magical properties. They all have magical properties. With a little bit of research, you can create what you want. 


AILYNN: Getting the right smell can be a little tricky sometimes. 

BRIGIT: I was going to ask! Do you have to be an aromatherapy master to get this right? For the folks listening, how could they get started with this? 

AILYNN: I really think if you're working with the Tarot, pull a card, like I was saying. Study that card, and do some research online about different oils and what they relate to. Think of black pepper. Black pepper is fire, and it’s also a fruit. You have creativity, and you also have fruition of your creativity right there in the black pepper. Do some research. Find out what oils you're interested in, where they come from on the plant and what their medicinal properties are, what their magical properties are. 

Also, it’s really important to pay attention to… Gosh, I’ve lost the word I want. Precautions—that’s the word I want. Because if you have an allergy, there are certain oils that are not going to work for you. If you’re pregnant, there are certain oils that you should stay away from. Really research the oils you're interested in, and then play with them. Just play with them. Put a few drops in a bottle and start mixing a few drops of different oils together. Swirl them, smell them, let them sit for a day, come back, play with them, and start creating a potion. It’s really fun! 

BRIGIT: Oh, sounds absolutely dreamy. I’m sure it’s such a good way, also, to reconnect into the Tarot cards and really push yourself to go that much deeper with them. 

AILYNN: Yeah! 

BRIGIT: “What does this card really mean to me on a deeper level?” It’s exciting. I love it. 

AILYNN: Yeah. I’m actually working on the Star blend, too, right now. I thought, “Wow, what do I want to add into this.” I chose something that’s part of me. To me, what would represent the Star to me? Just the word “violet” popped up. Violet, to me, is this energy of the Star, yet it’s very earthy. Everybody is going to be a little bit different, too, on what you choose and what you want. There’s your own personal spirit oil, and I kind of think of violet as my own personal spirit oil. 

BRIGIT: Nice. And you really can’t go wrong unless you create a stink bomb, but that’s so unlikely! 

AILYNN: You can’t! 

BRIGIT: No, it’s fabulous. So good. So, you're working on the Empress and the Hanged Man and the Star right now. What else is coming up for you? You’re looking at distributing more widely? Online? In person? 

AILYNN: Yes. Actually, right now, I am working on a project with a dear friend of mine, Heather Agosta, and she’s the owner of Jasmine Pearl Tea Company here in Portland, Oregon. We’re designing some ritual kits right now, which will include either one of my oils or one of my sprays, and she’s designing teas to match. We’re working with the four Queens first, so first it will be the four Queens. She’s designed a Queen of Pentacles tea and a Queen of Swords tea. It will be a kit with a ritual oil or spray, a tea, a mantra will come with it and instructions on how to work with the energy of the Queens. 

BRIGIT: Wow, powerful. 

AILYNN: Yeah, and Heather is amazing. She’s a master blender, so the teas will be fantastic. We’re hoping to have them out in December, and you’ll be able to find them on my website, which is, along with sprays. My website is right now more of a one-on-one, where we’ll do a consultation, you’ll get one of the sprays, and then I’ll design what I call “perfume by design” for you or “potion by design.” I can design a specific potion, depending on what’s going on in your life and what you want to bring into your life. 

BRIGIT: Oh, that sounds good. 

AILYNN: It’s going to be really fun, yeah! 


BRIGIT: Oh, so nice. And then I believe that you're also selling your sprays and potions in Portland, is that right? What are the stores that you put them in? 

AILYNN: I’ve been doing readings out of New Renaissance Bookshop for the last 5 or 6 years now. I love that place. It’s my home, and they sell my sprays there. They have them all, the roll-ons and the sprays. When I’m there, I love to sit downstairs if I’m not doing a reading and sample the sprays for people, talk about them, and pull a card, so it’s a lot of fun. New Renaissance Bookshop in northwest Portland, Oregon. 

Then also the Sacred Well in Sellwood, Oregon carries my sprays. Those are the two places locally that you can step in and spray them, smell them, work with them and purchase them. 

BRIGIT: Beautiful. 

AILYNN: Great places. 

BRIGIT: And we’ll put in some links on our show notes, pages, which is at, including the addresses of those places. Emily, where can we find out more about you, too? 

EMILY: Yeah, my website is kind of my home. It’s Emily is just spelled E-M-I-L-Y. I also do readings at New Renaissance Books in Portland, and I teach Lenormand classes there as well. 

BRIGIT: Awesome, and I reckon we will have you back to talk a little bit more about Lenormand because it’s something that I know very little about and yet I know it’s such a hot topic, especially with Tarot readers as well, so I’m sure we’ll have lots to talk about with that one. 

EMILY: Yes. I would be delighted, yes! 

BRIGIT: Awesome. Well, it has been such a joy to have you both on today’s podcast. I really enjoyed our conversation. My mind is just exploding with all of the ideas and the possibilities of blending these oils with the energy of the Tarot cards. It’s super exciting. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, and thank you also for sharing a little bit about working as a mother/daughter. I think that’s super exciting to have that connection, too. It’s really nice to hear about how that’s working. 

EMILY: Speaking of mother and daughter, you can also find us on Facebook at Two Ladies Tarot Northwest 

AILYNN: It’s our joint Facebook page. 

BRIGIT: And you don’t teach classes together yet, do you? Are you going to maybe? 

EMILY: Not yet, but I have a feeling we might at some point about finding Tarot and Lenormand or something like that. We both teach classes at the same place, so I think it’s only a matter of time. 

BRIGIT: Oh, just do it! Come on, you're called “Two Ladies Tarot”—you’ve got to do it! It’s already there. 

EMILY: Yeah. 

BRIGIT: Fabulous. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for today. I appreciate it very much. 

EMILY: Thank you, Brigit. Thank you for having us. 


BRIGIT: So, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed that conversation as much as I did. I just loved hearing about Tarot potions. And I tell you what—I am super excited and super inspired to now go away and potentially, maybe create some potions of my own. I don’t think they’ll be as amazing as Ailynn has talked about today, but it’s certainly got my mind ticking over, and perhaps it’s got your mind ticking over, too, and you’re super inspired. 

Perfect timing because it is coming up to the holiday season, and it’s a great time to be giving and making beautiful gifts, so I hope today has been helpful. I can’t wait to connect with you again next week. 

Next week, I have another really super cool guest, who is going to show you how to tune into your inner guidance. She’s got some really neat techniques that she shares on the call, so I am looking forward to that one, and I hope you are, too. For now, have an awesome week ahead.

Bye for now! 


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