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Wrapping Up TarotCon Sydney 2013

By March 20, 2013 January 8th, 2024

On March 16 & 17, 2013, around 30 women and 2 (yes, t-w-o) men converged in Sydney for the first 2-day Tarot Professionals TarotCon in Australia.

It was an amazing weekend that will never find itself fully expressed in words, but I want to share with you at least a snapshot of what I most connected with and what I took away from the experience.

What Made the 2013 Sydney TarotCon ‘Pop'

Here are some of the ‘defining moments' for me from the TarotCon…

Appreciating the Enriching History that Lies Behind the Tarot

If you know much about my style, I like to keep it simple when it comes to learning to read Tarot. So much so that I have tended to steer clear of ‘Tarot history' because I had felt that it was yet another one of those ‘nice to have' pieces of information that generally complicates things even more.

Oh, how wrong was I?!

Russell Sturgess presented an incredibly enriching picture of how the Major Arcana maps the worldly and spiritual paths we each pass through on our way to enlightenment. While I have always thought of the Major Arcana being broken into three major groupings, he presented it as two, with the Magician beginning the first cycle (the worldly cycle) and the Strength card (in position 11) beginning the second cycle (the spiritual cycle). Sitting firmly at the intersection is the World card – the beginning and the end of all cycles.

Russel also introduced the connection between the imagery of the Tarot cards and what was going on in the 1300s. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the history of Tarot and how significant it really is for understanding the cards.

This is a mere ‘taste'. Russell goes into it in much more depth in his book, Metanoia: Renovating the House of Your Spirit, which has now joined my personal library.

Speaking at the Conference

tarotcon-speakersNear the end of 2012, I was mapping out my goals for 2013 and one thing that came up for me was that I wanted to present at a Tarot conference… ‘one day'.

I started to wonder, “How on earth will I manifest this?” Do I have to ask to present at a conference, and what conferences could I actually get to? (Most being in the US.)

But, literally out of the blue, Marcus asked me if I'd like to present at the TarotCon, Sydney. So, trying to stay cool, I said, “Ok, let me think about it,” knowing exactly what I would answer. A week later, “Yes.”

So, I presented “Learn to Read Tarot… Fast” which actually should have been called, “(Re-)Engaging with the Tarot”. We did story-telling with the cards, an in-depth meditation with a Major Arcana card and Tarot card combinations.

Once I got past the initial adrenalin rush (AKA nervousness), I found my flow and ended up having a lot of fun. And from the feedback afterwards, so did the participants.

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I tell you what I wasn't ready for… the photos with everyone afterwards. I didn't exactly realise it at the time but apparently I had become a bit of a Tarot celebrity! (Is there really such a thing?!) It was quite bizarre but, as always, a lot of fun.

‘Around the Campfire' Discussions

Wow. The magic really happened outside of class.

campfireOn the last night, a small group of us were all gathered around a table in a Sydney pub talking about experiences of channelling stories, people and energies. Carrie Paris shared with us the digital version of a Japanese deck she's been working on.

There was just something so magical about having like-minded individuals connecting in such an open and authentic way about topics we may have never felt comfortable talking about with others (who may have never understood us, let alone been interested in what we had to say).

Those types of discussions are priceless and are what these conventions are all about. Sure, the in-class information was rich, but there was a certain buzz of energy when practitioners got together in the in-between moments to compare notes, share stories and simply connect like friends.

Other Takeaways

  • devilThe Lenormand might actually be worth investing in. Especially if it's made by Carrie Paris.
  • The Devil in the Marseilles deck has taken on a completely different meaning for me. I saw a picture of me, in Lorna Jane leggings, boobies and two kids chained to me. Who is chained to whom? Will never see this card the same.
  • Tarot readings can take on many different formats that can be incredibly enriching for reader and client. For example, Carrie Paris only works with clients over 10 sessions, with the intention to manifest change and transformation on a sustainable level. This has inspired me to seriously rethink what I offer in my own Tarot readings.

What Was I Here to Learn?

What do you do after spending 48 hours immersed in the Tarot? A Tarot reading, of course!

I asked my cards, “What was I here to learn?” and I drew the Star, Ten of Wands reversed and Six of Cups.

In short, I was here to restore and refresh; let go and release; go back to my roots. Hell yeah!

My energy around Tarot has been renewed and refreshed and I have found ways to relieve some of the pressure I have created for myself. By returning to doing what I love in Tarot, I will bring success not just to myself but my clients.

To Finish…

For all those heading to the Readers' Studio in April – wow. You will have an amazing time! I hope that I can manifest this in the next few years. And if you are yet to try out a Tarot conference, go! They are cropping up everywhere now. The magic is in connecting with like-minded people from all walks' of life, to share what you're truly passionate about. Plus, you'll walk away with a refreshed toolkit of ideas, approaches, styles and no doubt Tarot decks or books!


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