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Top 10 Tarot Cards for Success and Achievement

By July 17, 2013 May 17th, 2023

Want to know if you're going to be successful in achieving your goals and desires?

Here are my top 10 Tarot cards for success and achievement that you'll want to see in your Tarot reading.


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The Sun is the card for success in the Tarot deck. And with success comes a radiant glow of positive energy and accomplishment for everything you have achieved. Keep up a positive attitude and you can multiply that success.

Six of Wands

If you want people to recognise and praise your accomplishments, the Six of Wands is a very good sign. You'll be put in the spotlight and shown as a positive role model or as someone highly successful in their field.


The World is the card for achievement. Your project will successfully come to a point of completion and now is the time to reflect on your success and achievement. You've been through quite a journey to get here (all of those lessons of the Major Arcana)!


With focus and dedication, the Chariot shows you will be triumphant and victorious in your pursuits. Don't let distractions lead you off-course – overcome barriers and you will find your success.

Ten of Cups

If your success is around love and relationships, the Ten of Cups is a very good omen for finding your life partner, having the family you want and attaining the highest love and harmony in your relationships with others.

Ten of Pentacles

If your success is focus on material wealth (career, money, status, possessions), the Ten of Pentacles shows that you will have what you desire. You are surrounded by the financial rewards for your labour and you feel secure in this success.

Four of Wands

Celebration! Yes, this is what usually follows success, knowing that you have already come so far (even if there is more to come – this is the Four, not the Ten!). Bask in your success and celebrate this milestone.


The Emperor bodes well for success in your career and financial domains. He takes a structured and dedicated approach and ‘rules' his world. Think success through power, authority, commitment and status.

Nine of Pentacles

This one is for the ladies! (Well, most of the time!) The Nine of Pentacles shows financial success through becoming independent and well-versed in financial matters. Success in your career, business and finances is coming to you.

The Kings

The Tarot Kings represent culmination, accumulation and achievement, whether it's in your ability to lead and influence others (King of Wands), lead with compassion (King of Cups), accumulate financial wealth and career success (King of Pentacles) or use your intellect to make important decisions (King of Swords).

Of course, all 78 Tarot cards could be seen as a sign of success, depending on how you define your personal ‘success' (yes, even the Tower or the Ten of Swords might represent success and achievement to you, depending on your goals!)

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Make Money From Your Gifts



Make Money From Your Gifts