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Top 10 Tarot Cards for Decision-Making

By May 2, 2012 September 28th, 2022

Oftentimes, we consult the Tarot when facing important decisions or standing at a cross-roads in life. So what Tarot cards should you look out for in your own Tarot readings that indicate making a decision?

Here are my top 10 Tarot card for decision-making…

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Two of Wands

The Two of Wands reflects that you are at the early stages of a life cycle and you are now faced with a decision that will impact your long-term direction. This card is typically very positive – either direction will bring good outcomes, but you do need to work out which direction you want to take your life first. Think and plan long-term and this will make the decision easier.


As a Major Arcana card, Judgement indicates that you are at a major turning point where you are evaluating the actions you’ve taken and the consequences of those actions. Through this process of judgement, you will need to make a decision about what you will and won’t continue in your life, and what you have learned from your journey so far.


The Justice card is very much about seeking the truth and determining what is right and wrong. If making a decision, then Justice indicates that you need to weigh up the facts or the different sides to the story and make a choice that is fair, objective and robust.

Queen of Swords

If any one of the Court Cards is going to make a decision and stick to it, it’s the Queen of Swords. She uses her intellectual power to cut through the noise and determine the best path ahead. She asks you to use your head and not your heart in your decision-making, and to commit to the choice that you make.


The Chariot is fiercely determined. Once he has made his final decision, he will overcome any challenge or setback that stands in opposition to him reaching his goal. If you see the Chariot in a decision-making Tarot reading, know that you need to use all available willpower, determination and grit to remain committed to your choice.

Two of Swords

When we are faced with a decision, it is not always clear which path to take, especially if both paths seem as good as or as bad as each other. The Two of Swords represents that feeling of indecision and being caught in the middle, not knowing which option is best. You need more information or a different perspective to gain clarity.

Seven of Cups

Sometimes, indecision comes from having far too many options available. We become stuck with choice and fail to make a move forward because we’re spending so much time weighing up all the different options. Time to get your feet back on the ground and make a decision based on the opportunities and information available to you at this time.

Ace of Swords

When making an important decision, the Ace of Swords is the bolt of clarity that you need to take swift action and commit to a certain path. New information has come to light or you have a completely new perspective on the situation which empowers you to act decisively.

Hanged Man

The Hanged Man often reflects a period where you are being forced to make a decision that perhaps you don’t really want to make. You may be at the mercy of other people’s actions and the only way to free yourself is to make a tough but necessary decision.


Domination of the mind over the heart is sometimes unwanted or best avoided but with the Emperor, it is necessary and even welcomed. If you are facing difficult choices, you must maintain your concentration and focus. The Emperor calls on you to push ahead and do what you know is best.

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Wish You Had A Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet?

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