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The Art of Asking Powerful Questions in Your Tarot Readings

By February 15, 2018 May 17th, 2023

asking powerful questions in your tarot readings

Do you know the easiest way to get insightful answers from the Tarot cards every single time?

Asking the right questions!

While the question you ask the Tarot might not seem super important, it can make the difference between a frustrating, confusing reading and life-changing guidance. Because when you ask the Tarot strong, specific questions, you’ll get strong, specific answers in return. And similarly, when you ask unclear questions, you’ll get unclear answers. 

Consider these two scenarios. 

Scenario #1: You ask the Tarot, “Will I ever find love?” and you draw the Hermit. Oh, no… does that mean you’ll live a life of solitude? You end the reading feeling deflated because you really wanted to find a partner, and now the Tarot says it’s never going to happen.

Scenario #2: You ask the Tarot, “What can I do to create the love life I truly desire?” Again, you draw the Hermit. In this case, the Tarot suggests that if you want to find a partner, first spend some time on your own, reflecting on the type of relationship you really want. By being on your own, you’ll come to deep realizations that will support you in finding true and authentic love.

This time, you end the reading feeling empowered and optimistic, knowing exactly what it is you need to do to find the kind of love you’ve been dreaming of.

Of those two Tarot readings, which would you prefer? (I know which one I’d choose!)

You see, the quality of the questions in your Tarot readings is directly linked to getting the right answers – the answers that help you to shape a path forward and manifest your goals and dreams.

So how do we ask good questions? 

Ask Open-Ended Questions 

Questions that can be answered “yes” or “no” are closed-ended questions. They don’t allow for any deep reflection or exploration of a situation – they simply state what is or isn’t going to happen.

On the other hand, by asking the Tarot open-ended questions, you get far more interesting  and specific insights.

For example, instead of asking, “Will I find a new job?” you might ask, “What has been blocking me in finding a new job, and how can I release these blockages?” The first question can only be answered “yes” or “no.” The second question invites deeper reflection and helps you understand how you can manifest your goal of finding a new job. 

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To ask open-ended questions, avoid starting the question with Will…, When… and Should…, and instead ask What…, How… and Why.

Get to The Heart of The Question 

Say you want to find the love of your life, so you ask the question, “What’s my soulmate like?” Now, sure, you could draw a few cards and see what comes up. You might end up with an idea of a potential soulmate, but will it actually be insightful and helpful for you? Chances are, that information won’t help you to attract that person – and isn’t that the real goal of your question?

So, in this case, here’s how to  create a reading that will be much more helpful and empowering: Instead of asking the Tarot, “What’s my soulmate like?” you could ask, “What signs might I see when I’ve met the right partner for me?” or “What can I do to attract the right partner for me?” The answer to this type of question helps you take further action to attract your soulmate instead of simply telling you what he or she is like. See the difference? A targeted question produces a targeted answer.

So instead of asking the Tarot the first question that comes to mind, explore what it is you really want to know and get to the heart of what you’re truly asking.

Ask Follow-Up Questions 

Every question can be broken down into follow-up questions to explore the different elements of the original question. For example, a question like, “How can I live in alignment with my soul’s purpose?” can be broken down into the following questions: 

  • What is coming into my conscious awareness about my soul’s purpose? 
  • How can I discover my soul’s purpose? 
  • What is my soul’s purpose? 
  • How am I presently living in alignment with my soul’s purpose? 
  • What inner work do I need to do to be in alignment with my soul’s purpose? 
  • What resources are available to me that will help me to live in alignment with my soul’s purpose? 
  • What will bring me closer to my soul’s purpose? 
  • What may stand in the way of me fulfilling my soul’s purpose and how can I overcome this? 

…and so on. 

Now, do you notice what’s happening here? As we start to break down the original question into follow-up questions, we also start to form the beginnings of  your very own customized Tarot spread. You could draw one card for each of the questions above and you’d have an in-depth and fully customized Tarot reading. 

And that’s it! You now know the basics to help you ask more powerful Tarot questions.

Remember, before you start your next Tarot reading, check in with yourself first with the following checklist to get the best insights possible:

Am I asking the right question of the Tarot?

Is the question open-ended, and does it allow for deep exploration and insight? Does it get to the heart of the matter?

Are there follow-up questions I could ask?

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The Decision Making Tarot Spread

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