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The Book That Changed My Tarot Business Forever

By January 18, 2011 February 2nd, 2024

blog-20110118-the-book-that-changed-my-tarot-business-foreverOk, I know it’s not a book at all related to the Tarot, but Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Work Week book has got me feeling so inspired, I just have to share it with you.

It couldn’t be better timing, really. It’s the start of a new year – a time of setting new goals and thinking big. And now we’re expecting baby number two in July, which means another 12 months off my usual corporate day-job and more time and space to set goals and think big. (Ok, so that might be a little ambitious with two kids under two, but I am a high achiever!)

The 4-Hour Work Week has convinced me to believe! To believe that I don’t have to work full-time ever again. To believe that if I want to go on an African safari, I can go tomorrow. To believe that I don’t have to fill my life with mundane routines and drudgery. And most importantly, to believe that I can achieve my goal of living a fun and fulfilling life.

In his book, Tim shows how you can:

  • Challenge the status quo of having to be fully employed until retirement, instead favoring ‘mini-retirements’ all throughout your life.
  • Live out your dreams, not some time far in the future, but NOW.
  • Eliminate unnecessary tasks in your work and personal life to free up more time for fulfilling activities.
  • Establish a fully automated online business by utilizing outsourced models that then allows you to work from anywhere in the world (that has high speed internet access, of course).

Just in the past few weeks, since reading this book, I have:

  • Mapped out a whole new business plan for Biddy Tarot (watch this space, my loyal visitors!)
  • Started planning with my husband about how we can live abroad for 6-12 months, even with two kids under two!
  • Become significantly more efficient at work, freeing up my time to engage in more fulfilling activities (like planning my business and mini-retirement).

I can’t tell you what a difference it has already made in my life and how inspired I feel as a result. And that’s why I really want to share this book with you, in case you too can benefit from its messages.

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Now, it’s not all roses. Tim talks about negotiating remote working from your usual employer for up to 4-6 weeks while you jet-set around the world and live out your dreams (and still get paid your usual salary). I can’t say that I feel entirely comfortable about this and would much prefer to use my annual leave. And the concept of having to work only 4 hours a week seems a bit of a stretch for me, too. In fact, when I took a look at a sample day in the life of Tim Ferriss, I noticed that he wasn’t exactly sticking to the 4 hour limit either, but instead labeled much of his ‘work’ as ‘fun’.

Criticism aside, I have still benefited incredibly from this book. The test will be, of course, can I sustain this high energy level and will we really go ahead with our plans to live abroad? Only time will tell!

Note: I am in no way being paid or incentivized by Timothy Ferriss in providing this glowing book recommendation! I just strongly believe in it and am truly inspired by it. I have, however, used links that will direct you to, in case you wish to purchase the book or find out more. I receive a very nominal reward if you do decide to purchase this book or any other product on the Amazon website.


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