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The Stars Align: Astrological Transits and Tarot Spreads for 2018

By January 4, 2018 May 2nd, 2018

2018 astrological transits and tarot spreads

Note from Brigit: Back again to share with us her tips, tricks and Tarot spreads for the astrological year ahead is accomplished author, Tarot reader and astrologer, Liz Worth. I know you're going to love reading about all the astrological transits for 2018 and I can't wait to see how you make the most of her Tarot spreads too! Be sure to tag us on Instagram when you try them!  

There is nothing subtle about the start of 2018, beginning with its first astrological transit…

The year starts with a Full Moon in Cancer on January 1. The following day, Uranus stations direct, ending its retrograde period that began on August 3, 2017.

And this is just the beginning. Overall, 2018 is jam-packed with astrological activity. Luckily, with this guide and our tarot spreads, you’ll have the tools you need to navigate the year to come. 

We have two Blue Moons in 2018, which occur when two full moons fall within the same calendar month. The first arrives in late January, along with a solar eclipse. The second blue moon comes along in late March.  

Saturn in Capricorn

We’ll also be fresh into Saturn’s entry into Capricorn. The planet of structure, maturity, and practicality just spent three years in fiery Sagittarius. Suffice to say, this isn’t the most comfortable place for Saturn. Sagittarius is an optimistic freedom-seeker, while Saturn favours a rational, realistic approach to life.  

Now Saturn is comfortably back in its home base of Capricorn, where it can operate at its full power. Saturn has a bit of a reputation for bringing harsh lessons, but it can also be a source of tremendous growth and gain if you are willing to work with it.  

Collectively and individually, Saturn in Capricorn may bring a big reality check around practical matters such as work, money, and time management.

Saturn likes efficiency and honest effort. Ambition, focus, and organization can really pay off here. Don’t be afraid of the nitty gritty, either. Saturn will bite you in the butt if you are cutting corners, so this is a time to pay attention to the details. Stay organized, read the fine print, be honest, and know the limitations of your plans.

Wondering what else 2018 has in store? Keep on reading for important astrological dates to watch for, along with suggestions for how you can use Tarot to tap into the power of the stars.  

The 2018 Biddy Tarot Planner is a great tool for navigating through your year and manifesting your goals using Tarot – and your intuition – as your guide. Check it out here. 

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The Eclipse Seasons of 2018   

Eclipse dates to watch for:  

  • January 31st: Lunar eclipse and the Full Moon in Leo  
  • February 15: Solar eclipse and the New Moon in Aquarius  
  • July 12: Solar eclipse and the New Moon in Cancer  
  • July 27: Lunar eclipse and the Full Moon in Aquarius 
  • August 11: Solar eclipse and the New Moon in Leo   

Eclipse season comes early in the year with the lunar eclipse and Leo Full Moon on January 31. This Full Moon is a Blue Moon, as it will be the second we experience within the same month, making January a time of powerful illumination.  

Astrological transits initiate change. The Leo-Aquarius eclipse cycle that we are moving through this year began in 2016 and will continue until 2019. His timer period highlights questions around freedom, creativity, expression, community, and rebellion.

You might feel restless, or realize you need to break free from a cycle or situation that is not serving your vision of your future self. During this eclipse cycle, you might also find that friendships and community ties are coming up for re-evaluation. 

On July 12, the energy of the New Moon and solar eclipse in watery Cancer sinks us into themes of sensitivity, intuition, and emotional availability – things that don’t come as easily to the air and fire energies of Aquarius and Leo.

This July eclipse can feel like a necessary check-in – or perhaps wake-up call – amidst the restless, spirited nature of the Aquarius-Leo eclipse cycle. Partnership, self-care, and family life can come to the forefront with this one.

Eclipses act as catalysts, but their impact is not always so dramatic or overt. Remember that sometimes change can first arrive in the form of an idea, or a conversation that suddenly wakes you up to a new pathway.

“The best course of action during an eclipse is expect the unexpected – and check in with your Tarot cards for further insight.”

Here’s a Tarot spread you can use throughout the 2018 eclipse seasons:

1. What does this eclipse represent for me?
2. What is ready to change within me?
3. What is changing around me?
4. What kind of growth is waiting for me as a result?

Uranus in 2018  

Uranus stations direct on January 2, in the sign of Aries.

Through Uranus comes evolution and innovation. It is a future-oriented influence that challenges tradition and the status quo.

Uranus retrograde might have had you looking for ways to take greater control within your own life. Retrograde periods are often times of reflection, where we search for answers.

Now that Uranus is direct again, it might be time to implement changes that will launch you into a new chapter or phase.

Uranus has been in Aries since 2011. Aries is a pioneering, trailblazing leader. But it is also competitive, impatient, and impulsive. Politically, technologically, and socially, Uranus in Aries can make incredible progress. It can make necessary disruption, or feed into radicalized ideals and give rise to “my-way-or-the-highway” leaders and gurus.  

On May 15, Uranus enters Taurus for the first time since 1942. Taurus is an earthy, grounding energy. It favours practicality, stability, and security – a big departure from Aries’ driven, risk-taking nature.

Here, Uranus in Taurus will ask you to get a handle on practical matters. Just as Saturn in Capricorn might feel like a tightening of the belt, Uranus in Taurus can bring in some necessary, but sweeping, changes when it comes to finances, housing, and work.

Keep in mind that Uranus is very unpredictable, so keep clear records and paper trails of all important dealings in case of any surprise audits, or changes to contracts or policies. It can also be a good idea to start a savings account, if you don’t have one already, for any unexpected expenses or financial changes that this astrological transition may bring.

This transit – lasting until 2026 – can also bring great opportunities to break away from material ties that are keeping you down. If you’ve been wanting to downsize your home, say goodbye to a hectic career path, or pay off some debts, Uranus in Taurus can help.   

And of course, you can always consult your Tarot cards to prepare for this transit:  

1. What kind of reality check is in store for me with Uranus in Taurus?
2. What lesson from Uranus in Aries can I take with me through this process?
3. What can Uranus in Taurus help me break away from?
4. What will I need to surrender throughout this process?  

Venus in Taurus and March’s Blue Moon  

The second Blue Moon of 2018 arrives on March 31st, with the Full Moon in Libra. With a Full Moon in Libra, you might have an important realization about boundaries within your relationships.

Venus also enters Taurus on March 31st. The planet of beauty, love, and art, rules both Libra and Taurus, so we have a double-dose of her wild, feminine energy at this time.

While this can be auspicious time for relationships of all kinds, don’t forget to include your relationship with yourself.

If there any self-doubts or insecurities you want to release, this can be a powerful time to set those intentions.  

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Here is a Tarot spread to help you connect with the energies of March 31st 

1. What is it time for me to love about myself?
2. What do others love about me that I cannot see?
3. What can I do to strengthen my relationship with myself this year?
4. What can I do to strengthen my relationships with others this year?  

Jupiter retrograde: March 8 to July 10  

Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance, and opportunity, goes retrograde March 8.

Jupiter retrograde sometimes makes people nervous because they think their luck will run out. But don’t fret: It’s not like all that is good in life will suddenly dry up until July.

Remember, astrology isn’t about looking at things as entirely good or bad. Instead, it’s about following the themes and potentials we're moving through at any given time.

Jupiter expands on everything it touches. But sometimes, Jupiter can also make life very busy depending on how it’s impacting you directly. Have you ever had a time when you had more opportunities, invitations, or work than you could realistically handle? It might feel exciting at first, and then you realize you’re completely overextended.

Jupiter retrograde can be a time to take a necessary pause, especially if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed in a certain area of your life. We can’t expand forever.

In magical practices, there is a common belief that to invite anything in, we must make space for it first by releasing something else.

You can think of Jupiter retrograde in much the same way. This astrological transit is time to recharge, and possibly release any unnecessary work or events that are taking up too much space on your schedule.

Make way for something new to flow in once Jupiter goes direct on July 10. Here’s a Tarot spread to help you get started:  

1. What is it time for me to focus less time and energy on?
2. What should I make space for instead?
3. How can I create my own luck during Jupiter retrograde?
4. What will flow for me once Jupiter goes direct? 

Mars retrograde: June 26 to August 27  

Mars, the planet of personal power, drive, and determination is retrograde for about a month this summer, first in the sign of Aquarius, and then sliding back into Capricorn.

Sometimes, things can feel like they aren’t gelling quite the way you want them to during Mars retrograde, so don’t get disheartened if life slows down a little.  

Mars will be moving through two strong signs here, making this astrological transit a time when you can begin to look inward for your sense of personal power, expertise, and authority.  

Ask yourself where can you find more confidence or clarity in your ideas? Where are you perhaps struggling with an imposter complex?

Are you the one everyone turns to for advice? Is it time to be recognized as an authority or leader within your career, or your community?

These are some examples of the types of questions Mars retrograde can prompt you to explore at this time. Take them to your Tarot cards for additional insight:  

1. What strength do I need to see in myself?
2. What strength so I still need to develop?
3. What kind of leader can I be?
4. What kind of impact can I make?  

Venus in Scorpio and Venus retrograde: October 5 to November 16  

Welcome to the season of the witch. Venus enters Scorpio September 9, swimming into the scorpion’s mysterious, sensual underworld.

View this astrological transit as an opportunity to do some serious self-care. This can be a wonderful time to explore the divine feminine, particularly the dark goddesses like Hekate, the Morrigan, or Lilith.

Scorpio can be quite introverted, so you might prefer to curl up with a good book, or treat yourself to a new Tarot deck and then hide away with it for the rest of the season.

Venus often helps us connect to what we need at the time. With Scorpio connecting to the process of death and rebirth, transformation and healing can become major priorities now. This is a great time to explore new healing practices and therapies.

Venus retrograde begins on October 5 and ends November 16, causing Venus to slide back into Libra in the process. Once Venus is direct again, it will transit through Scorpio one more time, where it will stay until early 2019.

Relationships and sexuality can really come for the forefront here, as Libra highlights partnerships, but Scorpio is a bit of a lone wolf. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself challenged in your beliefs or attitudes towards love late this year.

This can be a powerful time to explore any past emotional trauma, or work through current struggles with love, sexuality, connection, and commitment.  

Here is a Tarot spread to explore the healing potential of Venus late in 2018:  

1. What is waiting to be healed within?
2. What step can I take to start this process?
3. What can I do to protect myself at this time?
4. What do I need to give myself at this time?

Jupiter in Sagittarius: November 8th  

After spending about a year in Scorpio’s intensity, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius, its home base, for the first time since 2007.

And while Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn might feel restrictive at times, Jupiter in Sagittarius still offers room to dream, to think big, and to dare to reach for new horizons.

Jupiter opens doors, and is in its full power in fiery Sagittarius. If you need a bit of luck, this might be the time to find it. Fire signs will particularly benefit from this transit, but all of the zodiac can get a boost with Jupiter operating at its greatest potential now. 

What might be in store for you? Here is a Tarot spread to help wrap your arms around Jupiter’s big energy:  

1. What dream is waiting to become a reality?
2. What step can I take to make it happen?
3. What do I need to do to stay grounded in the process?
4. What kind of freedom do I need to reach for this new horizon? 

Want to know what’s happening with Mercury retrograde this year? We’ve got you covered in this guide right here. 

About the Author: Liz Worth 

Liz Worth Guest BloggerLiz Worth thought her one and only career would be as a writer, but she started reading tarot in 2008 on the advice of an astrologer and her life has never been the same. Today she uses tarot and astrology as tools of truth, power, and clarity. She also continues to write and is the author of six books and counting. She has also written horoscopes for Flare Magazine and Spiral Nature, and has contributed to Little Red Tarot, Biddy Tarot, and the Numinous, among others. Her tarot book, Going Beyond the Little White Book: A Contemporary Guide to Tarot, is now available. Reach Liz at 


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