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How to Do a Tarot Reading For Yourself

By January 11, 2018 June 6th, 2022

Need some intuitive insight into a challenging situation? Trying to make a tough decision but not sure which path to take? Or simply want to dial in your inner guidance and deeper wisdom? 

Reading the Tarot cards for yourself is the perfect way to tap into your intuition and get the answers you need. Whether it’s about deep spiritual matters or practical, day-to-day issues, the Tarot can help. 

In this post, I'll show you how to quickly & intuitively read your own Tarot cards in just 7 simple steps, so that you can access your inner wisdom, get crystal clear guidance and enrich your life, every time you consult the Tarot. 

And to make it even easier to do your own Tarot readings, I've created a free PDF, “7 Steps to Read Tarot for Yourself with Clarity”, for you to download here. 

7 Steps to Read Tarot for Yourself with Clarity

Step 1: Create the Space 

You might think a Tarot reading starts when you pick up the cards and shuffle them. But really, a Tarot reading begins from the moment you decide to consult the cards. 

To create the most intuitive, clear readings for yourself, you need to create a sacred space for your reading. 

Create the physical space by laying out your Tarot cloth, lighting a candle, burning some incense or choosing your favorite crystals for the reading. 

Create the mental space by clearing your mind and taking a few deep breaths to help you focus on the reading you're about to do. 

Create the emotional space by letting go of any drama that you've been feeling, and opening your mind up to the possibility of discovering something new in the cards. 

And finally, create the spiritual space by setting an intention for the reading and even calling in your guides, angels or Universal energy (whatever floats your boat!) to assist you in the reading. 

Step 2: Get to the Heart of the Question 

With a clear mind, ask yourself, “What do I really need to know right now?” 

For example, you might be feeling a lack of connection in your relationship with your partner. So, you might ask, “What do I need to know about my relationship right now?” or “How can I create more connection between my partner and myself?” 

Or, you might be wondering if you'll get the promotion you've been dreaming about. So, you ask, “What can I do to increase my chances of getting the promotion?” or “What is the energy surrounding this situation?” 

Notice how I haven't asked, “Will I get the job?” or “Will my relationship improve?” When you ask these kinds of questions, you're assuming your future is set in stone and there's little you can do to change it. 

Similarly, if you ask, “Should I go for the promotion?” you are assuming that the Tarot cards will make your decision for you. Yet, you have free will and it is up to you to decide. 

Finally, check in to make sure you're truly getting to the heart of the question and you're opening yourself up to that beautiful place of curiosity, empowerment and manifestation. 

Once you have your question, write it down so it's clear in your mind. 

Step 3: Choose the Layout 

Now that you have a clear question, it's time to choose the Tarot spread or layout you'll use. 

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I love using simple 3-card Tarot spreads, such as: 

  1. Past / Present / Future  
  1. Situation / Action / Outcome 
  1. Option A / Option B / How to choose 

You'll find more ideas for 3-card Tarot spreads here. 

Or you might choose to create your own Tarot spread, based on what you're asking. 

Or, you can simply choose to draw a few cards to see what comes through. 

The key is to make sure you're choosing a spread or layout that's in alignment with your question and that will provide you the clarity you need.  

Step 4: Shuffle and Lay Out the Cards 

Now you're ready to pick up your cards and start shuffling. (Here's a quick video to show you how to shuffle the Tarot cards. 

As you shuffle, channel your energy into the reading and focus on your question.  

Then, when you feel ready, lay out the cards for your reading. Lay them out side-by-side, from left to right, face-up.  

Step 5: Read the Cards and Tell the Story 

This is the fun part! Go through each card, from left to right, and interpret what it means for you.  

Start by looking at the card and pay attention to the energy of the card and any intuitive ‘hits' you might receive right off the bat.  

Then, look at the picture and start describing what you see in the picture. What's happening and what's the story? And, how does it relate to you right now?  

If you need a little extra support, consult your favorite Tarot card meanings guidebook to discover the traditional meaning of the card. Remember, though, only look at the book after you have fully explored the card intuitively. Promise?!! 

Once you have interpreted each card, look at all of the cards in the Tarot reading, as if they were pages of a story book. What's the story the cards are telling you? 

Step 6: Answer Your Question 

Now, go back to your original question and answer it based on what you have explored within the cards. (Trust me, some people forget to do this important step, especially if they're getting carried away with all the possible meanings of the cards!) 

Step 7: Reflect 

Write down the complete reading in your notebook, including the question you asked, the cards, your interpretations and your answer. 

And a few weeks, or even months, later, come back to the reading and reflect on the messages you received in the reading and what actually transpired. This is a great way not only to develop your Tarot reading skills but also confirm and validate your intuition. 

And there you have it! You've successfully read Tarot for yourself in just 7 steps! Now… 

Download the PDF: 7 Steps to Read Tarot for Yourself with Clarity 

Download this free PDF resource to discover how to create accurate and insightful Tarot readings every time you consult the Tarot cards!

7 Steps to Read Tarot for Yourself with Clarity

How to do a Tarot Reading for Yourself | 7 Steps to Read Tarot for Yourself | Biddy Tarot


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The FREE 5-Day
Tarot Reading Challenge

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