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Why Every Tarot Reader Should Keep a Tarot Journal

By July 14, 2016 May 17th, 2023

why every tarot reader should keep a tarot journal

Do you wish you could lay out the Tarot cards and the messages would just flow to you with ease?

Here's my secret: It's all about creating a personal and intuitive connection with the Tarot cards. And one of the most effective ways to do that is by keeping a Tarot journal.

A Tarot journal is a place where you can record your readings, write down your intuitive hits, and ultimately, form an intimate relationship with the Tarot and your intuition.

In this post, I'll show you exactly why every Tarot reader should keep a Tarot journal.

1. You can connect on a ‘soul level' with the Tarot

When you commit to writing a Tarot journal, you give yourself permission to truly experience the Tarot cards on a deeply personal level.   

Here's how it works: After you pull a Tarot card, write down whatever insights come to you in your Tarot journal. You may be surprised by what you write!

With this approach, Tarot is no longer about these pesky cards that you need to memorize. It becomes a part of you and a reflection of who you really are.

What's more, you begin to unlock your own inner wisdom and you discover new aspects of yourself that can be deeply healing, transformative and enlightening.

2. You can create your own personal library of Tarot card meanings

While Tarot books and websites are great for learning the traditional card meanings in between readings, the real magic comes when you also create your own personal meanings for each Tarot card.

Here’s how it works: As you look at each card, make a list of 5 to 10 words or phrases that you associate with the imagery, symbols, colors, general “feel” of the card, and personal experiences that the scene in the card may remind you of. Write these in your Tarot journal!

This is a wonderful way to develop a unique and special relationship with the Tarot, informed by your life experiences and of course, your intuition. Your Tarot readings become highly specific, insightful and accurate!

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3. You can validate (and increase) your intuitive hits

Learning how to trust your intuition can be a huge sticking point for many people who want to read Tarot. I mean, how do you know if that feeling you get during a Tarot reading is actually something?

Recording your readings in your Tarot journal and reflecting on those readings months later will help you to see where your intuitive hits are bang on, or if they've missed the mark (and how you can improve).

For example, you might see the Three of Wands in a reading about finding the love of your life. Intuitively, you get a feeling that it's a sign you need to explore internet dating – but you're not sure. You write it down in your Tarot journal anyway and come back to it a few months later… only to realize that, whoa, you just met your new boyfriend online!

With this kind of validation, you'll become a master at reading the signs and picking up on those intuitive hits.

4. You can see your progress as a Tarot reader

Learning Tarot is a life-long journey. From the time you open your very first Tarot deck to when you do your thousandth professional reading – you're constantly learning.

And, let's face it… There are going to be times as you learn where you feel totally overwhelmed and on the verge of giving up.

But imagine if you've recorded your journey in your Tarot journal and you can flick through the pages and see how far you've come? It might just be the one thing that will keep you going!

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