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Tarot Spells with Sasha Graham

By May 5, 2016 July 14th, 2019


Note from Brigit: Today, we welcome the luscious, divine Sasha Graham to the blog. Sasha is a modern, witchy woman with a passion for Tarot and magical spells. In this post, she shows how to use the Tarot to invoke and manifest your desired goals. Take it away, Sasha…

I have always said that Tarot is the gateway drug to the supernatural. I know Brigit Esselmont, gracious hostess of Biddy Tarot, agrees. Her life’s work is a shining example of the life changing power of tarot. There is magic to be found there, for sure. Tarotists sometimes unintentionally unlock the magic of tarot without even realizing it. Just by doing a simple reading, they start manifesting; creating great changes in their life as they deepen their tarot practice.

Let’s say the Nine of Cups appears in one of your daily draws. This card reminds us that anything is possible. It begs the question: What do you want? What if tomorrow morning’s sunlight brought you the genie from the Nine of Cups? What if he stood beside your bed, offering you a flaky croissant, cup of coffee and the ability to grant you any wish, dream or desire? What would you ask for? This card reminds you of the nature of magic.

Tarot cards, every single one, contain treasure troves of power and meaning. Some cards pack an extra power punch and are useful for manifestation. My new book, 365 Tarot Spells, is a delicious cookbook of tarot manifestation. It gives you the instructions, tools and meditations to work magically with the cards.

This book will show you how to take control over your destiny and forge the path you want to walk down. You will truly see the magical potential in each card. Here are then ten cards most magical cards that I reached for repeatedly as I wrote 365 Tarot Spells. I’m happy to share them with you. Happy casting!

The Magician

Magical Use – Invoking

Enchantment is embedded inside of this card’s name! The Magician is the conduit of energy for the entire pack of cards. The Fool, before him, was high in the mountains, entertaining potentials. The Magician raises his wand, channels spiritual and manifestive energy from above and directs it at will with his pointed finger. This Magician’s image reflects the power and energy moving through each of us. Pull the Magician and ask him to watch over you when you cast a tarot spell or enter a card.

Magical Suggestion – Use the magician card when you want to ace a job interview.

The Star

Magical Use – Receiving

Chances are, if you are casting a spell, you are asking the universe for a desired result. The Star is a receptive, tender hearted and open card. The graceful water bearer is the essence of acceptance. Use the Star card when you want to open up and receive all gifts, requested and unexpected. A marvelous result of casting magic is that your results are often delightfully unexpected. The Star rejects nothing and receives all gifts from the universe as blessings.

Magical Suggestion – Use the Star card as a meditative center for stillness.

High Priestess Card

Magical Use – Intuition

Magical energy and ritual are often utilized to improve our intuition. This helps us make better choices, see further and pick and choose in alignment with our soul. The High Priestess is often reached for when you are working a spell invoking personal intuition, innate authenticity and wisdom. The High Priestess reflects the essence of silence because she sees and feels all things. Use her to unlock inner truth.

Magical Suggestion – Use the High Priestess card to navigate life choices.

Empress Card

Magical Use – Creation

The Empress comes in handy when we want to make or manifest something specific. The Empress is the goddess of effortless creation, the pregnant earth mother. Nothing could be more fertile than the earth, the place from which all life springs. Reach for the Empress to manifest.

Magical Suggestion – Use the Empress card to aid in child conception.

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Wheel of Fortune

Magical Use – Movement

We can often get impatient for the things we want in life. The Wheel of Fortune gets the ball rolling – literally. The Wheel is one of tarot’s most ancient symbols. Its revolution propels the earth around the sun and the sun through the solar system. Tap this expansive energy when you need to wake something up.

Magical Suggestion – Use the Wheel of Fortune to change your luck.

Death Card

Magical Use – Endings

Endings clear the way for a fresh start and new beginning. We need to clear out and make room for the new things we desire. This includes clearing old relationships, ways of being, removal of habits and cutting off emotional ties. The Death card comes in handy for all of these endeavors.

Magical Suggestion – Use the Death card to stop a habit, like smoking.

Ace of Pentacles

Magical Use – Manifesting

The Ace of Pentacles is a handy magical card. It represents gifts in the material world. Money is reflected in the suit of pentacles. Everyone needs a little financial magic from time to time!

Magical Suggestion – Use the Ace of Pentacles for a new job and a plump starting salary.

Ace of Cups

Magical Use – Unbounded love

Want to open up emotionally, remove blockages and send more goodness into the world? The Ace of Cups is your card. This card gives and receives. It is the card of forgiveness and renewal.

Magical Suggestion – Use the Ace of Cups to find forgiveness for someone who hurt you.

Eight of Wands

Magical Use – Directing

Will, intention and energy are all symbolized by the eight wands traveling at the speed of light. Use when you are sending energy in a specific direction. This card directs energy like a cannonball.

Magical Suggestion – Use to send your romantic intention to a crush.

Ten of Pentacles

Magical Use – Results

The Ten of Pentacles reflects the fruits of material works both in people and in objects. Use this card when you want to manifest big time security, support your family or garner familial and ancestor wisdom passed down through generations.

Magical Suggestion – Use the Ten of Pentacles for family financial security.

For more amazing magical tarot tips and specific spells, see 365 Tarot Spells, available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Llewellyn.


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Wish You Had A Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet?

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