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How to Use Tarot for Creative Brainstorming

By February 20, 2013 June 30th, 2018

We often use Tarot cards to predict an outcome or provide insight into a particular situation. But have you ever used the Tarot cards for brainstorming?

Tarot cards are a perfect tool for brainstorming because they help us to access our right brains and our creative side. This is particularly helpful for people like me who tend to use their left brain and who tend to think in very structured, linear and literal ways.

Each and every Tarot card contains images, stories, key messages and underlying themes that can be incredibly helpful in kicking our creative minds into gear and taking us into a completely new headspace.

It forces us to stop using the existing ways of thinking that we always rely on, and inspires us to explore completely new ways of thinking.

I have personally used the Tarot cards for brainstorming when it comes to my Tarot business and have found that it ignites the spark for new ideas to form. So I want to share with you my tips on how to use the Tarot cards for brainstorming and 4 innovative ways to go about it.

5 Steps to Creative Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a creative process that is based on reserving any judgement or evaluation during the process and aiming for quantity of ideas instead of worrying about quality. This is where the creative mind operates best.

In addition, a productive brainstorming session is one where you are continually ‘piggy-backing' every idea. So once you have an idea, create even more ideas from that original idea.

Here's how the process can work when you're brainstorming with the Tarot cards.

1. Select your Tarot Deck

ace_wandsWhen you're working with the Tarot cards to brainstorm, I recommend selecting a deck that has many symbols, images and stories, such as the Rider Waite deck or another favourite.

2. Define Your Topic

A key success factor here is that you know what you're brainstorming about. You might have a specific topic or even a set of specific questions around which you wish to brainstorm.

3. Prepare Your Writing Materials

You can either work with a huge sheet of blank paper, or cut up about 100 small pieces of paper for each idea you create. Use different colour textas or pens depending on the cards you draw or the types of ideas you come up with.

4. Start Brainstorming!

Draw up to 3 Tarot cards to begin with and start jotting down every idea that comes to mind. Use the images and whatever symbol catches your eye to generate ideas. Use the keywords and the deeper messages that you know of each card. Allow yourself a good 5-10 minutes to come up with lots of possibilities before deciding whether you need to draw more cards or if you have enough ideas.

5. Sort and Prioritise

Now, finally, you can evaluate your ideas and decide which you'll follow through on. You may like to group your ideas or prioritise which ideas you'll work with first. Don't discard any ideas – keep them to the side in case they spark further ideas later on.

4 Innovative Ways to Use the Tarot Cards for Business Brainstorming

Now that you know how to brainstorm with your Tarot cards, let's take a look at how to apply these skills to real life situations.

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Here are 4 innovative ways that you can use brainstorming with the Tarot cards for your business. These are tried and tested methods that I have personally used in my own Tarot business and that have helped me to take things to the next level.

1. Developing a Business Strategy

Sure, developing a business strategy can be a very rational, linear process. But if you want to step outside of your comfort zone and take your business to dizzying heights, brainstorming with the Tarot cards can be very helpful.

Draw 1-3 Tarot cards for the following questions:

  • Where could I focus my business in the next 1-2 years?
  • What's important to me, my business and my customers?
  • What is the future potential for my business? What new opportunities exist?
  • What products and services could I offer?
  • What customer problems could my business solve?

Then, create or refine your business strategy with these newfound ideas.

2. Developing a Marketing Strategy

Marketing and communication thrive on creativity. If you need a kick-start to your own marketing efforts, then try brainstorming with the Tarot cards around these key questions:

  • Who is my target market?
  • What value do I offer my target market?
  • What am I about? What is my business about?
  • What is my ‘voice'?

I have seen this done really well by one newly professional Tarot reader. To find her ‘voice' and define her brand, she drew three Tarot cards and then used the key messages of those cards to build her “About” page. She is now using these cards to identify the 8-10 keywords that represent her and her business, and will then use these keywords throughout her communications with clients and prospective customers.

3. Building a Course

If you're building a course or you're about to run a small group workshop, use the Tarot cards to brainstorm your learning objectives, the content, and the benefits to your students who go through your course.

As I was developing the 5-week Tarot Foundations Online Course, I used my cards to help shape the program and to define the learning objectives for each Week. It was a powerful experience that encouraged me to really focus on the benefits for my learners.

James Wells also recently used this technique very effectively when he drew one card to describe what his students could get out of the class. Take a look…


4. Writing a Blog Post… or a Book

If you're writing a blog post or even a book, brainstorming with the Tarot cards can be incredibly effective for deciding on the structure, key messages, audience, content and even the title.

An excellent example is when Fiona Tankard, a fellow Tarot reader, wrote about how she had used 6 Tarot cards to create her guest post for Firepole Marketing.

Over to You

Why not try it out?! What needs your creativity right now? How can you use your Tarot cards for creative brainstorming? I'd love to hear how you've applied some of these techniques to your own business or life, so please share your comments and stories in the Comments section.


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