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How to Use Tarot Card Keywords to Learn Tarot Faster

By July 19, 2018 May 17th, 2023

How to Use Tarot Card Keywords to Learn TarotLearn the EASY Way to Read Tarot Cards Accurately and Intuitively

When I first started learning Tarot, I spent weeks, months and even years trying to memorize each and every one of the 78 Tarot card meanings. I would sit in my bedroom, surrounded by flashcards, notebooks and markers, trying desperately to rote learn the Tarot cards and commit the meanings to memory.

But there was just one problem – it didn't work!

No matter how hard I tried to memorize the card meanings, I would still have to look up what the cards meant in the middle of a reading. (There was no way I could become a professional Tarot reader if I was having to look up meanings!)

And, because I was putting so much of my energy into remembering the cards and hoping I was right, I was completely ignoring my intuition. You see, when we're trying to recall information, we're using a totally different part of our brain to our intuition. All of this memorizing and recall actually shuts down our intuition and we end up with readings that are robotic, dull and completely uninspired!

Total Tarot fail!

I knew I had to do something different

Instead of trying to memorize every one of the 78 Tarot cards in exact detail, I decided to simplify things and only focus on 2 or 3 keywords for every card.

I created a Tarot Card Meanings Reference Guide and put it up where I did my Tarot readings.

WOAH! Totally new experience!

Now, instead of worrying about whether I could remember what a card meant or if I had it right or wrong, I could now quickly glance at my Reference Guide and boom! My intuition would open up and my readings would take on a whole new energy.

These keywords became seeds of inspiration that then opened up the doorway to something even bigger and more insightful for my readings.

And now, you can do the same! Let me show you how…

How to Get Started with a Tarot Card Meanings Reference Guide

First things first – you need to download (or create) a Tarot Card Meanings Reference Guide.

Well, I've got you covered!

I've created a free printable Tarot Card Meanings Reference Guide right here. (Click here to access)

Inside, you'll find my personal keywords for all 78 upright and reversed Tarot cards, all ready for you to download, print and start using straight away.

Super easy!

I've also included a blank Tarot Card Meanings Reference Guide, because there is a HUGE amount of value in creating your own Tarot card keywords. (Simply download the Reference Guide here, and it's all yours!)

If you're creating your own, here's what I recommend…

  1. Look at each card and connect with the energy of the card
  2. Brainstorm 8 to 10 different keywords or phrases that come to mind when you look at the card
  3. Circle the 2 or 3 keywords that truly capture the essence of the card
  4. Add those to your Reference Guide

Simple as that!

(If you're very new to the Tarot, then you have my permission to also throw in a bit of research to find out how others interpret the cards… BUT, make sure you check in intuitively with the card too.)

OK, so you've got your Tarot Card Meanings Reference Guide. Now what?

How to Read Tarot Intuitively with Tarot Keywords

Now, some people might have you believe that you can now do a Tarot reading just with those keywords. But wouldn't that be a little strange?

“Your past is the Emperor – solid foundation, father-figure. Your future is the Lovers – relationships, choices”. Uh – boring!

To make the most of your Tarot card keywords, here's what you want to do…

Ask the question, shuffle the cards and lay them out. Now, before you even look at those keywords, tune in to your cards in front of you. What intuitive messages do you get? What do you think the cards might mean for you?

Once you feel like you've explored each card, check in with yourself – are there any gaps here? Are all the cards speaking to you, or are you feeling a little blank with one or two?

Let's say you asked about your new relationship and you drew the Six of Pentacles and it has you completely stumped! No worries – pull out your Reference Guide.

You'll see in my Tarot Card Meanings Reference Guide, the keywords for the Six of Pentacles include “generosity” and “sharing wealth.”

Think about those keywords and how they may relate to your question or situation. Remember, you're creating the opportunity for your intuition to sparkle, so be creative! Hmm… maybe there's something here about combining your finances or offering to pay for a meal more often?

See how easy it becomes to learn and read Tarot at the same time?! AND, even better, you're not doing it at the expense of your intuition. You're freeing up your intuition to really come through – and that's exactly what we want when we read Tarot!

Caution: Don't Let Tarot Card Keywords Limit You

It might be easy to think that all you need to do to master the Tarot card meanings is learn the keywords and you're done! Uh – not quite…

Keywords are great for simplifying the learning process and helping you access your intuition during a Tarot reading. But if you only learn the keywords and ignore the rest, you'll find yourself limited and back to square one.

So, make sure you're using Tarot keywords alongside other learning methods too. And don't be limited to just the keywords in front of you. If your intuition is showing you something different, go with it! That's the whole idea!

Remember, keywords are not the be all, end all of learning Tarot, but they can help you quickly access your intuition and develop your skills as a reader. Keywords serve as a starting place, designed to give you a simplified way to approach the Tarot. And the great news is, the more you practice and the more you learn, the more you open up to new ways of interpreting the cards.

Download Your Free Tarot Cards Meanings reference guide

Ready to start learning and reading Tarot the easy way?

Download my FREE printable Tarot Card Meanings Reference Guide here. 

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