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The Courageous Path to Starting Your Own Tarot Business: An Interview with Kate Holley

By March 7, 2012 April 29th, 2020

This week, I chat with Kate Holley, an intuitive Tarot card reader based in Sydney, Australia, who has recently started her Tarot reading business online.

We hear so much about Tarot ‘celebrities’ and experts, and we marvel at their success and Tarot knowledge. But what about those who are just starting their Tarot business?

Today, I turn the tables around and speak with Kate – someone who is relatively new to the professional Tarot reading world – to find out more about her courageous path and to hopefully inspire you to consider becoming a professional Tarot reader too.

Tell me about your Tarot journey. Where did you start and how did you get to where you are now?

“My tarot journey began with having readings as a teenager, though it took a while before I picked up a deck myself. I started reading about four years ago when I was looking to book a reading and instead found a reader who was selling off all of her tarot items. I bought the lot!

“Curiosity started my journey, but love maintains it.

“Synchronicity has played a huge part in getting me to where I am now. Each step of the way I have been guided, inspired or lead by people or by signs, etc. When things stop flowing, I know I need to look more closely at where I am heading and consider whether a change of direction is necessary.”

What made you decide that you were ready to become a professional Tarot reader?

“I was doing a lot of readings for friends and family. As more people heard that I read tarot I got more requests.

“I don't think I really decided to offer my readings professionally, it really did just sort of happen.

“I was offering free readings for a long time, plus getting more requests from friends and family, and the response to my readings was really positive.

“Formalising it from a business perspective seemed to be the next logical step.

Have you had any mentors along the way? How have they helped?

“I haven't had mentors as such, but I have been influenced a lot by a large number of fellow tarot reader who I've talked to along the way. Some of their experience and wisdom has been absolutely invaluable, and continues to be as my business grows.

“The support within the tarot community is fantastic. I am a forum member at Aeclectic Tarot and am also looking to Tarosophy. Through these various networks I have been opened up to new ways to look at the cards, built my confidence and learnt to stand up and say, “This is what I do. This is part of who I am.” I think that last point is something that takes a while for many of us.”

“I am also involved with a lot of private readers from all of the globe who may be just starting their businesses offering local readings or even just learning about the tarot as a hobby. I find their insights and conversation just as enjoyable and informative.”

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What has helped you to become a professional Tarot reader?

“I have found a lot of the sharing of ideas and experiences by professional tarot bloggers, such as Biddy Tarot, have been immensely helpful. You can read a tarot book and get ideas about the meanings of the cards but, as someone who has chosen to pursue this path professionally, reading about other readers’ experiences and potential pitfalls has made my journey a lot easier and made me more aware.

“Facebook has been one of the best networking tools for me. I am a fan on the pages of Donnaleigh De La Rose, Theresa Reed, Amethyst Mahoney, Dan Donche and Rachel Pollack, to name some of the bigger tarot readers whose work I enjoy. I find that due to the nature of Facebook, many of the same attributes of an online community exist in terms of discussions and interaction with so many different opinions, thoughts and experiences.

“Some of the blogs I enjoy include Biddy Tarot (obviously!), Practical Tarot, Tarotize, Tarot Tribe and Mary K. Greer's blog. Tarot Eon is another site I have learnt a lot from, as is Mystic Medusa's even though her main focus is astrology.

“I think one of the greatest moments I have had was while reading the thoughts of a very well known and respected tarot reader who said that there were times she went blank in a reading. That was a pivotal moment for me. It allowed me to relax a lot of the pressure on myself because I knew that it wasn't just a representation of me as a reader if what I feared most did occur.”

What steps did you take to set up your online Tarot business?

“I worked within a basic framework – ethics, about pages, shopping cart to book readings, etc. In the few months it has been up I have already made some minor changes. I am in the process of developing and refining the site more at the moment actually, and am adapting the readings I offer to better suit my style and my skills. Additional studies in complementary areas are also of interest to complement and enhance my services further.

“I think that is one of the most important parts of developing your own business – to be truly successful you have to establish and refine your own style to create a unique offering that is just yours.”

What is your one secret to success for starting your Tarot business?

“For me, the greatest leaps in my business have come through networking, both online and offline. That has been key for me. Through networking, I have not only met new clients, I have met other readers and learnt a lot and I have also found many new outlets for my work through finding small markets, events and even a reading room.

“I have found it's also really important to give people an idea of my style prior to them booking a reading. My Facebook page has been great for this, both with sharing daily cards and also interacting with people.”

What do you have planned for the next 12 months?

“I have big plans for my business for the next twelve months. I am looking to expand further with the addition of other products or services, such as coaching and guided meditations, and to set up a regular reading room.

“Writing is one of my other joys, so I am also aiming to establish a regular column about tarot or offering tarot, with a publication or e-magazine.

“I also plan to do more networking and event work.”

Find Out More About Kate Holley

Kate Holley Tarot ReaderKate is a Sydney based tarot card reader with a passion for hula hooping, dancing, circus and being outdoors. She has been reading for several years and loves that the cards continue to surprise her. She reads tarot because she believes in its power to heal through connection and an acknowledgement of the beauty, vulnerability and mutual desires each of us possess at our core.


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