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The Spiritual Money Manifesto

By December 15, 2021 May 17th, 2023


To all my fellow Tarot readers, healers, psychics, clairvoyants, coaches, witches, priestesses, and all other spiritual practitioners:

For all too long, we’ve been attacked, criticized, and made to feel wrong about wanting to make money from our spiritual gifts.

And I’m calling it, friends…

Enough is enough!

I see it all too often on social media, and hear about it in conversations with friends who own spiritual businesses: there’s always someone with something ridiculous (and sometimes, outright nasty!) to say about how people make money from their spiritual gifts. 

“It’s so wrong to make money out of your spirituality.”

“Gifts like that should be shared freely, not used to make money!”

“If you’re genuine about being spiritual, then you wouldn’t ever have turned your spirituality into a business.”

“You’re just in it for the money.”

And I’ll tell you what — statements like this drive me absolutely crazy! 

Because the truth is, if you don’t want to earn money from your spiritual gifts, that’s perfectly fine. It’s 100% your decision to make, and I’m definitely not here to belittle anyone who makes that choice. 

But I am here to take a stand for the rest of us — the ones who have gifts and talents they want to share with the world, in fair exchange for money. And I want you to spend some time reflecting here, and really think about your answers. In fact, it might even be a good idea to  journal what comes up for you, or pull some Tarot cards to help explore these ideas!


Do you consciously choose your beliefs about money and value? If not, where do your beliefs about money come from? Family, social media, your partner?  Are you rolling with the punches, doing things the way they’ve always been done — and does that feel good for you? When was the last time you set your focus on your money — not how to spend or save it, but what it really means to you? 


Is it that you really feel money and spirituality don’t mix, or could that belief actually be the symptom of a much deeper issue? Consider how much you value yourself and your own self-worth. Consider how confident and adept you feel at providing readings. Is it possible that you’re not charging for your gifts because, deep down, you don’t feel deserving? 


Forgetting for a moment about where the money comes from — what would an extra $50, $100, or $500 per week mean for you or your family? Would you pay off your credit card debt, take your partner on a surprise getaway, install solar panels in your home, or treat your kids to something special?

If any of these questions feel triggering, never fear my friend — because those beliefs can be re-wired, and it would be my honor to help you break through them! 

Overcome your fears and doubts about money and prosperity with my FREE Make Money From Your Gifts Meditation.

What IS Money? 

Whoever first said “Money is the root of all evil” has a lot to answer for. 

Many of us learned from a young age that money is a problem — something that creates rifts between people, something to be hidden away, or something not to speak about at parties. Generally speaking, a lot of people still carry shame and fear around money — more specifically, their ability to earn it, save it, spend it, and share it. 

It’s for this reason that it’s important to start changing the way we think and feel about money. How will you ever have a good relationship with money if you still believe, consciously or unconsciously, that it’s “the root of all evil”? We have to learn to love and appreciate money for what it is, in order for it to love and appreciate us in return!


Money is a way of honoring exchange. Thousands of years ago, someone might have exchanged a chicken with a shaman to heal their sickness. In today’s capitalist society, we exchange money. It’s not dirty, evil or wrong — it’s just a symbol of reciprocity. We give something of value in exchange for something of value. Simple. 


How much do you value yourself and your time? When you look at money as a representation of your value and the value of your services, you're serving people in a much better way. You’re delivering high-quality, tangible value in exchange for their energy (and money).


Like it or not, money makes the world go around. It allows you to scale your impact, be generous with others, and manifest your ideal life. Money facilitates growth, feeds our families, and allows us to make the world a better place.


Here’s the kicker: When you choose not to ask people to invest financially in your services, you’re also giving them permission not to invest in themselves, either. You might actually be doing yourself and the people you read for a disservice by not asking for payment. And that, my friend, is a terrible waste — especially when you’re a heart-centered, purpose-driven person (which I know you are!).


Unless you’re living off-grid in the Rocky Mountains, hunting for food, and sleeping in caves — you need money to fund your lifestyle. Money means you can eat, drink, dress, celebrate, study, and socialize. Just because you’re a spiritual person doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to enjoy a full and abundant life!

So, let me check in here, and ask — how are you feeling right now?


Make Money From Your Gifts



Make Money From Your Gifts


If any of these ideas feel triggering for you, that’s okay. But it does beg one very important question: 

Are you afraid of being seen as “non-spiritual” in charging for your services… 

Or could it be that you’re afraid of accepting and honoring your own value? 

Do you have limiting beliefs about money — or limiting beliefs about yourself? 

Become A Money Magnet — Without Compromising Your Spirituality

It’s true that some people can go completely off-track when it comes to money and spirituality, and the spiritual and wellness industries in general. We’ve all seen and heard it, and to be honest — you can smell inauthenticity, greed, and money-grabbing a mile off. If you’re afraid of being seen that way, I completely understand any hesitation around charging for your spiritual gifts. It can be hard to see the forest for the trees, and find a path to success that’s both aligned and abundant. 

That said — as with anything, leading an abundant and spiritual life is all about keeping things in moderation. It’s about finding a good balance, making decisions that are in alignment with your core values, and honoring the blessings (financial and otherwise) that come your way.  

With that in mind, here are my top tips for leading an aligned life of abundance — without compromising your spirituality and personal moral code. 


When you focus on value, it’s a win-win. The more value you deliver to your client, the more they’ll get out of their reading. The money they pay you is a representation of that value. By increasing your rates, you're increasing your value — and it also works the other way. Increasing your value means you can increase your rates. Always act from a place of integrity, and focus on what you can offer rather than how much you will gain.


When you're creating a spiritual business, you don’t have to fall into sleazy marketing techniques. That kind of marketing rarely works in the spiritual and wellness industries, anyway. It’s far more important to align your marketing and your message with your own personal values. 

Check-in constantly with your intuition. Ask yourself, “How do I feel about the direction this is heading in? Is this message in alignment with my values? How do I fundamentally feel about my pricing? How do I fundamentally feel about the value of what I’m putting out into this world?”.


Money is energy, and energy comes and goes. While money is in your possession, you are the custodian of that wealth. It’s up to you to act with honor, and decide how best to use that money for the Highest Good of yourself and the people around you. Become a conscious giver and spender. Be grateful for the honour of entrusting that money to others.

Whether it’s paying for your coffee at your local cafe, gifting a family member money for their wedding, or anything else —  you’re transforming that money into something that’s worthy and creating small transformations in the world every single day.


Creating and running an abundant business means more time to create more fun, free content. You create the time and financial freedom to do charity events. You could create scholarship opportunities, sponsor small businesses, or join a mentorship program to share your knowledge and skills. Opportunities to be generous with your time and resources increase when you have more time — and more resources — to share. 


I’m not saying to kiss every dollar that comes through the door (in fact, please don’t — hygiene is important!), but you can love your money in many other ways! When you receive a payment, sink into the feeling of gratitude and hold space for that money in your heart. Thank the Universe for the abundant blessing you've received.

When you pay your bills, bless the money as you send it off. Check your online banking every day, sending love, gratitude, and good vibrations into each and every account. Send all that love and gratitude into your finances, and you’ll find that your positive energy starts to filter through into your subconscious — and your bank account. You’ll be surprised by how fast you’ll be viewing money management as an extension of your spiritual practice!


All the tips outlined above are centred around spiritual principles — value, energetic exchange, selflessness, love, and gratitude. Regardless of whether we’re talking about money, relationships, work, or anything else — you only get out what you put in. If you seek to act from your integrity, and a place of love and gratitude, you'll begin seeing the same reflected back at you — in your bank account and everywhere else!

Why Does it Matter So Much, Anyway?

I’m speaking out about this today because my heart aches for all the Tarot readers and other spiritual practitioners who’ve been deterred from charging money for their gifts. 

If someone is told that it’s “wrong” to make money from their spiritual gifts, it may end up being the very reason they let their dreams go by the wayside, never pursuing their true passions, or starting their own business. It might be the reason they never get to experience financial freedom, a fully flexible schedule, and waking up every day excited to do what they love. 

As for me — yes, reading Tarot is my spiritual gift. And it’s a gift that enables my husband and me to feed, clothe, house, and educate our two children, and employ people from all over the world who are now making their own living through our business. 

On top of this, the more money our business makes, the more people I can share my love for Tarot with — and hopefully, teach them something along the way. My mission for Biddy Tarot has always been to bring Tarot into the mainstream — and in the capitalist society we live in today, the reality is that I need to earn money in order to make that happen.

I’m sure I can’t be the only one feeling this way, and if you’re sitting here nodding your head in agreement — I see you! I want you to know that I fully support your dreams, and believe that you can absolutely share your gifts with the world in exchange for money.

The Spiritual Money Manifesto

I created the Spiritual Money Manifesto to help you realign your beliefs around money and spirituality. I want to see you not only succeed but develop a new, loving relationship with money and abundance. 

Click here for a free downloadable PDF of the Manifesto! You can print it and keep it in a place you’ll see it every day. Speak each line as an affirmation every morning, write the points down on a PostIt to keep in your wallet, or re-read the affirmations every day when you open your accounts or process new payments. 

Practice getting into alignment with love and gratitude before you act on your finances. It will make all the difference — I promise! 

Need some additional support to overcome limiting beliefs around money, and attract abundance with your spiritual gifts? Click here to download my Make Money From Your Gifts guided meditation today!


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Make Money From Your Gifts



Make Money From Your Gifts