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Reader Q&A: Self-fulfilling prophecies in Tarot

By September 9, 2011 May 4th, 2018

blog-20110909-reader-qa-self-fulfilling-prophecies-in-tarotToday's Reader Question:

Felipe from Portugal asks:

“In your work, do you often come by self-fulfilling prophecies? You warn a client about something, she gets obsessed about it, ushering its occurrence. I know Tarot is not about prophecies, but it seems to me, personally, as something the card reader should be aware of when working”


This is a very real issue. Clients can place a huge amount of importance to what we, as Tarot readers, say during a reading, how we react to the cards, and what messages we convey. The power of words and actions can be much more significant that we realise and even just one word can send someone into a tailspin with worry and concern about their future. Thus, it is imperative that we are conscious of what we say and do during a Tarot reading and how this may impact our client well after the reading is over.

Positive vs. Negative Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

To me, there is no risk associated with a positive self-fulfilling prophecy. In fact, bring it on! If a client can create a positive future after being told that the cards are positive, then that is a wonderful outcome. So, I have no problem at all with clients creating positive futures for themselves.

It is the negative self-fulfilling prophecy that I am most concerned about. Imagine, you tell your client that their new relationship is about to end in disaster with them finding out that their partner is cheating on them. After the reading, the client is deeply concerned about whether or not to trust their partner, and they start to become increasingly suspicious of their partner’s every move. This is no doubt going to create tension in the relationship which may indeed lead to the partner cheating.

So, was it the Tarot reading that lead to the cheating, or was it going to happen anyway?

Personally, I don’t think it is important. We could argue back and forth on whether it is prediction or self-fulfilling prophecy, and no-one would win!

What is more important is that we now have a client who is very worried about their relationship and this worry may negatively impact their relationship and other aspects of their life.

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Empowering the Client to Create a Positive Outcome

This is where the concept of empowerment and free will come into play. As Tarot readers, it is essential that we leave the client feeling empowered about what they can do to create as positive an outcome as possible and we minimise any feelings of worry or despair.

Sure, the cheating may happen anyway (or it might not). So the next step is to identify what the client can do about it. Is there something that they can do to help or improve the relationship as it currently stands? Is there something that they can do to avoid the event of their partner cheating? If it cannot be avoided, how can they prepare for such an outcome?

If you, as the Tarot reader, can provide just a few simple actions or changes that the client can put in place to improve the situation, then you have done what you can. And you have helped to avoid or at least minimise a potentially negative self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Lowdown

In my opinion, self-fulfilling prophecies are certainly possible in Tarot readings and therefore it is imperative that we, as professional Tarot readers, are aware of the power of our words and actions during a reading. Instead of focusing only on the ‘doom and gloom’, we need to empower our clients and remind them of their free will in creating the outcomes that they most desire.

What is Your Recommendation?

What advice do you have for Felipe? Are Tarot readings prone to self-fulfilling prophecies? And how do we avoid the negative consequences of such prophecies?

Leave your comments below…

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