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Are your Tarot Readings Accurate and on the Right Track? Seeking Feedback from your Online Tarot Reading Clients

By May 1, 2010 July 27th, 2017

blog-20100501-are-your-tarot-readings-accurate-and-on-the-right-track-seeking-feedback-from-your-online-tarot-reading-clientsPerhaps one of the most challenging aspects of reading Tarot cards online and via e-mail, as opposed to face-to-face, is that you don’t have the luxury of being able to gain instant feedback and check in with your client about whether the Tarot card reading is on track and accurate. When you are reading Tarot face-to-face, it is much easier to ask your client throughout the reading if the Tarot cards are resonating with them, and adapt the Tarot reading as appropriate.

However, for online Tarot readings, the Tarot reader must prepare and send the entire Tarot reading to the client without any feedback at all and trust in the Universe that they have provided an accurate reading. So, if you’re reading Tarot online, how do you ensure that your clients are satisfied with their Tarot reading and that your Tarot reading is accurate?

Initially, I relied on ad hoc feedback from my clients. In all my e-mail Tarot readings, I invite my clients to provide feedback on their reading and to ask any questions for clarification. This was a good way for understanding whether or not I had helped my client, and to provide my client with the opportunity to delve deeper into the Tarot reading. However, I couldn’t accurately say how many of my clients were truly satisfied with the Tarot reading and whether or not I was delivering on my brand promise.

A few months ago, I started asking my Tarot reading clients to complete a short survey following the Tarot reading I had prepared for them via e-mail. In my feedback survey, I ask clients to rate the extent to which the Tarot reading is accurate, insightful, ethical and good value for money (i.e. the key components of my ‘brand’). I find out if my clients are completely satisfied with their reading, if they would refer me to their friends and family and if they would return to Biddy Tarot to request another online Tarot reading. I also find out how I compare to other Tarot and psychic readers. I use the free online survey tool Survey Gizmo and am able to view and download the results regularly.

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Since starting the Tarot reading feedback survey, here’s what I now know about my Tarot readings:

  • 96% of my Tarot reading clients are satisfied with their Tarot readings
  • 96% of clients found the Tarot reading to be insightful
  • 94% of clients would recommend me to others
  • 98% intend to return to Biddy Tarot for a Tarot reading

These quantitative results give me an excellent overview of how I’m going as a Tarot reader and ensure that I keep a finger on the pulse with my Tarot reading clients. It helps me identify those clients who are strong advocates and those who may need some extra care and attention. What’s more is that these results give me an excellent boost of confidence and let me know that I am on the right track and conducting accurate Tarot readings.

If you are currently reading Tarot cards online, then I would strongly recommend implementing an online feedback survey for your Tarot clients. I am also keen to hear your ideas on what others ways you elicit feedback from your clients and ensure that you are on the right track?


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