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The Release and Let Go Tarot Spread

By December 20, 2018 December 22nd, 2018

Tight stomach. Racing heartbeat. Tense shoulders. Shaky hands.

Ever felt this when something has just happened and you feel stressed, anxious, angry, resentful, up-tight, or worried?

For some reason, I've had a spell of these events lately. Events where such strong emotions have suddenly risen up and I'm left carrying around all of these horrible, negative feelings that I just can't seem to shake for days. And when it just starts to subside, the issue resurfaces and I go through it all again.

Do I care too much? Am I too emotionally invested? Do I need to practice more detachment? How can I free myself from these negative emotions?

If only there was a way I could easily and effortlessly release and let go, as soon as I felt that wave of negative energy run through me.

Well, there is. It's call the Release and Let Go Spread.

The Release and Let Go Tarot Spread

The main idea with the Release and Let Go Tarot spread is to first shine a light on the negative feelings that exist now. By doing this, we give it a name and we bring it up big. We then focus on how we can release and let go, rising above the situation, and eventually what good will come out of it and what new beginnings can be created to bring positivity back into our lives again.

This is one of those rare Tarot spreads that I recommend doing while you are feeling very emotional and the feelings are still very ‘raw'. It will help you to bring peace to your present state of being and take you out of that panicked state.

Here is the seven-card Tarot spread:

My Personal Release and Let Go Reading

As I am currently feeling a lot of those strong emotions right now, what better time to use the Release and Let Go Tarot spread.

Now, just a moment as I get myself comfortable in the therapist's chaise lounge and expose my inner mind… *smile*

Here are the cards I drew:

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  • What am I feeling right now – Eight of Pentacles reversed
  • Why am I feeling it so strong – Tower reversed
  • How can I release this feeling – Seven of Pentacles reversed
  • What is the feeling transforming into – Nine of Cups
  • How can I rise above – Knight of Wands reversed
  • What is my new beginning – Fool reversed
  • What have I learned – Ten of Swords reversed

Notice all of those reversed Tarot cards?! Perhaps the timing just isn't right or perhaps this is a sign that the emotions are still very raw. That said, the Release and Let Go spread is intended for that moment in time when you do really feel it and you do need something to give you answers while you work on releasing and letting go. I also see it as a sign that now is a good time to bring my attention inwards and to focus on what I can learn from this situation at hand.

The Eight of Pentacles reversed shows that I have been working very hard on something but I have suddenly come to a point where it is clear I have been working on the wrong thing! I have been investing energy into something that is now counter-productive. I'm also quite a perfectionist, so when something stops me in my tracks, as it has done, I feel quite confronted that I haven't been getting it right first time. So I see the feeling has a lot to do with my approach to my work and my profession.

The Tower reversed. Well! I'm not going to let it topple me over, but it's pretty close to just collapsing everything! If the Tower card was upright, then perhaps I would be seeing it as an ‘end of the world' type of situation, but I see the reversal as an indication that I can still retain some perspective on the situation. I can see that this is an impactful situation, but I am going to keep grounded as much as possible.

With both the reversed Seven and Eight of Pentacles, there is clearly some sadness here around investing in something and working very hard, but not seeing the intended result. The way to release and let go of this situation is to re-assess where I am investing my energy and making sure that it is where I will see the best results. It's hard, because I thought I was doing the right thing, so I'm sad to see that it has potentially lead to nothing. But perhaps it's just time to accept this and move on. I can return to the Six of Pentacles and continue to give as much as possible to the community and this will be what brings satisfaction and reward.

The Nine of Cups is a very positive and uplifting sign that all's well that ends well. Out of a tough situation, I have the power to come away feeling good about what I do have, rather than what I don't have. I know there is a positive side to my current situation and that has to do with all the support I have received along the way. If I focus on this, the rest will just fade away and will be replaced by feelings of gratitude and contentment.

The reversed Knight of Wands advises me not to act impulsively now. I'm at risk of doing something off the cuff and just because I've had a flash of an idea and I'm straight into action. This is a good reminder to pause and think before I act. (I definitely need to listen to my own advice!)

Oh wow, the reversed Fool for new beginnings. It's as if the timing for a new beginning is not now, but a little later. Perhaps I should wait and not act, following the advice of the reversed Knight of Wands. The new beginning will come to me when the timing is better.

And finally, what have I learned? No matter how many times I get knocked down, I will always rise up and keep persevering. Yes it hurts and yes I feel gutted each time I go through a major setback, but I won't let it stand in my way. There will be more positive change on its way which will help to kickstart a new cycle.

You know what? I do actually feel better after having done this reading and having had explored my emotions, moving from the negative emotion itself to the point of release and the new start that comes out of it.

Thanks for listening.

UPDATE: A few days have passed and I can gladly say, so have the emotions. The spread definitely helped in the process, as did time. All things going well, this may actually turn into a new opportunity rather than a major disappointment. Time will tell! (That's the reversed Tower and Fool playing out beautifully.)


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