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The ‘No Spread’ Spread

By August 17, 2011 May 2nd, 2018

blog-20110817-the-no-spread-spreadI’ll be the first to say it… I’m a structured person. I like to know exactly what’s going on, why, when, where and how. I like To Do lists, action plans, clear goals and outcomes, rules, and specific ways of doing things. I like to be organised, tidy, and ‘in order’.

So, when it comes to Tarot readings, I typically like to use specific, well-structured Tarot spreads. I like to map out every position in a reading and know exactly what it means. It keeps me, and the reading, focused and on target.

But, every now and then, I like to shake things up a little. I like to step outside my comfort zone and do something that is completely not ‘me’. I like to throw caution to the wind and get rid of all that beautiful structure that gives me comfort.

Every now and then, I ditch the usual Tarot spread, and I open myself up to the wonderful world of possibility by using the ‘No Spread’ Spread.

What exactly is the ‘No Spread’ Spread?!

Imagine a blank canvas, an open space, where anything is possible. There are no preconceptions, no structures, no defined paths. Who knows which way it could go?!

The ‘No Spread’ Spread embraces these concepts and encourages the Tarot reader to start with a blank canvas. Instead of using a clearly defined Tarot spread, the reader opens themselves up to be guided by the cards, the Universe and their intuition.

Now, if I really was comfortable without structure, I would end the post here. But I’m not. So, here are two methods for  the ‘No Spread’ Spread.

Method 1: Let the Cards Guide You

Start your ‘No Spread’ Spread by asking the Tarot what you (or your client) need to know right now. Shuffle and cut the deck as you normally would, then lay out the first card. Look at the card. What messages come up? What is it calling your attention to? What is the lesson it is teaching you? Then, think about what you most need to know about this card. What is your burning question?

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For example, you might draw the Page of Wands and feel that there is a message about a new project or venture. You then want to know more about that venture. Draw a second card to answer this burning question.

And now, what does this new card tell you? What messages does it have for you? And again, what is your burning question from this card? Draw a third card, and so on, until you feel that you have the answers that you need.

Before you collect up all the cards again and shuffle them back into your Tarot deck, take a moment to look at the cards as a whole. What is the story here? What are the key themes, patterns, and even the journey that you have undertaken with these cards? What is the overall message for you?

If you’re not quite game enough for literally no structure at all, then the second method might be for you…

Method 2: Build an Intuitive Spread

Ok, so this is in some ways a structured ‘spread’, but it still draws on your intuition to create it!

Start again by asking the Tarot what you (or your client) need to know right now. As you shuffle the deck, think about what you will need to know in order to answer the overall question. Listen carefully to your intuition as various messages or ideas come to you, starting to form the basis of a spread. It might be that you want to look at the blessings and challenges, or perhaps you want to assess the mind/body/spirit connection. You don’t need to have every card mapped out, but think about what the starting cards might look like. Then, begin to lay out your cards, just as you have imagined. Look at those cards and if you feel that you still have more burning questions, continue to draw a card for each of those questions. Keep going until, again, you have the answers you need.

Let me share an example with you. My client wanted to know what messages the Universe had for her. I started shuffling, and I began to think that maybe we need to look at the inner and outer self. I continued shuffling, and I thought about the life lessons she is learning, and then what she needed to focus on. And finally, just as I was about to lay out the cards, it came to me that we needed a summary card. And so there it was – I had a five-card spread that had developed as a result of a blank canvas. It was a wonderfully enlightening reading!

Try It For Yourself

If you’re a structured person like me or have only worked with defined Tarot spreads, I challenge you to start with a blank canvas and give the ‘No Spread’ Spread a go. How does it feel? What were the results? Where did your reading take you? Doesn’t it feel good to finally trust your intuition and let it guide you?! Leave your comments below – I’d love to hear from you!


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