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Meeting Your Guides: Assembling Your Psychic Team with Sherry

By February 5, 2014 July 16th, 2019

blog-20140205-meeting-your-guides-assembling-your-psychic-team-with-sherryToday's blog post is from Sherry, an Endorsed Reader with Biddy Tarot. Sherry shares her practical advice for how you can connect with your ‘psychic team' and connect in with the Universal energies and potential that are available to us all. Take it away, Sherry…

When you think of ‘the other side’, many people think that the only beings over there are deceased humans who are either ‘good’, like dear Auntie Jean, or ‘bad’ like evil spirits. In fact, there are quite a variety of other beings in the realms beyond ours and the only thing separating us from them is vibrational speed. So what is vibrational speed? Every object in our universe is made of energy – scientifically we know this. How fast or slow energy vibrates determines how dense an object is. So your furniture is vibrating very slowly (yes it really is moving!) which means we can see it. Beings on the other side are vibrating so quickly, they are nearly impossible to see, unless they slow their energy down enough or we speed ours up enough to meet in the middle. So rather than being in a different space from us humans (like up in the sky where people think spirits are), they are actually all around us, but they are moving at a different rate to what most humans can perceive, which is why we can’t see them. So what does this have to do with being psychic you may wonder? Everything actually, because in this two-part blog, I am going to tell you how to manipulate energy to make contact with some of these beings so you can use them to help you do readings!

First, let’s look at who’s around us. Generally, there are three different types of beings. First are the deceased humans who once lived a life on earth and have now passed on (it’s actually a little bit more complex than that but for our purposes, let’s run with them as a homogenous group). Next, you have angels who have never been human and finally, you have guides who may have experienced human incarnations at one point in their soul’s journey but now have a role in supervising those souls who choose to have a physical incarnation – that’s YOU! Guides are the people we are going to work with in this exercise.

Every soul who is born here on earth is assigned a primary guide to help them from start to finish through their journey. I will refer to that guide for the rest of this article as your ‘main guide’. Besides your main guide, you may also have additional guides come in and out of your life to help with specific things. Artistic people may recognise a kind of muse who seems to fill them with inspiration when they work. Your teenage son who wants to learn to be a carpenter may find himself joined by a guide who has experience in this area to help him out. You may have a new guide come in when you decide to strengthen your psychic ability, as we are doing now. The point is they stay for the task (which may take years) and then move on. However, your main guide stays with you always and this is the character we are going to meet today.

People often wonder if they have a family member as their guide. This is certainly possible, but quite rare. I’ve personally never seen it and only heard about it twice. This is because your family members are members of your ‘soul group’ (which is a topic for another blog) and can’t be guides at the same time. So who can be your guide? Well, any soul who has advanced enough to be in a supervisory role. Guides usually present themselves in the same form as their last incarnation on earth. So you may encounter individuals from Asian cultures, American Indians (Native Americans), monks, Indigenous Australians, African tribespeople, Roman gladiators – in fact, you just never know who you might meet! I have also seen animals act as guides and I remember one particular evening about 25 years ago when a friend of mine walked into a room I was sitting in, only to be followed by a big black panther!!! I’m sure I looked fairly comical standing on a chair with my mouth hanging open pointing at seemingly nothing but it’s not every day a jungle cat comes waltzing through your dining room right?

So would you like to meet your guide? It’s easy and they are quite happy to make contact with you. What you will need to do is get 10 minutes to yourself where you can sit or lie down for a quick rest. Get comfortable and close your eyes. Say out loud “Hi my guide, I would like to meet you please and I would like you to show yourself to me”.  Now, picture in front of you a flight of stairs going downwards. Start walking down the stairs. After a few minutes, you reach the bottom. You see another flight of stairs going up in a different direction and way up at the top, there’s a door. Start climbing the stairs, nice and slowly. Say in your mind to your guide “when I get to the top and open the door, please be standing on the other side”. Now walk up and open the door. It’s important not to hold pre-judgement on who might be there (or who you want to be there). Just go in with a clear mind. Now, it may be the case that this doesn’t work for you on the first go. That’s ok, try a couple more times, making sure you’re relaxed about it. A good time to do this exercise is just before you fall asleep because the physical body is in a nice relaxed state.

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Once you see your guide, ask them what their name is. They will do one of two things – either give you a name or show you via images what their name is. So for example, if you see a Native American, he may show you the sky behind him that has an eagle flying in it (Soaring Eagle) or white clouds blowing across the sky (White Cloud). To tell you the truth, the name doesn’t matter all that much to the guide, what matters is that you have something to refer to them by.

So now you’ve met your guide and know who they are. Did you know you can ask them for help with just about anything? They need to be asked before they can intervene, so practice with some simple requests, such as ‘Soaring Eagle, I’m driving to the mall now. Can you please save me a good car park?” and thank your guide when they do. Ask them to leave signs for you such a feather on the ground for ‘yes’ in answer to your question and talk to them frequently (inside your head is as good as out loud). Be a bit patient with your guide too. Remember, they are just learning to communicate with you too and they need to figure out the best signs and signals to get your attention. The other thing I’ve noticed is that our linear, human time means very little to our fast vibrating friends. So if you ask for a sign and it takes 3 days to appear, don’t feel frustrated with the delay. I know it’s exciting to get instant responses, but impatience will only hinder progress. I know someone who worked out a fantastic system with her guide for getting quicker responses. She asked her guide to use car number/licence plates for answers. So she would ask a question and then next time she was out driving – all of a sudden, the answer was on the plate of the car in front of her! In Australia, we have 3 letter plates and so usually she saw ‘YES’ on the car in front.

Have a think about how you can create some shorthand with your guide and start practising with them – include them in the game and have fun. The goal is to get used to interacting with your guide because next blog, we are going to talk about how you will know when your guide is present and how to have them help with readings!


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