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Manifesting Love: How My Best-Friend, Evonne, Intuitively Attracted The Relationship of Her Dreams

By February 12, 2014 May 4th, 2018


This week, I have something very special for you. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I wanted to share with you a beautiful story of how one woman manifested love and attracted her soul mate into her life. That woman is Evonne, and she is one of my closest friends.

You'll hear how Evonne:

  • Used guided visualisation and meditation to manifest love.
  • Connected with her inner source of love and radiated that loving energy outwards to manifest the relationship she most desired.
  • Intuitively sensed when love was coming to her, ensuring she could respond immediately to the opportunity.

Evonne also shares her practical advice for how you, too, can manifest love in your life.

> Listen to our 8-minute conversation here (or read the full interview below)


Read The Full Interview

B: Welcome Eve!  I would love to hear your story and how you were able to manifest love.

“Well, it all started when I came out of quite a dysfunctional relationship.  I knew love was around.  I really wanted love and I really wanted to feel love, and I really wanted to find it.

So I started imagining and picturing love coming to me.  Everywhere I went.  Like at the supermarket, I would see a guy with a bunch of flowers and I would think, “Imagine if they were for me!”  And just feeling how it would feel to receive the flowers.  I would be walking around with my dog and I would just picture my lover coming towards me.   It was like when I would listen to the Lovers meditation, there was a light going from the man to the woman and then it comes to you.  I would be walking around imagining that light going out to the Universe in love and saying, “This is what I want.  I want that feeling of love to come into my world.”

B: How powerful!  Tell me a little about that.  How did you get that feeling of love within yourself to begin with?

“This is a good question.  I tried to figure out what love actually felt like.  Like thinking of receiving the flowers…what would that feel like?  I don’t know, to be honest.”

B: Were there any techniques you used?  Did you ever visualise that man with the flowers?

“Absolutely.  The visualisation was really powerful, I think.  Especially when I said I was walking around and imagining my lover walking towards me in that light – the feeling of love coming towards me and then sending it out.  It was a very powerful visualisation of someone coming towards me that I really love, and realizing that is going to feel amazing when it actually happens.”

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B: You said that you’ve come out of a really rough relationship.  What was the process before you were able to get that feeling of love inside of you?  Was there some self-nurturing that needed to happen?

“Yes, I think it was tapping into the feminine energy, like with the Empress meditation.  I wanted the feeling of feeling nurtured and loved, and in my previous relationship I didn’t really feel that.  So I was really needing to feel supported and loved and nurtured, and that’s part of the feeling of love.”

B: I already know the happy ending of your story, but I would love for you to tell others.  You’ve manifested this beautiful love and the feeling is radiating out of you.  Tell us what happened next.

“Well, it was very exciting.  After I visualised and got that feeling of wanting love, I wrote out a list of what I wanted in my ideal partner, person, and lover.

In just a matter a months after I started this process of feeling that love and putting it out there, my future husband came into my life through some friends I had known for a very long time.  I had never met this fellow before, which seemed odd since I knew these friends so well.  He came at the perfect time, months beforehand I wasn’t ready, so it was just perfect.

The first couple dates I was thinking we have so much in common here, is it too good to be true?  I thought well I will just ride with it, let’s see what goes on.  And we got married and have 3 beautiful children.”

B: Wonderful.  And I bet being intuitively clued in that love was coming to you, you were able to see that actually starting to manifest.  Sometimes we can see the signs coming in, but almost have to have our intuitive senses on to be more open to that happening.

“Absolutely.  You’ve got to be ready for it and you’ve got to be open, and to know the signs.  And then just ride with it and see what happens.  To be open and ready for it, you need to be at that right place.”

B: Do you have any advice for people as we start to approach Valentine’s Day?  Or even beyond Valentine’s Day for people who want to bring love into their life.  What advice do you have for them?

“I would advise them to really visualise and use tools like meditation to help them along their journey.  Once you put it out there, truly believe and feel what it’s like to be loved.  And say “I can do this, I can fall in love.”  Put in down on paper and really put it out there.  Be quite firm in it and say “this is exactly what I want, I totally believe in it.”  Send it out to the Universe and trust it will come.”

B: Thanks so much Eve, for sharing your story.  I so appreciate it!  And I’m sure the listeners can feel that energy already.

Are you ready to manifest love in your life, just like Eve did? Connect with the loving energy that is already within you and send it outwards to attract the partner who's right for you.


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