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3 Little-Known (But Fun!) Ways You Can Use Tarot

By December 9, 2015 July 4th, 2023

Blog-20151209-3 Little-Known (But Fun!) Ways You Can Use Tarot

You already know that the Tarot is a very powerful tool that can be used for personal development, spiritual growth, divination, coaching and meditation.

But today, I'm going to introduce you to three little-known – but super fun – ways to use the Tarot.

Let's get into it…

1. Tarot for Creative Writing

Tarot is the perfect tool for creative writing. Whether you're writing a blog post or an epic novel, you can draw on the Tarot cards to inspire you and create a divine connection with your writing.

The Tarot cards can help you create the story by helping you define your plot. If you're stuck for an idea about what might happen next, draw a few Tarot cards and lay them out. Imagine the cards as if they were a storyboard and the images were telling the story. Then, start to write what you see in the first card, and how it leads into the second card, the third card and so on. Soon, you'll have a complete story laid out in front of you.

(This is also a great exercise if you want to Master the Tarot Card Meanings and want to get creative with your Tarot cards.)

The Tarot cards can also help you create the sub-plot in your story. If you love adding complexity to your writing and storylines, use the Tarot to inspire you on the next layer behind the main story. It will make your writing that much more compelling.

Finally, the Tarot cards can help you connect more deeply with the characters in your story.  You could randomly draw a Tarot card to create a character, and then use the energy of the card to help you get in tune with that character.

Or, you could create your character first, then consciously select a Tarot card that best matches that character. Meditate with the card and you'll find you connect even more deeply with your original character.

So next time you're about to write a story or a blog post, bring out your Tarot cards and boost your creativity!

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2. Tarot MasterChef

MasterChef is one of my favourite TV shows! I love seeing how these amateur cooks can come up with the most creative and beautiful dishes with no recipe, and in such a short amount of time. What amazes me is that they are able to turn simple ingredients into something that is so visually appealing and delicious (well, we have to trust the judges on that one!).

So, it got me thinking… what if you were to set yourself a MasterChef challenge, with the Tarot cards as your guide?


Let's say you drew the Moon – what could you cook that was inspired by the Moon? Perhaps lobster with a subtle ‘foam' on top, to represent the lobster in the card and the subtle energy of the Moon.

Or what if you drew the Empress? Perhaps an abundant feast, or a decadent dessert?

My tummy is growling already…

3. The Amazing (Tarot) Race

Love The Amazing Race? If you don't know it, it's a great reality TV show where teams of two race around the world, completing challenges along the way. Well, now you can go on your own mini version of The Amazing Race, using the Tarot cards to guide you to the next place on your adventure!


Start the day by drawing a Tarot card. Let's say you draw the World. You might be inspired to visit the local gardens where there is a beautiful hedge archway, just like what you see in the World Tarot card. Feel the energy of the Tarot card as you stand in the archway.

Now, draw another Tarot card to find out what's next. The Chariot? You might take a drive. (Not sure where to? Draw another Tarot card to find out!) Or you might go horse riding. Or perhaps there's a stone seat in the gardens that you can sit on for a while.

Every time you ‘arrive' and experience the card, draw another Tarot card to discover your next ‘pit stop' or challenge. By the end of the day, I bet you'll have had so much fun and discovered so many new places – all thanks to your Tarot cards and an open mind.

Over to You

Use one of these ideas (or come up with your own) and share your experiences in the Comments section below. I would love to hear about it!


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Wish You Had A Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet?

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