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How Long is a Tarot Reading ‘Valid’ For?

By May 11, 2010 May 4th, 2018

Oftentimes, clients want to know when they will get married, have children, get rich, etc. – all events which may occur now or far into the future. However, can a Tarot reading really ‘predict’ what will occur 2 months, 2 years or even 22 years down the track? In this blog post, I want to spend some time thinking about how long a Tarot reading is actually ‘valid’ for, or how far into the future it can ‘see’.

Let’s start with the short answer. Having read various Tarot blog and forum posts, the general consensus is that a Tarot reading is valid for six to twelve months. No doubt this takes into account that life changes along the way, and that six to twelve months is a reasonable amount of time for these changes to occur. However, this does seem quite generalistic.

The long answer – it all depends!

In my opinion, a Tarot reading reads on present conditions to determine the likely path ahead. However, those conditions can change. There may be changes outside of the client’s control, such as global events (volcanic ash clouds?!) or the actions of third parties, that then change the course of the client. Or, the client themselves may exercise their free will and make changes to improve the outcomes in their own life, particularly if current circumstances are likely to lead to negative or undesirable consequences. So, in both these cases, a Tarot reading that has been conducted now may only be ‘valid’ until these major changes have occurred. Once the changes have occurred, then the present circumstances have changed and so too has the message of the Tarot reading. Nonetheless, I still believe that there will be certain messages that will still hold true no matter what changes have occurred, particularly around the Major Arcana Tarot cards which speak of longer-term and more permanent influences.

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I suppose the opposing view to this is that our future is predetermined, and no matter what we do or what action we take, we are all on a set path. (This is very much like the movie, Final Destination!) In this case, a Tarot reading is valid for a longer period of time and is not dependent on any actions taken by the client to improve their life circumstances. Personally, I find this disempowering and fatalistic. It suggests that we cannot make any positive changes in our lives to avoid potentially negative consequences. That’s not me at all!

So, if you are reading the Tarot cards for others, think about your position on how long the Tarot reading is valid for. Consider whether you are a believer of free will or a predetermined future, and the impact this will have on the advice you give to your Tarot clients.

Depending on your personal stance, there are many implications for your Tarot readings. Consider how you will respond when your client asks you questions such as, “When will I get married?” or “When will I have children?” What will you advise your client who asks for a second or third reading on a similar topic within a short amount of time? How will you explain your Tarot reading to a client who tells you that, when another Tarot reader read for them, they got a completely different message? Be prepared to have an open discussion with your clients about how far into the future the Tarot cards can ‘see’ and what your personal views are. All of these components will help you become a better Tarot reader.


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