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Going ‘Pro’: From Tarot Client to Tarot Reader with Cher Green

By May 24, 2013 January 17th, 2018

The ‘Going Pro' series is back! Every second Friday, I'll share with you an inspiring story from a diverse range of Tarot readers who have recently become professional.

Today, I welcome Cher Green, from Tarot Guidance. Not only is she a talented Tarot reader, but she is also a writer, editor, and rural carrier with the US Postal Service! She was inspired to learn more about Tarot after an accurate Tarot reading – very similar to my own story. Find out more about her journey towards becoming a professional Tarot reader below.

{Brigit} Tell me about your Tarot journey, from when you picked up your first deck of cards to now?

{Cher} My Tarot journey began with a deck of normal playing cards. At an early age, still in my teens, I met a woman who read playing cards. I was fascinated by her accuracy in predictions, but it wasn’t until many years later when I found an introductory book of the process in a thrift shop that I actually picked up my own deck. I studied the book, read my own cards and soon started reading for a few friends. I enjoyed the process of connecting and helping others see things in their life they might not otherwise have recognized.

In the early 2000's, I met a friend’s mother who read tarot cards. It’s not that I didn’t know what they were, but the playing cards were so accurate, I hadn’t thought of moving in another direction until I watched her do a reading, actually saw the cards, and became hooked on learning a new way of reading. I bought my first Rider-Waite deck and quickly learned the basic meanings, and off I went. Reading for myself, family, and friends, I soon felt the need to test myself. I joined a few tarot groups and began reading for strangers. Confident in my ability, I started selling readings on eBay, which was good practice, but it was hard to get feedback. In 2010, I started a blog to share my knowledge of the tarot and offered readings, both free and paid. Early this year, I launched my website – Tarot Guidance.

{Brigit} What did you do to prepare for yourself for becoming a professional Tarot reader?

{Cher} Study and practice – I explored different levels of the tarot – basic meanings, numerology, symbolism, astrology. But to tell the truth, the most important thing I learned while reading and practicing was while there are rules, to move to the next level you have to break a few. As I am also a fiction writer, I’ve come to the conclusion this is true in any artistic endeavor. The more you practice, the more this will become apparent. The basic meanings help, but they are simple guidelines. Every reading is different, and the card meanings shift with each one. So, basically, I learned the rules, practiced the process, and last but not least, learned to listen to my own intuition.

{Brigit} How did you know you were ready to become a professional Tarot reader?

{Cher} I wasn’t sure, but the feedback from my free clients – strangers, family, and friends – pushed me toward the direction. And I guess I figured, well I’ll try it and if I make a little extra money great, if not, that’s fine too. Another thing was my own search for a reader. I’ve been impressed by quite a few, but a few have left me stunned over the fact that they were getting paid for readings. It’s sort of like reading a book as a writer, some make you think, “I can do better than that.” So, you do the best you can and see what happens.

{Brigit} What has been your biggest fear or challenge in taking this leap, and how did you overcome it?

{Cher} My biggest fear was reading for someone and being totally wrong about the interpretation. I don’t think we ever completely overcome self-doubt. My biggest step toward overcoming the issue was to structure a routine when doing a reading. Part of that routine is a small prayer for help from above to allow me to see what it is I need to see to help the person I’m reading for. It takes the pressure off, since I’m only relaying the messages given to me.

{Brigit} How did you go about setting up your Tarot business?

{Cher} Some research on the business side, but not a whole lot. In a past life, I did most of the paperwork in a business my ex-husband ran, so I knew some of the basics. The website wasn’t a huge deal, because I’d already set up my Author’s Website – I’d also accomplished a lot with my blog, so really it wasn’t much of a leap for me; I was already there in the shadows.

{Brigit} Tell me about your Tarot business. What makes you special?

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tarot-guidance-home-page{Cher} I specialize in email readings. My schedule is so extreme between working a day job, creating a writing career, and just everyday life this is the best method for me. Plus, this format gives the reader something to look over in the future, unlike a phone reading or live reading. But there is another reason – the way I read is a little unique. This may sound a little odd, but my intuition speaks clearer through the written word. When I do a reading, I have pen and paper right beside the spread. During the laying out of the cards, I jot down ideas and thoughts which come to me. On most occasions, I have a cluttered mess when I’m through, something no client would pay for, but then during the actual translation of the reading, everything falls together in a clear picture – this is what the client sees, the final results.

At Tarot Guidance, I offer multiple decks and a choice of different spreads (general and special.) Pricing ranges from 8$ to $50, depending on the number of cards. My blog offers sample readings and a look into the tarot from my viewpoint. I’m really not here to make a lot of money with my readings, I feel it’s a way to connect and help others, whether it’s through my readings or guiding someone to read their own cards. This is part of my journey.

{Brigit} What’s your vision for the next 12 months for your Tarot business?

{Cher} I don’t really have a business plan, since this is just ONE of my outlets. I would however like to move deeper by offering more services, such as numerology readings and tarot lessons. I’ve recently started researching numerology and am amazed by the insight one can gain by merely looking deeper into the energies supplied by one’s birthday and birth name. There are many avenues I’d like to take with the tarot but time restrictions make it tough to move quickly in the process. I’m basically taking it one day at a time.

{Brigit} What do you believe will be critical to your future success?

{Cher} My biggest battle is with time and finding more of it. My success depends mainly on focus and energy. As I move forward day by day, I keep watching for signs to steer me in the correct direction of my journey. It’s amazing how far I’ve come so far in both my writing career and my tarot career, but taking two roads, and having to survive (which requires a day job) slows the process down a bit.

{Brigit} What is your one piece of advice to aspiring Tarot readers who want to take the leap and become professional?

{Cher} Follow your intuition. If you feel you’re ready, take the leap. You’ll never know if it’s the right path, unless you give it a shot. No one ever succeeded without trying, without taking that first step.

{Brigit} Any other comments or learnings you want to share?

{Cher} If you’ve just begun your journey with the tarot, don’t be afraid to ask for guidance along the way. The tarot community is full of wonderful people. Most are happy to help a fellow tarot enthusiast and provide you with some guidance. Practicing is also the smartest road to success. Knowledge comes from practice, practice, and more practice.

Want to ask Cher a question about her journey? Leave your question in the Comments section and she’ll get back to you! (NOT for request free readings!!)

About Cher

Cher..Cher Green works as a rural carrier for the United States Postal Service, but her true desires stem into the writing and tarot world. She writes fiction in many genres, spanning from horror to romance to children's literature. She's also a tarot and spiritual enthusiast. She has a natural connection with the spiritual side of life, expressing this through her tarot readings and continues to grow with explorations of others' works and experiences in tarot, numerology, angels, and much more. She's eager for knowledge, to say the least, from both the physical world and from that of a higher plane. She is also the National Tarot Examiner at the Examiner, offering reviews of the latest tarot decks/books, and other spiritual related products..

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