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Going ‘Pro’: A More Subdued Approach to Building a Tarot Business with Carla

By February 8, 2013 July 27th, 2017

Meet Carla. Carla is perhaps not as ‘gung-ho' as other professional Tarot readers who are eagerly building their businesses. Carla is in full time employment and considers her tarot business as a fulfilling sideline that she prefers to maintain at a smaller scale.

I think Carla's story is special because it shows that you don't have to be highly ambitious in this journey towards professional Tarot reading. There are other ways about it, and Carla's story shows this.

{Brigit} Tell me about your Tarot journey, from when you picked up your first deck of cards to now?

{Carla} I picked up my first tarot deck in 2009 because a journal I was using had a place in it for a card spread. I then sought guidance for using cards at Aeclectic Tarot,  joined there, and began to learn through reading books and reading for myself. I attended my first tarot conference in 2010, and I believe that was the year I did my first reading for pay as well.

{Brigit} What did you do to prepare for yourself for becoming a professional Tarot reader?

{Carla} I read for members of Aeclectic Tarot, took part in exchanges there, read for family and friends. Mostly I read for myself. I also gave ‘practice readings’ out loud for stuffed animals and for fictional characters. That was fun.

{Brigit} How did you know you were ready to become a professional Tarot reader?

{Carla} I wanted to read for others, and feel that the time it takes it worth the money I charge. In fact, my charges are generally rather low.

{Brigit} What has been your biggest fear or challenge in taking this leap, and how did you overcome it?

{Carla} I was not sure if my readings were up to scratch, but when comparing my own readings with those provided by others, I feel they are at least as good. In addition, I have received consistent positive feedback from those I read for.

I was never afraid that my readings would not be ‘accurate’, because I don’t fortune-teller type readings and I do not give advice. My reading style is all about empowering and helping people make their own decisions.  Even before I discovered tarot, I have always been the type of person people have turned to when they need an ear, and have been told on many occasions that I make a good counselor.

{Brigit} How did you go about setting up your Tarot business?

{Carla} I looked into having a website, but realised a free blog would work just as well, so I started a blog and had some business cards printed, which I leave any and everywhere on my travels!

{Brigit} Tell me about your Tarot business. What makes you special?

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{Carla} My tarot business, Rowan Tarot, is online. I specialise in email readings, but can also read by telephone or via Skype. I feel that the written reading is valuable, because of its detail, and its permanent record. The client can keep the reading to look at again and again, without having to rely on the vagaries of memory.

I also specialise in the type of reading I do, readings which focus on the personal growth of the client. My readings are designed to empower, heal and guide, and so I do not generally accept ‘Why doesn’t he love me anymore?’ type romance readings, unless the client is willing to turn that around to, ‘Why do I feel I need him to still love me, and what can I do about it?’

{Brigit} What’s your vision for the next 12 months for your Tarot business?

{Carla} I would like to continue with providing readings via email, at a rate which is comfortable for me.

{Brigit} What do you believe will be critical to your future success?

{Carla} My idea of success may not be yours. If I am able to read regularly for others and know that I have genuinely been of help to my clients, I feel successful, and that has no figure of income attached to it. That said, I believe the most critical thing is to secure a loyal client base who will bring in other clients by word of mouth.

{Brigit} What is your one piece of advice to aspiring Tarot readers who want to take the leap and become professional?

{Carla} Do it for your own reasons, and don’t expect it to be easy or to lead to buying a mansion after the first year.

Want to ask Carla a question about her journey? Leave your question in the Comments section and she’ll get back to you! (NOT for request free readings!!)

About Carla

carla-rowan-tarotCarla is a member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles. She offers readings at Rowan Tarot because she believes that everyone deserves to enjoy the deeper insight into their lives that tarot can bring.

Carla sees tarot as the most powerful divination tool for giving us clarity and direction. Her readings are for self-guidance, empowerment, and personal growth. She also offers tarot spells, oracle readings and Lenormand readings. She can suggest flower remedies and mantras to use in association with personal goal setting.

Inspired? Start Your Own Journey to Becoming a Professional Tarot Reader

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