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Beyond Tarot: How to Boost Your Income with Online Products

By July 24, 2013 August 23rd, 2021

How to boost your tarot income with online products

A professional Tarot reader earns an income doing Tarot readings, right? But if you want to leave your 9-to-5 job and earn a full-time income from your Tarot work, chances are you won't be doing just Tarot readings.

Can you picture yourself doing Tarot reading after Tarot reading, 6+ hours a day, 5 days a week? (Sounds like being back in a 9-to-5'er.) Or charging a ridiculous amount for your Tarot readings (plus trying to find customers who are willing to pay that amount), so that you can meet your desired income?

If you're serious about quitting your job and creating a successful Tarot business, you'll need to think beyond simply offering Tarot readings. You'll need to think about what you can sell.

Create Value And You'll Create An Income

Let's take a step back to “Business 101.” You make money in business by delivering something (typically a product or a service) that people value. Customers are willing to pay you for what you have to offer because you add value to their lives in some way. The more value you add, the more income you earn.

There are a number of different ways you can add value to your customers. For example:

  • Solve a problem
  • Fulfill a need or a desire
  • Make things simple and easy
  • Provide step-by-step instructions on how to do something
  • Synthesize information

These are all legitimate, authentic ways of adding value. And yes, you can continue to do this with a topic you love – Tarot!

Most Tarot enthusiasts start out by offering professional Tarot readings as a way to add value to customers and generate an income. But there are only so many hours in the day and only so many Tarot readings you can do without getting burnt out.

So, the key is to find other ways to add value to your online customers.

Even better, find ways to generate value that don't rely on your time.

When we think services (such as reading Tarot), we are effectively being paid per hour. But when we think about a product, we may need to invest a certain amount of time creating the product, but once it is up and running online, the sales continue but the work does not. This is what is known as ‘passive income'. And passive income is what will help to grow your business without growing your hours long-term. It can be generated by selling products through eCommerce.

Beyond Tarot Readings. Online Tarot Products

So how do you branch out beyond Tarot readings? How do you leverage your love and passion for Tarot into something that will make a solid income for yourself, whilst also delivering quality and value to your customers?

The answer is in online Tarot products that can be automatically delivered to your customers through an eCommerce platform. Here are a number of ideas on how you can take a step in a new direction and expand your Tarot business.

Tarot EBooks & Guides

Know something about the Tarot that's worth sharing with others and that you could sell online? Perhaps you're the master of Tarot spreads and you've got so many spreads you could write a book about it. Or, perhaps you've discovered a super-easy way to read Tarot that doesn't require years and years of study. Maybe you've spent years collecting and writing study notes about the Tarot cards, and now you've got a book's worth of Tarot card meanings? (That's how I got started, with what is now the Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings.)

eBooks are the easiest way to share your Tarot knowledge with a niche audience who have a desire to learn the Tarot. You're adding value by solving a problem (e.g. how to read reversed Tarot cards), fulfilling a desire (to learn Tarot), making things simple and easy, providing step-by-step instructions, and synthesizing information (e.g. keyword charts). And bonus! They're easy to sell online in an eCommerce shop.

To write your Tarot eBook, you might use existing material (e.g. your own study notes or blog posts) or something entirely new. Publishing is easy – simply save into PDF (and formats for Kindle and other devices) and use a service like eJunkie to automatically distribute your digital eBook. Once it's up and running, you'll have a steady stream of income that runs automatically!

Tarot-Foundations-Online-BusinessThis is how I ‘cut my teeth' and began to branch out from Tarot readings. I started selling my first eBook in 2007. Now I have 3 Tarot eBooks that continue to sell very well.

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Online Tarot Classes

There are now many free teleseminar and webinar services (and many premium ones) that you can use to run Tarot classes and workshops. You might experiment and build up your confidence first by offering a free class. Then, start charging a fee for attendance and turn it into a product you can sell online.

To turn this into a passive source of income, don't forget to hit the ‘record' button, and then you can continue selling your recorded class and materials after the live event.

You don't need to be a Tarot Grandmaster or someone with 40+ years' experience reading Tarot, either. If you've got something of value to share, then people will be willing to listen. Perhaps you just started your Tarot business 12 months ago and now you know first-hand about the pitfalls and the keys to success for starting your own business. Or perhaps you have done so many fairs and large events in the last 2 years that you could run a class on how to do this successfully.

I ran my first webinar in 2012, alongside the launch of my eBook, “Tarot Foundations.” I had so much fun with over 200 participants that I decided to start monthly Tarot Masterclasses via webinar which are doing incredibly well.

Tarot Courses And Programs

If you've tried teaching a Tarot class and had great success, your next step might be to run a full Tarot course. You can do this as a live course (e.g. 5 weeks of live webinars) or pre-recorded videos and/or audio. It's a good idea to include written materials as well, such as transcripts and workbooks.

If you're running a live Tarot course, again don't forget to hit ‘record' and you can sell the recordings at a later stage – another great source of passive income via eCommerce!

I ran my first live Tarot Foundations course in February 2013. I still have people wanting to sign up, even though it is now well and truly complete! I plan to run the course again, first live and then, after I have perfected it, as a recorded program.

Email Courses

Does being in front of a camera freak you out? Why not try creating an email course?

Sign yourself up with an email list manager such as Aweber or Mailchimp and build an automatic email course on a topic you love. It might be 22 lessons about the Major Arcana or a spread for every day of the year… all delivered via email.

Once you've set up your email course and have a ‘buy now' button, everything will run without you having to touch a thing!

This isn't a path I have tried yet, but because of its simplicity and ease, I am very tempted. Watch this space!


Advertising works very well when you have a large audience, big social media following or high levels of traffic. I'm talking 10,000+ subscribers or 100,000+ unique visitors per month. Companies and small businesses are willing to pay in order to reach high numbers of people in a niche market.

If you've just fallen off your seat looking at those figures, don't worry! There are other ways to experiment with advertising whilst your following grows (and it will grow – we all start somewhere!). Google Adsense is the most popular as it is relatively easy to use and can earn a small income on the side. Don't cover your website in ads, though – it looks tacky and will put people off.

Advertising isn't for everyone, though. Many websites prefer to maintain their own voice or advertise their own products which is a smart strategy. I choose to advertise only on certain sections of my site and not on others for this exact reason.

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