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6 Techniques for Psychic Self-Protection

By February 13, 2013 May 4th, 2018

Ever done a Tarot reading for someone and walked away feeling as if you have just been completely drained of your own energy? Or perhaps you walked into that reading feeling great, but now you're walking out feeling just as bad as your client did?

This can happen to even the most resilient Tarot readers.

It's a sign that we have opened ourselves up to our clients, but in the process we have taken on their energy and have carried it away with us. It doesn't happen all of the time (thank goodness, or we'd be blithering wrecks!) but when it does, you can certainly feel it.

And for some people, this energy transference can happen much more frequently, particularly for those who are highly empathic and receptive to other people's energies.

So how can you protect yourself from energy drain or negative energy transferring from your client to you? It's all about looking after yourself and taking a few extra precautions to protect your intuitive self from other people's energy. And, as we'll see later on, it's also about setting boundaries and aligning your beliefs so that you'll avoid the need to protect yourself in the first place.

Here are 6 techniques for psychic self-protection.

1. Use a Self-Protection Visualisation

Before a Tarot reading, and in-between readings, imagine yourself surrounded by white light that is protecting you from any negative energy.

Alternatively, imagine a sheet of safety glass between you and your Tarot cards, the reading, and/or the client so that you are protected from any strong emotional energy. You can still ‘read' the Tarot cards and the client, but you don't personally feel any of the negative emotion that may be emitted.

2. Recite Affirmations or an Incantation

It can help to use affirmations, incantations, prayers and rituals before and after a Tarot reading. It doesn't really matter what you say, it's the intent that is the most important.

Before a Tarot reading, you may like to say an incantation such as the following:

“Love surrounds me.
Faith supports me.
Wisdom guides me.”

And after a reading, you may like to close with a personal affirmation such as, “I am clear of all negative energy. I bring only positive energy into my life.”

3. Select a ‘Protector' Tarot Card

You can use the Tarot cards themselves to ‘protect' you during a Tarot reading. Cards from the Suit of Cups protect you from being emotionally impacted by the reading. Sword cards provide protection from being judged and criticised in your reading. Pentacles may help protect against physical attack or financial issues. And Wands' cards protect against any psychic attacks or negative energy.

Of course, if you ever feel that you are at risk of any abuse or attack to begin with, don’t do the reading. Your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical safety come first.

4. Use Rituals and Symbols for Protection

cleanse-tarot-cardsThere are an abundance of options when it comes to self-protection rituals and symbols. You can burn sage or rosemary before a reading; wear a protective talisman; burn a white and black candle to dispel negative energy; anoint yourself with frankincense or olive oil; or place a clear quartz crystal by your side.

Here are a number of other rituals from the readers on the Biddy Tarot Facebook page:

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  • “While doing a practice reading I call Archangel Michael to come and guide me in the reading and also protect me from the negative energy and shield me in his purple light!”
  • “I say a quick short prayer, imagining white light around me and slowing breathing …. “Spirits of Love and Light – come to the Gateway of my Soul and protect me from all that is Evil.””
  • “I hold my amethyst and clear quartz then sage me, the cards before and after . then I will sage the whole house!”
  • “Raise and close the circle as always for spell/ ritual/ Sabbath. Afterwards grounding myself by eating and drinking.”
  • “I wear an owl bracelet which acts as a personal amulet for protection.”

As with affirmations and incantations, it is the intent that matters most. So set yourself a clear intent as you perform these rituals.

5. Release the Energy

If you’ve been overwhelmed by someone else's energy, then use the Release and Let Go spread for yourself.

Alternatively, have a shower, go for a walk, shake your hands, have a cup of tea – whatever it takes to rid yourself of that energy.

You may also want to release any energy from the Tarot cards themselves. Use any of these Tarot card cleansing techniques.

6. Balance Your Energy In Between Readings

chakra-balancingIn between readings, do regular energy balancing meditations or chakra balances. I personally use Deepak Chopra’s “Chakra Balancing” CD which includes a guided meditation for clearing each chakra. Also included is a CD of meditation music, which is just perfect for your Tarot readings.

How to Avoid Needing Self-Protection in the First Place

Self-protection is certainly helpful if you feel you have taken on too much negative energy in a particular Tarot reading.

However, if you are prone to feeling drained or overwhelmed after every reading, know that you don't have to feel this way. Tarot is meant to be an empowering and insightful tool, so if you are constantly feeling a need for self-protection, you may need to reflect more deeply on your personal boundaries and your beliefs about Tarot.

Listen to Your Personal Needs & Set Boundaries

Always listen to your inner voice and if you're feeling tired or exhausted, stop reading until you feel better. Schedule regular breaks from your Tarot cards to allow yourself to restore your own energy. And limit yourself to a certain number of readings per day so you don't overwhelm yourself.

Remember that you are also not obliged to read for anyone. If you feel that there is a mismatch between you and your client, or that they are repeatedly draining your energy with little value to either party, then suggest that they seek out another Tarot reader.

Get Back in the Driver's Seat

Remember that the Tarot cards are not ‘voodoo', ‘cursed' or ‘evil'. They're not here to take over your life and to make life ‘hell'. They are simply a series of images printed on cardstock, and are a tool for connecting with your intuition and providing insight and guidance.

So get back into the driver's seat and create the experience YOU want with your Tarot cards.

Don't let yourself become so tied to your Tarot cards that you allow every message to dictate how you feel (the Devil comes to mind). At the end of the day, YOU choose how you feel – not your cards and not your clients.

Therefore, use these self-protection techniques if you feel that you need them after a particularly challenging Tarot reading or client. Over time, however, work with your personal boundaries and belief systems to create an experience with your Tarot cards that is empowering and that contributes to a greater sense of self.

Over to you. Do you use any self-protection techniques? If so, please share what techniques you use. And if not, why not? (I mean that in an inquisitive, curious way!)


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Wish You Had A Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet?

Get Your FREE Tarot Card Meanings Reference Guide

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