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22 Shades of Tarot: A Sexual Journey Through the Major Arcana

By August 5, 2015 February 13th, 2019


Note from Brigit: Move over, Christian Grey – it's time to turn up the heat and get raunchy with 22 shades of Tarot! In this post, aspiring Tarot reader, Charmaine, shares her hot tips for getting down and dirty with the Major Arcana. (Explicit content to follow…)

My eyes lingered over the crystal clear symbology of the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck together with the warm tones of the Tarot de St Croix Tarot deck which made me think about the desire and fire we can feel for another person. These two tarot decks made me wonder about how someone’s “heat” presence or absence can affect another and ourselves. Sexual healing loomed large in my thoughts this one Sunday afternoon. I began to see how these Tarot decks could light up my interpretations for what sexual healing could look like through the given images before my eyes.

To me, Tarot Reading is not an exact Science. Instead, Tarot Reading is an interpretative Art form to be used as a springboard to ignite and fire up all the different levels of consciousness with our hearts and minds so that our lives can be either enhanced or protected.

For some time I have been developing the platonic side to my relationships with men to reduce the element of lust as lust for me can be an overpowering and powerful dynamic that can leave me absolutely gutted and bodiless for years. Love is hard work. With love, as you all know, is where we meet the junction of the ideal and the real. And sometimes we don’t like what we see in our partners or how we become when we are with partner. I have found for me to like my man is very important. However, that is not to say I do not want to leave out the deep connection of intimacy with my partner.

I would like to offer this sexual journey through the Major Arcana as a springboard to start a conversation between us to see what our thoughts are with each of the Major Arcana Cards listed in terms of how they can express fun, sassy tips for sexual healing. I would like us all to come up with a consensus as to what sexual healing can mean to each of us in a light, fun sort of way. Are you ready? Let’s go then……

P.S. Please interchange the gender orientation to fit in with your lifestyle.

The Fool  0 THE FOOL

Original, Hilarious, Furturistic

You find yourself making out on the precipice of a mountain’s edge and you say, “Now we will do it with our clothes off”…

You don’t allow your insecurities to overwhelm you. You duck your insecurities by launching into a brain-sex talk about the latest cruelty of shearing sheep.

The Magician

Geminis “I think”, Virgo “I analyse”

You are both feeling tense so to relieve the tension you stage a playful trick on your partner to evoke light and breezy. Life here is a magical game. Maybe a fun, couples board game is the way. Inviting other couples to play the board game may heighten the spice.

The High Priestess

Seductive, Psychic, Subjective

…”Everyday I Fall a Little in Love With Someone New”….

Sexual encounters with strangers excites you. So much so you are asking, “what did you say your name was again?”

Like the ritualistic life of the High Priestess so is there an Ancient Babylonian ritual where a woman once in her lifetime had to give up herself up to a total stranger. Refusing was a sin.


III THE EMPRESSI Feel, Hold Me, Arty

With the energy of the Empress you may want to feel the feminine female side of yourself while you enable your lover to walk the see-saw of acting the stereotypical masculinized male that displays traits of leadership during lovemaking. Bodies entangle gently. He tenderly arouses the G-Spot. Or is it now the Z-Spot ?


Competent, Simplicity

You enjoy making love with your partner in a ritualized way. Such lovemaking brings comfort and expertise to you. Toes curl and crunch as you are lead slowly and earnestly to heights you haven’t reached before. You don’t mind assertively guiding your partner’s hand to travel…


Serene, Sensual, Earth Angelic

You both choose to see a sex therapist to receive intimate techniques to prolong the ecstatic, sensual and spiritual experience to materialize between you.

Or, you both treat yourselves to a spiritual retreat in the countryside for a weekend where you enjoy various love making rituals. For example, ordering Champagne, Wine and Cheese, or listening to your favourite piece of music.

The Lovers

VI THE LOVERSAdaptable, Amusing

The Lovers' energy is about spicing it up! How about a quickie at the most inopportune moment (at the airport, at a seminar’s break)? Or, maybe you answer the call for a close union? Finding yourself playfully wrapping yourself around that pole as you cheekily dance it up for your lover.

The Chariot

Nostalgic, Entrepreneurial

You and your partner reminisce of those late night romps in the back seat of the car. You still find those old sex tricks up your sleeve and still find its worth in gold.


Sophistication, Brave, Ruling

You ask, “Wasn’t I terrific?”…

You take the benevolent dictator’s role in taming the beast within (your partner). She tames through the art of S & M. Playfully demanding her partner pay her for the S & M acts, which somehow sizzles up the sexual tension.

The Hermit

IX THE HERMITModest, Hygenic

This is your night of self-pleasure. You step into your sexy gear-made up of natural fibres. Nothing turns you on more than having a bath and feeling squeaky clean before… You open your bedside draw… the pink one?….”nooo”…The big black one?…”ummmm yessss”…

Wheel of Fortune

Fun Loving, Candid

Playful lovemaking in the ocean, in the pool or on the fine white sand banks of the beach. Your bodies slip and slide from the salaciously, luxuriously beach oil you have earlier massaged over your bodies. You play Mermaids, chasing each other, Head-to-Toe…


Beautiful, Charming, Loving

You may enjoy or want to experience a surrounding sexual environment of refinement and asceticism. It could be leaving a trail of highly perfumed red and white rose petals along the floor up to your sumptuously, plumped primed bed. You share aphrodisiacs like whipped cream, oysters and chocolate. You want your partner to be happy. You say, “I’m happy if you are happy”….

Hanged Man

XII THE HANGED MANDuality, Nebulous

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You whisper “Tell me Your Dreams”… You recite poetry to one another.

… “Hey, you explode my world,I am so happy to be your girl”…

You both enjoy watching film and fantasy, especially Erotica. You both fantasize how supple your bodies can be slipping, sliding and twisting together…


Sex, Inscrutable, Spooky

In a husky voice you ask, “How about a few Slipknots?”…..

You find yourself having sex with Tax men, Stockbrokers or Lawyers.

Your clothes? Red leather lingerie under a Trench Coat, turning up at his workplace. For the obsessed, you stalk your lover for the day. Sex is transformational.

Quote…”Darkness never goes away once you’ve seen it. You learn to see the light in the darkness”…


In the Moment, Adventurous

She taunts…..”You don’t Know What You Are Missing Out On with Me”…

You may love the idea of going to the sauna together. Or, playing a game of sport until your bodies are sweaty and grimy. Lovemaking is confident and red hot. Thighs are the erroneous zone.

The Devil

XV THE DEVILInitiators, Tenacious

You quietly are keen to experiment with your sexual limits and your fears.

Monogamy? Polyandry? Polygamy?

She says, “ If I give 110% then I expect a 110% back”…

The Tower

Mysterious, Strong

You want to do something that is a game changer. You want to be taken into a new world, a world unknown and mysterious to you. For example, if you could design “Find-the-Clue” invitation for your partner, then blindfolding your partner for the car drive to your secret destination. All the weekend’s amorous activities have been pre-planned. Sensually leading your Lover into the abyss of the unknown.

The Star

Contradictory, Visionary

As a part to the build to making love that night you both attend a Utopian Beauty Spa. Or, you decide to try something “out there” by attending a Swinger’s party that Saturday night.

The Moon

XVIII THE MOONSupernatural Charm, Hedonistic

You desire to experience Tantra for the first time. It is the journey that matters – not the act.

You scent the room. You breathe each other’s breath.Eyes are open.

Foreplay is slow and leisurely.

“Tempt. Tease. Please”


High Romance, Generous

You want the “sparks” to fly!

You lavishly praise your partner at what a magnificent lover he is. You want your partner to shine with radiance and bliss. You also want to shine in your partner’s eyes.


Intimacy, Lots of Sex

It is about sharing… sharing each other’s company.

Your act of love is Service – doing acts of service lovingly and acceptingly all day for your partner. If words matter to your partner, then you leave a trail of notes in his wallet, under his pillow, in his backpack, in his car. Text him all day with words of anticipation. Foreplay starts at breakfast time and goes all day and evening until it is time…

The World

XXI THE WORLDI Can, Opposites Attract

Making love is about experimenting with worldly or foreign sexual rituals and acts. You have a hierarchy of pleasures ready to be pulled out in response to your partner’s feelings and moods.





Over to You…

I invite you now to share your fun and instinctive thoughts on how the Major Arcana symbolizes our sexual journey through life. Thank you for your time and energy.


A special thank-you to Lisa de St. Croix – creator of the Tarot de St. Croix deck  – for giving permission to use the card images from her deck.

About Charmaine

Hello my name is Charmaine and I am a Biddy Tarot Network Reader. While I have worked in the service industries, I love animals, children, the divination arts, eclectic music, art, culture, language, architecture and farms. And more so, have privately sought to connect the dots as to why we are given the life we have or don’t have; why certain kinds of people show up in our lives; and why our beliefs either repeatedly fail us or hold us steadfast. I still don’t know the answer but I still want to figure it out.

Thank you to each of my past, present and future free Biddy Tarot Clients. Each time you offer me the chance to interpret the Tarot for you, I have the possibility to expand and deepen my understanding of the Tarot so I can be a more useful tool for you to either enhance your life or propel you forward.


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