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2019 Astrological overview by liz worth

By January 3, 2019 February 28th, 2019
2019 Astrological Overview

What do you want to create this year?  
The astrology of 2019 offers some incredible windows of opportunity for each of us to plant new seeds throughout the year.  
The year begins with go-getter Mars at home in Aries, and a New Moon and solar eclipse in productive Capricorn on January 5, giving us all some added oomph to the New Year.  

But don’t worry if you miss the first lunar cycle of 2019: We have thirteen new moons to work with this calendar year, including two that fall within the month of July – perfect for making magic. 
The eclipse series we’ll experience throughout the year in Capricorn and Cancer can remind each of us that there is much for more to life than what goes on a resume. The way we work may come up for some big reviews as more of us shift our focus towards matters of the heart as family, parenthood, love, and emotional needs become bigger parts of the collective conversation.  Jupiter is at its most powerful in Sagittarius through to early December, which can help each of us to tap into some added luck. But like anything else, Jupiter can bring its share of ups and downs. We’ll explore that more here, along with tips on how you can use Jupiter’s energy for the best. 
Being practical and intentional about your plans can be particularly important as Saturn continues its transit through Capricorn, where it’s been since 2017. If you have money or energy leaks, get to work on patching them up. Saturn rewards those who take responsibility.  
Keep your Tarot decks handy along the way: Spiritual growth, self-care, and personal awakenings are highlighted this year, too. Those who are keen to deepen their awareness and connection to themselves and spirit can soar in the months ahead.  
And if you’re worried about Mars or Venus retrogrades, don’t be: Neither planet will retrograde again until 2020. 
Are you ready to work with the energies of 2019? Keep on reading for important astrological dates to watch for, along with suggestions for how you can use Tarot to make the most of the year ahead.

The Eclipse Series of 2019

Solar eclipses always occur during a new moon, and lunar eclipses occur during a full moon. A solar eclipse can create outer change, while a lunar eclipse promotes inner growth.  
In 2018, we experienced an eclipse series in the fixed signs of Aquarius and Leo, two expressive, independent energies. Aquarius helped to highlight where we need to come together, while Leo asked us to look at the ways we want to be seen and heard in this world.  

One lesson that may have emerged for you – especially if you are a practicing or aspiring Tarot reader – could have been around the realization that the world needs your compassion, and hiding yourself away doesn’t do anyone any good. 
But another new story began in 2018 with a solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12. This was the beginning of the eclipse series that will continue throughout 2019.  
With all of the creative, expressive energy brought on by the Leo-Aquarius eclipse series, it will be important now to learn how to value and care for yourself in order to nurture your creative desires.  
Capricorn is productive, organized, and industrious. But it can push itself too far by working too hard. Stress and burnout are major concerns for many people, and even though self-care is a hot topic, it seems that a lot of us continue to struggle to make it a priority.  
If the world needs more compassion, then the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse series asks us to create it within our personal lives. It asks us to challenge our relationships to time and productivity and reminds us of the importance of play and connection.

Eclipse dates to watch for:  

January 5th: Solar eclipse and the New Moon in Capricorn  
January 21st: Lunar eclipse and the Full Moon in Leo 
July 2nd: Solar eclipse and the New Moon in Cancer 
July 16th: Lunar eclipse and the Full Moon in Capricorn 
December 26th: Solar eclipse and the New Moon in Capricorn

With eclipses, we can wait for change to happen, or take matters into our own hands and ask the universe what it’s trying to tell us.  

Here's a Tarot spread to get you started:

1. How can I care for myself at this time?   
2. How can I be of service to the world?   
3. How can I work smarter, not harder?   
4. How are my priorities shifting?    

Mars in Aries: December 31, 2018 to February 14, 2019

If you love setting goals, resolutions, and intentions early on in the calendar year, you are going to be in your element early on in the year.  
Mars is at home in Aries until mid-February, which means 2019 starts off raring to go. If you struggled with motivation or momentum in 2018 at all, Mars in Aries will help to light the fire within.  
If you are hesitating on a plan, or looking for a new project, this can be a great time to get started on something new. Especially if it pushes you outside your comfort zone.  
There isn’t always a “right time” to do anything, but if you have been waiting for an ideal moment to take a leap of faith or get moving on something special, Mars is ready to help you run with it.  

Here’s a tarot spread to help you connect with this energy: 

1. How can I commit to my intentions?  
2. How can I enhance my energy?  
3. How can I build momentum? 
4. How can I stay inspired?

Jupiter in Sagittarius until December 2, 2019 

Jupiter in Sagittarius can give you the Midas touch…or cause you to burn some bridges. So this year, ask yourself: 
Do you want to be the Tower, or the Star?  

If you stay grounded, focused, and realistic throughout the year, Jupiter in Sagittarius can help you open doors, break through limitations, and align with a higher spiritual purpose. 
Jupiter in Sagittarius can cause us to be over-confident and overly-optimistic. In other words: It won’t hurt to take a pause, breathe, and think before you act on impulse this year.  
This goes for all types of situations – positive and negative. For example: It might feel really satisfying to call out someone else’s mistake. But Jupiter in Sagittarius can amplify self-righteousness, which means you might not have as many facts on a matter as you think you do. 
Be careful that you’re not blinded to the truth, otherwise it can make a tricky situation even worse. 

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Jupiter squares Neptune throughout 2019, which can blur perceptions, too. This transit has a tendency to exaggerate whatever it touches, which means we have to be wary of opportunities that seem too good to be true.  
To use Jupiter’s energy for good, check in with yourself by asking:  
“What is the best opportunity for me at this time?” 
“Do my actions align with my purpose?”  

Use this tarot spread to help you connect with Jupiter’s energy: 

1. What door can I open this year?  
2. What limitation can I break through?  
3. What am I doing that is not aligned with my integrity?   
4. What is my higher self guiding me towards now? 
5. What can I do to stay grounded as I expand?

Checking in with Saturn in Capricorn  

Saturn in Capricorn is a longer transit. It started in 2017 and will continue until December 17, 2020, when it will enter Aquarius. 
We tend to talk a lot about transits before they begin, but it’s important not to leave it at that, especially when the energies are longer-term.  

Take some time this year to check in with the strength of the path you are walking: 
Are your feet on solid ground?  
Can you see what your next step is?  
Do you feel secure, or off balance?   

Anyone who is aspiring to begin or grow a spiritual business this year – whether it be a tarot practice, crystal shop, or healing path – should pay particularly close attention to the energies of 2019 with Saturn sextile Neptune in January, June, and November.  
What does that mean, exactly? Saturn and Neptune are in communication with each other to help us make our spiritual paths work for us.  
This doesn’t mean everyone is going to start launching metaphysical businesses or creating their own tarot decks, of course. But it is a good opportunity for anyone who does want to make their spiritual practices part of their material realities, as the astrology this year can support such goals. 
Of course, this also means that it’s a wonderful time to deepen a spiritual practice, take your knowledge to the next level, or even begin to share your knowledge as a teacher. If starting a blog, hosting a workshop, or attending a life-changing retreat are on your to-do list, 2019 is a great time to go for it.  
Remember that Saturn rewards hard work, so this can also be a good year to review what’s not working for you on your path.  

That check-in isn’t limited to spiritual pursuits. Review your budget, your commitments, and your schedule to see where you may need be able to charge.  

Here’s a tarot spread to help you check in with Saturn in 2019:  

1. How can I honour the path I am walking? 
2. Where can I become more disciplined? 
3. What am I ready to learn? 
4. What knowledge am I ready to share? 
5. What is it time to strengthen in my day-to-day life?

Remember: Astrology is only one part of the story. There are many other factors that influence your individual path in this world. The more you choose to take hold of the energies available to you, the more you can make possible.  

About Liz Worth

Liz Worth is a Toronto-based astrologer, tarot reader, and author. She uses tarot and astrology to help people find clarity, guidance, and purpose. Liz is also the author of seven books, including Going Beyond the Little White Book: A Contemporary Guide to Tarot, and her horoscopes have appeared in Flare Magazine and Spiral Nature. She has delivered workshops and lectures on astrology and tarot in Toronto, Montreal, New York City, Portland, as well as online, including a masterclass with Biddy Tarot. You can book a reading with her at


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