Hello Tarot Lover!

Thank-you so much for applying to be part of my top-secret, invite-only group on Facebook.

I've created the Tarot Play Group with the specific purpose of testing out some new Tarot techniques with a hand-picked group of Tarot lovers and getting their feedback, comments and stories. In some cases, I may ask for more information or request permission to republish your story elsewhere.

This is a top secret group because I'll be sharing never-before-seen techniques. So, a ‘condition of entry' is that you keep everything 100% confidential and do not share any information about the group elsewhere. Pinkie promise?

I'm also looking for a diverse group of people from all kinds of backgrounds. That's why I need to ask you some personal questions before I can invite you into the group.

If you are selected, my team will send you the access details for the group.

If you're not selected, please don't take it personally. We're looking for the perfect mix of people who come from a wide range of backgrounds and it's likely that if your application was declined, it's simply because we've already filled our quota of people who are similar to you.

Ready? Let's do it…