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BTP84: Coming ‘Home’ to Ourselves: Reconnecting with Our Inner Wisdom

inner wisdom

This podcast episode is different from all the others I’ve done. Instead of having a distinct structure, I wanted to get real with you. I wanted to get into a space where I could share some of the thoughts that are prevalent for me right now.

This podcast is about coming ‘home’ to ourselves using the Tarot and reconnecting to our inner wisdom.

You see, before religions were invented, we HAD to rely on our own innate wisdom to guide us through life. But now, instead of learning how to trust ourselves, we’ve put so much of our trust into other people—our experts, our authorities, our religious figures, and so on.

And we can certainly see this in the Tarot space. We see folks going to Tarot readers and expecting to get all the answers or a silver bullet to solve their problems.

What I want is to bring that trust back into ourselves, reclaiming our own inner wisdom, and knowing that we have all the answers within us. And I think Tarot can certainly guide us in that way.

So join me in this extra special podcast episode, where I talk about this concept of coming ‘home’ to ourselves and how we can use Tarot and our own inner wisdom to guide us in life.

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Podcast Transcript

You’re listening to the Biddy Tarot Podcast, and this is Episode 84: Coming ‘Home’ to Ourselves – Reconnecting with Our Inner Wisdom.

Welcome to the Biddy Tarot Podcast, where you'll learn how to connect more deeply with your intuition and live an empowered and enlightened life with the Tarot cards as your guide.

Listen as Brigit and her guests share their very best tips and strategies to help you read Tarot with confidence. Now, here is your host, Brigit Esselmont.


Hello, and welcome back to the Biddy Tarot Podcast. Today, I want to do things a little bit differently. Normally, what I do for these podcast episodes is write out a plan before I go ahead with the actual podcast. I make sure everything is perfect. I’ve got a structure, and I’ve got all of these little teaching points to share with you, but today I want to change things up.

I want to get real with you, and I want to get into a space where I can share some of the thoughts that are prevalent for me right now. What I want to talk about today is this whole concept of coming home to ourselves and, as I said in the title, reconnecting with our inner wisdom. This is something that comes up quite frequently when I'm talking with people, and I'm explaining how the Tarot works, especially for those folks who have never really understood. They haven't had that access or experience in Tarot in the past This whole idea of reconnecting with our inner wisdom is something that comes up quite a lot.

It’s really interesting just to look at: How has our society evolved and changed over the last thousand years or so? If you think way, way back, when the spiritual or religious system—let’s just say spiritual system—was very much earth-based and connected to the energies of the earth and the spirits of the earth and the energies and spirits from within us.

Then what happened was we have what’s basically these religions coming through that are saying, “This is the way, and you need to follow the way in order to be a spiritual, holy, sacred, or what-have-you.” Sometimes what would happen in these religions would be that you would have an authority figure that would say, “I understand the way, so you must listen to what I say and follow my instructions because I am telling this through God (or whatever it might be). Therefore, you must place your trust in me because I’m a representation of God. You live your life according to these principles.”

Now, of course, I’m just sharing here my opinion, and it’s not always… Everyone will see things in a different way, so I want to be very clear that this is an opinion.

I feel like we’ve been through this phase where, instead of learning how to trust ourselves, we’ve put so much of our trust into other people—our experts, our authorities, our religious figures, and so on. Even when I was teaching birth education, it was really fascinating to see this play out in childbirth, because, particularly in western society, we have found ourselves in a place where it would be unheard of to birth on your own. “As if you could do that! You’ve got to have help!” And now we’ve put our trust in medical caregivers—obstetricians and midwives and so on—because they’re the “experts.” We rely on the experts to help us birth our babies.

Look, absolutely, I can see total validity in it in that it means that we have a much higher success rate with births and so on, but it’s also interesting just to see how much we now trust in what our obstetrician tells us—well, that that’s how you birth your baby.

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And maybe we’re losing our trust and our faith in ourselves.

You see it all over—even coming back into the Tarot space.

Think about how it works with Tarot. One, people will go and get a reading, and instead of tuning into their own intuition, what they’re doing is placing their trust in the reader—which is great! That’s certainly what I advocate. We want to become trusted readers. But they’re starting to ask questions like: “Should I do this? When will this thing happen?” Those kinds of questions reflect that we’re not trusting ourselves. We’re wanting someone else to tell us the answer.

Even in learning Tarot, you can see it as well where, instead of just trusting our intuitive interpretations, we’re going, “What does the book tell me to do?” or “Am I following the rules correctly? Am I doing it right? Is my meaning right?” and so on. These, to me, are all symptoms of us placing our trust in something outside of ourselves.

What I want to see more and more of is us bringing that trust back into ourselves, reclaiming our own inner wisdom, knowing that we have all the answers within us.

Even when you're feeling stuck or confused or unsure about which direction to take, you are the best person to make those decisions. Someone can give you advice, and you can consult with people. You can have sounding boards and so on. But ultimately, you know what’s best for you. Even if it’s not in your conscious mind, it’s absolutely stored in your subconscious or your intuition, and all of those answers are already within you.

When I think about Tarot, what I believe with Tarot, and where it adds the most value, I think Tarot is so incredibly powerful when we come at it from a place of learning to reconnect with our inner wisdom. So, think about it! Even if you’re having a reading with a Tarot reader, and someone else is reading your cards for you, you can still have that guidance from your reader to start to trust yourself. And I love connecting with readers who have that perspective of “I’m just a conduit. I’m just a guide. I’m here to empower my clients to learn how to make their own decisions and how to trust their own intuition.”

As we come back to learning Tarot and reading for ourselves, not relying so much on the book or on rules and needing to do things in a certain way and, instead, coming back to our core and going, “You know what? I know how to do this. It’s actually already within me, and I can choose how I want to connect with the Tarot in a way that feels intuitively right for me.”

Now, another way I see this playing out is the setting around doing a Tarot reading… Oftentimes, we’ll go, “OK, well, I’ve got a question—what are my cards going to tell me? Will my cards tell me what to do? Should I go and do this? OK, Tarot cards, tell me what I should do.” Again, this is another thing where we’re placing our trust outside of ourselves. We’re expecting the answer to come from outside of ourselves.

Really, it should be coming from within.

That’s my really strong opinion here! What a Tarot reading might look like instead, if you do completely and fully trust your own inner wisdom, is instead of going straight to the Tarot cards, what you might do instead is say, “OK, intuition, what’s the answer to this question? Should I pursue Option A or B?” Instead of going to the cards or someone else, you actually come back into yourself, and you think, “OK, yep. Let me connect in.” It might be through meditation. It might even be through some journeying or journaling—free writing and so on—just to bring yourself back into your core and first ask your inner core: “What’s the answer here?” The answer is already there, right?

And if you find yourself getting a little bit stuck, or you need that little bit of extra inspiration from an intuitive perspective, then that’s when you can bring your cards out. I see the Tarot cards working really beautifully when it’s just kind of filling in those gaps for your intuition. It’s not that intuition has gaps; it’s probably more that your intuition there, but it’s kind of sitting across your conscious and your subconscious mind. What the Tarot is doing is taking what’s in the subconscious mind, and it’s bringing it up into the conscious so that you can then take action and do something with it.

So, when you're using the Tarot cards alongside your intuition, what you're doing is bringing that subconscious element into your conscious awareness.

Again, it isn’t that these cards are this thing that’s telling you what to do, this external source of information. These cards are really just mirrors into your soul. What it’s doing is reflecting back to you the answer that you already have.

This is incredibly powerful when you come and read the cards from that perspective of “I want to connect with my intuition and my inner wisdom; I have the answers already within me. No matter the question, I already know the answer.” If you come at Tarot or just life in general, it’s a whole difference experience, and it can be a very, very amazing experience. So, I really want to encourage you to just sit with this concept for a little bit and think about: “How can I reconnect with my inner wisdom even more? Where am I placing my trust on others to the point at which it’s actually taking me away from my inner wisdom? How can I return to my inner source of truth instead?”

So, I hope that this message has been helpful for you. It’s something that just keeps coming up for me personally, and I keep thinking, “You know what? I think this next phase of evolution for us as a whole, as a society is coming back into this place of trusting ourselves again and trusting our inner wisdom. I really see it.

Again, going back to religion and this shift away from dogmatic kinds of religion and towards more spirituality and where there is so much fluidity with our spirituality, where there are no rules about how you have to do things, but it’s all about just trusting your gut, trusting your intuition, feeling your way through your soul work. Not having to necessarily be told and taught exactly what you should be doing. Not having to subscribe or buy into certain esoteric systems, for example. Yes, they’re all good information, but ultimately, it’s about coming back to your inner source of truth, your inner wisdom, your intuition because that’s where all the answers are.

Oh man, this is something I could talk about for a very long time. This is probably just the beginning of something new that is emerging. Now, interestingly, I actually was thinking, “Maybe I’ll draw a Tarot card to connect in with the message for today.” Interestingly, I went up to… I’m in our guesthouse right now. It’s probably a little bit echo-y. I forgot to bring my cards, which is actually very interesting because even as I was thinking about if I should bring my cards and ask this question, I thought, “Hang on a second—isn’t that putting my trust in an external source? Maybe I already have all of what I need to talk about with you today, and I don’t need to have my cards.”

So, I love Tarot just as much as anyone does, but there may actually be times when you feel like, “You know what? I want to get my cards out.” But just pause for a moment. Say, “OK, before I consult my cards, do I actually already have the answer inside of me? How can I go deep within to find that answer?”

Oh, yes! So, I think I’m going to wrap it up here. This feels good. I feel like I have shared the message I needed to share with you today. Like I said, it’s not as structured as it normally is. This isn’t as concise or succinct or what-have-you, but I don’t care because today is simply about sharing with you a thought, an idea that is really coming to the fore in my mind (and perhaps in your mind as well). I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s episode, and I can’t wait to connect with you again next time.

Bye for now!


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