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Tarot Spotlight: Katherine Smith

By September 22, 2016 August 26th, 2020


Welcome to Tarot Spotlight, where I shine the light on our Biddy Tarot Community members who are making a real difference with Tarot as a guide.

In this post, I chat with Katherine Smith, a lawyer by day, Tarot reader by night.

Since discovering the Tarot in the Indian jungle, Katherine has created a deep spiritual connection with the cards to help her understand more about who she really is and make decisions that are in alignment with her Higher Self.

Read on to discover how Katherine is learning to trust her intuition and go even deeper into her journey of self-exploration.

How did you first get into Tarot?

Tarot found me in the jungle of Kerala, India. I was there on retreat studying yoga and Ayurveda. My retreat leader, a self-care mentor, brought her Tarot cards for one-on-one coaching. The cards slowly sunk in until I woke up a few weeks later back in the United States, desperately needing my own deck ASAP.

How do you use Tarot now?

I use Tarot for two main things: decision-making and personal development. I’m good at making rational decisions, but Tarot helps me connect with the heart side of decision-making. I love using the cards to figure out who I am, and the bigger picture of what I want out of life.

What steps did you take to learn to read Tarot?

I bought a Rider-Waite deck, notebook, several books, and started reading/scribbling like a madwoman. I also watched videos on Biddy Tarot and elsewhere about how to connect with cards intuitively. Combining the research and intuitive approaches felt right for me. Buying additional decks early on was also a helpful step. When I didn’t initially connect with a card in the Rider-Waite deck, the card’s energy would come to life when I saw it depicted in other decks.

What was one of the biggest challenges you've faced learning Tarot?

I struggled in overcoming the initial hurdle of trusting my intuition. I’m a lawyer by training, a field where intuition is not particularly valued. But I’m a sensitive person, and I’d been feeling limited in that role for a long time. Studying yoga was a good first step to intuition by connecting me to my breath and physical body. Embracing Tarot next gave me a way to listen to my heart.

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What ONE thing made learning Tarot easy & joyful for you?

My Tarot buddy! Shortly after joining the Biddy Tarot Community, I was contacted by a wonderful woman about buddying up for Tarot study. We exchange daily emails about our card of the day, new spreads, favorite decks, etc. It can be hard to find people who are equally passionate about Tarot. But the journey is so much more fun when it’s shared.

What's one of your proudest moments as a Tarot reader?

My proudest Tarot moment was when I was able to finally answer a question that had been following me around for months: what outdated story do I tell about myself that I need to let go of? The pieces came to me gradually, through my own readings, readings by others (including Brigit during a live webinar!), and the insight of my Tarot buddy. The moment the answer came together, I felt both peace and excitement about who I am.


What's next for you when it comes to Tarot?

I’m thrilled to be launching an online Tarot business. I want to share with clients the techniques that most help me in my personal journey. I’m developing content for decision-making, self-discovery, connecting with creativity, and oracle card readings for fellow insomniacs. I’d love to connect and hear your feedback.

3About Katherine Smith

A Californian at heart, Katherine Smith currently lives in Washington, DC, with her husband and two little dogs. She’s a lawyer by day, tarot reader by night. Katherine loves yoga, books, comfortable shoes, and exploring new places.

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