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Tarot Certification: Andrew’s Story

By September 21, 2017 April 14th, 2021

Andrew BarkerAndrew Barker is a Washington DC-based Certified Biddy Tarot AdvisorHe chose to get certified to add another layer of credibility to his business. Read on to learn Andrew’s story, and discover how Tarot certification has positively impacted him. 

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How Andrew Found Tarot

Andrew was raised in a conservative town in North Carolina, and at age 17, decided to rebel by embracing crystals, Tarot cards, and everything esoteric. His mum found his Tarot deck and threw it away, and that was the end of that for four years.

At age 21, Andrew stumbled across Doreen Virtue’s YouTube channel. This is where he learned about Angel cards. He thought, “well, that doesn’t sound scary,” so he decided to purchase his first Angel deck.

He was shocked when the first Angel card he pulled was about relationship issues – because that’s exactly what he was going through in that moment. He thought, “Oh, there is something to this!” His interest in Oracle and Tarot decks just snowballed from there.

After he cut his teeth by reading for friends, family, and strangers online, he launched his business on his birthday after getting his Angel Card reading certification from Doreen Virtue.

How Certification Helped Andrew’s Tarot Business

Two years into his business, he started incorporating Tarot. Using both Tarot cards alongside Angel cards gave an additional layer of insight and complexity to his readings.

Andrew describes Angel cards as being “light and fluffy,” so he likes that Tarot brings both the light and shadow. Starting with Angel cards helped him learn how to put a positive spin on Tarot cards that can otherwise be seen as negative.

His professional Tarot journey started with Biddy Tarot’s Read Tarot With Confidence course

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Pretty soon after, he got his Biddy Tarot Certification. He knew that if people saw that he was a Certified Biddy Tarot Advisor, they’d have more confidence in him.

He said he worked extremely hard during the certification process. It was such a proud moment once he got that piece of paper.

Now, in addition to using both Angel and Tarot cards, he also incorporates coaching techniques into his business.

Andrew’s Advice to Aspiring Tarot Card Readers

First, “don’t think you have to learn every single card meaning right away,” Andrew says. That will come with time.

Next, “don’t expect to open your business and earn a million dollars on the first day.” The phrase “if you build it, they will come,” does not apply here. It takes time and dedication to grow a Tarot business, but it’s definitely rewarding. Andrew is so proud to be able to do what he loves to do and help people at the same time.

I can proudly recommend Andrew as a Tarot Advisor. You can learn more about him or get a reading by visiting his websiteInstagram (@tarotwithandrew), and YouTube channel

Is Tarot Certification Right for You?

The Biddy Tarot Certification Program offers a complete approach to Tarot that quickly develops your competence and skill. Our one-of-a-kind certification goes beyond other Tarot books and programs.

While you’re learning, you’ll give real life Tarot readings for all kinds of people… and while you’re giving Tarot readings for people, you’ll learn things about Tarot that can’t be learned through study alone.

That’s the Biddy Tarot Certification difference.

So by the time you apply for certification, not only will not you possess a deep and practical understanding of the stories, symbols, and systems in the Tarot deck… you’ll also have the real world tools and skills to read accurately for anyone, anytime.

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Wish You Had A Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet?

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