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Manifest Your Wildest Dreams with Tarot

By November 10, 2016 February 11th, 2019


How would you like to manifest your wildest dreams, with a little help from your intuition and the Divine?

You could…

… Go on that trip you've always wanted to take to the remote tropical beach lined with palm trees

… Fall in love with the man (or woman) of your dreams and create a beautiful life together

… Start that business that so perfectly combines your passions and desires

Well, guess what?

It's all possible.

It's all available to you.

It's right here in front of you.

All you need is a deck of Tarot cards, your intuition and your intent.

In this post, I'll show you exactly how to create divinely-inspired goals and manifest your wildest dreams with the Tarot cards as your guide.

Creating Divinely-Inspired Goals

Let's start with the basics…

If you want to manifest your wildest dreams, you need to know what those wild dreams actually are.

I'm talking about specifics. What do you want? When you do want it? How do you want it? How will you know you've got it?

For example, let's say my wild dream is to create a successful Tarot business. What does that really look like?

Is it a business that generates $10,000 a year? $100,000 a year? Or $1,000,000 a year?

Does it serve 10 clients a year? 100 clients a year? Or 1,000 clients a year?

You catch my drift.

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You want to make this wild dream of yours SMART – specific, meaningful, agreed-upon, realistic and time-based.

Next, you want to create a couple of different levels for your goal.

What's a really safe goal – something you know you could reach easily?

And what's a really ‘out there' goal – something you know would knock your socks off? That feels like a huge stretch, but there's a sliver of possibility you could actually make it happen?

And what's something in between?

Awesome! Now it's time to get the Tarot cards out.

Draw a Tarot card for each level, asking your Higher Self, “To what extent is this goal in alignment with my soul purpose?”

You might find that your ‘safe' goal really is just playing small, and in fact the energy is highest around your stretch goal. If this is the case, set an even bigger goal and draw a card – how far can you take it?

Or, you might find that your stretch goal is exciting, but out of alignment with what you truly desire. For example, you might be able to achieve it, but to the detriment of your relationships or your career. In which case, scale it back until you find that sweet spot again.

Finally, tune into your intuition and ask yourself which goal feels best for you. Choose the goal and set your intention to manifest that goal.

Landed on your divinely-inspired goal? Awesome! Write it down and stick it up in a visible place. Remind yourself of this goal every single day until you reach it!

Manifest Your Wildest Dreams with this 7-Card Tarot Spread

So, you know what you want to manifest. It's time to out how to manifest it.

Here's a 7-card Tarot spread to help you map out the manifestation path for your goal:

This spread will show you how you're in relationship with your goal, what actions you need to take to manifest your dreams and what you might expect over the next 6-12 months.

Treat this like your manifestation magic plan knowing that you CAN make your dreams come true with a little Divine magic and positive action.

There you have it! You now have a powerful way to manifest your divinely-inspired goals.

Now, go make magic and post your results below in the Comments.





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Wish You Had A Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet?

Get Your FREE Tarot Card Meanings Reference Guide

And Avoid Getting Stuck When Trying To Remember The Card Meanings