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Monthly Tarot Forecast for July 2016

By June 30, 2016 July 27th, 2017


July 2016 is all about working hard and playing hard. You're being asked to get on top of your day-to-day activities and be resilient AND you're being asked to put the tools down occasionally and have fun. You can't just be all work – you've got to have some fun along the way!

Watch the Tarot card forecast to discover exactly what’s coming up in July 2016 and how to make the most of the month ahead.

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Video Transcript:

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Hi, I'm Brigit, founder of Biddy Tarot, and this is the monthly Tarot forecast for July, 2016.

Well, I’ve got three cards for you:

  • The Blessings
  • The Challenges
  • And the Outcome for the month ahead

So let’s take a look, shall we?

I’ve got here the Nine of Wands for the Blessings or the Opportunities.

Now you might be wondering:  Okay, why would the Nine of Wands be a Blessing or an Opportunity?

Well, here’s what I see in the Nine of Wands.

It’s a card about perseverance, and even though the odds might be stacked up against you and you’re feeling overwhelmed or pressured, or with a lot of responsibility sitting on your back, you are still standing strong.

I mean, check out this guy.  He’s got all these wands behind him that kind of look a little bit threatening.  And he’s also bandaged – and it kind of signifies that he’s feeling a bit rough and tumbled.  But he’s not letting that get to him.  He’s not running away.  He’s standing up and he’s like, “I’m gonna do this!”

And remember this is a Nine, so it’s like right at the end of the cycle.  It’s like:  I know I’m so close; I only have to do just that little bit extra effort and I will get to the end of this cycle.

So see your perseverance this month as your Blessing, because it really is.  Even if you feel a little bit overwhelmed, it’s that sense of resilience and grit that is really building in you, that is actually working to your advantage.

So let’s have a look at our Challenges.

Now, I have the Two of Pentacles here.

Now the Two of Pentacles, he’s juggling two coins.  And this is often a sign of needing to juggle various priorities.  And think about your day-to-day life.  You are often dealing with many, many things that all need your attention.  And I know they say, “Focus on one thing only,” and I think that’s awesome advice, but sometimes it’s so hard to know what is that one thing.

So the Challenge I see for July is being able to identify:  What is this one thing that really needs my attention, because I’m juggling so many balls at the one time, I don’t know which is the one to focus on?

So here’s what you need to do.

If this is a Challenge that you’re resonating with, it’s all about looking about what’s most important to you right now.  What must happen in order for you to reach your goals, versus what’s the nice-to-have?

Then you also need to start being more careful around planning your time.

It’s one thing to sit on the couch and watch TV and say, “Oh, but I’ve got no time to do everything I want to do.”

What you really need to do is map out your week, or map out your month even.  And make sure that you do have the time that’s necessary in order to achieve all of your goals.

So, quick recap:  We’ve got the Nine of Wands which is all about perseverance and grit; and, on the flipside to that, we’ve got time management and prioritisations.

So, July is likely to be quite a busy, full-on month for you, but there is kind of some good and some not as easy aspects to the month.

Let’s wrap it up with the Outcome for the month, and I’m so glad that we’ve got the Sun here.

Because the Sun is a reminder that even though you’re stuck in the day-to-day stuff and sometimes that feels a little bit overwhelming, the Sun says, “You know what? Life is good. Your day-to-day stuff might be a little bit challenging right now, but overall life is really good.”

And it’s really important to reflect on the things that make you happy; that bring you joy; that bring you peace.

And even if it’s that you’re putting all your time and effort into all those tasks and chores maybe during the week, then make sure that you’ve got the weekend to have fun; to spend time with your family; to sort of bask in your success, and reflect on your achievements for the week.

It’s really important that you’re balancing that hard work with a bit of the fun and play time.

So I think that’s a really neat reading for July.  You do have a lot to focus on when it comes to the day-to-day doing stuff that can be a little bit irritating and frustrating; but it is making you more resilient.  But remember, the bigger picture here is that your life is wonderful.  So give thanks and be grateful for all of the wonderful things that you do have in your life.

And the more that you put your attention there, the more you’ll start to elevate and lift your energy.

So I hope that helps.  I hope you have an awesome month ahead and I can’t wait to connect with you next time.

Thank you.


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