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5 Reasons Why Manifestation Doesn’t Work For You

By September 5, 2023 September 6th, 2023

Have you ever woken up and thought…

How did I get here?
When did my life get so off-track?
Why doesn’t my life feel like mine?

Your life isn’t necessarily bad… but you can’t shake the feeling that it’s not exactly what you want anymore. And maybe it hasn’t been for a long time.

If you feel this way, congratulations. Truly. Because having this realization means that you’re ready for real growth and change. You're finally ready to listen to what your higher self has to say.

You see, whether you know it or not, you are always manifesting your reality. And when you’re not intentional about what you’re attracting into your life, things can start to feel just plain wrong.

But when you’re in alignment with your higher self, that’s when you can step into being the main character of your life instead of a passenger… and intentionally manifest what you DO want like magic.

So here are some of the biggest obstacles to manifesting what’s meant for you… and how you can use Tarot to connect to your higher self and get back on track with creating the life you truly desire.

Obstacle #1: You’re unclear on what you want?

Define Your Dreams, Embrace Your Power

“Know what you want, and go for it!” Sounds easy, right? But what if you're not exactly sure what you want in the first place?

Not having a defined vision is one of the biggest reasons manifesting is difficult for many of us. And it’s no wonder why. We live in a time of overwhelming choices and possibilities, not to mention the societal pressure that makes us feel like we “should” want certain things.

But when you’re not sure of what you want, or when you arbitrarily choose something to manifest that’s not truly aligned, you’ll keep changing your mind – which sends mixed signals to the universe.

It’s like putting in your order at a restaurant and then changing it 5 minutes later – over and over again. Think about it – how much longer will it take to get your food if you keep making the kitchen start over?

If this sounds like you, good news: this is a hurdle you can overcome.

If you struggle with clarity, it’s likely you DO actually know what you want deep down – you just haven’t allowed yourself the time and space to fully acknowledge it.

Here’s a simple, but powerful question to ask your Tarot cards the next time you feel unclear: “What is the next best step that I’m not able to see right now?” This can help you get unstuck and make one small move in the right direction, even if you can’t see the full path.

Obstacle #2: You don’t believe you can have what you want

Go from Impossible to Inevitable

Have you ever seen someone living their dream and thought, “That's great for them, but I could never achieve something like that”?

I remember my days in the corporate world. Back then, the thought of owning my own spiritual business felt as likely as becoming an astronaut. I’d watch others live their passion and think, “Well, good for them, but that's not in the cards for me.”

This doubt is the second big roadblock to manifestation: thinking that our dreams are just too big, too grand, too… impossible. It's like standing at the base of a mountain, looking up at the towering peak, and wondering how on earth you're supposed to get all the way up there.

I've been there, standing at the foot of my own mountain of doubt. But here's the thing: the impossible (owning a spiritual business that brings in millions of dollars a year) became my reality. And I want you to know that your impossible dream can become your reality, too. You just need the right tools.

Here’s a quick exercise to help you start letting go of doubt and allowing yourself to realize your biggest goals:

Set aside some time to sit quietly and allow yourself to dream BIG. What would sound amazing to have in your life, regardless of how “realistic” it sounds? Is it a new house, your dream job, or an opportunity to travel the world? Write everything down.

Then, write down any limiting beliefs that come up around each dream. (Examples might be “I’m not talented enough” or “I don’t have the money.”) Thank those beliefs for trying to keep you safe, and release them back into the universe. (You might even want to burn the list of beliefs if that feels cathartic to you!)

Obstacle #3: You struggle with patience

Trust the Universe's Timing

Ever put your heart and soul into manifesting something, and then… crickets? Trust me, I know the feeling.

I remember early on in my marriage when we were trying to find our dream home. There were times when I thought what I was looking for simply didn’t exist – and we almost settled for less several times. But I’m glad we didn’t… because while I was worrying, the Universe was lining everything up behind the scenes. And after months of searching with no end in sight, our perfect home on the Sunshine Coast appeared out of nowhere.

When our dreams don’t come to life immediately, it's easy to feel frustrated, disappointed, and even doubtful. But we can’t expect to plant a seed and have a full-grown tree the next day.

Think about it. Did the seed become a tree overnight? No – it took time, care, sunshine, and rain.

The same goes for manifestation. Just because you can’t see the results right away doesn't mean nothing's happening. It's just that the magic is working behind the scenes, beneath the surface.

So here’s the challenge: can we stay patient and trust the universe's timing? It's not easy, I know. But the waiting period isn’t just a delay – it's an essential part of the journey.

Imagine The Star card, it's about having faith and trusting in the timing of the Universe. To strengthen this feeling, use an affirmation. You can choose one of these manifestation affirmations or create your own:

“The future I want is manifesting right now.”

“What I am seeking is seeking me.”

“As I assume, so it will be.”

“What I can feel is already mine.”

“I let go of anxious thoughts and trust the unfolding of my life.”

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NEW Course Alert!

Are you ready to create
the life of your dreams?

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“I trust the Universe. It gives me exactly what I need at exactly the right time.”

Write down your affirmation and repeat it daily until it becomes natural. These also make great anchors for meditation.

Remember, each step you take is a seed planted. With patience, trust, and the right tools, you’ll soon see the magic unfold!

Obstacle #4: You struggle with consistency

Commit to Your Dreams

Imagine you're learning to play a musical instrument. You're excited, you're passionate, and you can't wait to play beautiful music.

But after a few days, you realize it's harder than you thought. So you put the instrument down, promising to pick it up again soon. Days turn into weeks… weeks into months… And soon, your instrument is gathering dust, long-forgotten. Sound familiar?

It’s hard for us to manifest anything without consistency. And while it’s easy to start anything with that first burst of enthusiasm, it gets tougher to stay committed as the initial excitement starts to fade.

You see, any manifestation practice requires two things: intention and consistent action. When things get hard, it’s common to want to go back to the way things were – into the comfort of what’s known, safe, and easy.

But, just like learning an instrument, the key to manifestation isn't wild bursts of effort followed by long periods of silence. It's consistent practice. It's picking up that instrument day after day, even when we don’t feel like it, until we’re finally able to play beautiful music.

Remember, commitment isn't a giant leap; it's a series of small, consistent steps. So even if you feel like you're moving slowly, keep going.

To help you in this process, write down just one thing every day that you can do to take a tiny step toward your goals. It can be as big or as small as you want, as long as it’s propelling you forward.

Whether it’s 10 minutes of reading about a topic you care about, or 30 minutes spent building your website, those daily efforts will eventually add up to something extraordinary.

Obstacle #5: You’re overwhelmed with techniques

Choose a Method That Resonates

Imagine you’re standing at the entrance of a maze. There are endless winding paths to choose from, and each claims to be the “right” one.

That’s how it can feel at the beginning of your manifestation journey.
With so many methods, theories, and tools out there, figuring out where to start can feel paralyzing.

When I first dipped my toes into the world of manifestation, I felt the same way. I tried this method and that, read book after book, listened to countless gurus… but at the end of the day, I was lost and more confused than ever.

Through my journey, I realized something crucial: manifestation isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. It's not about blindly following a path laid out by someone else. It’s about finding the path that resonates with you.

After years of feeling frustrated with finding a successful manifestation practice, I had an epiphany.

“If I already use Tarot to help me solve my problems… why not use it to CREATE what I want in my life?”

After that moment, EVERYTHING changed.

And my manifestations started appearing in my life like magic.
Because I had finally discovered a simple way to easily and effortlessly manifest the life I wanted.

If this approach resonates with you, know that Tarot can be your guiding light to manifesting the life of your dreams… And the best part is, you don’t have to be a Tarot reader to use it!

Unlock Your Manifestation Power with Tarot

Tarot serves as a potent amplifier for your manifestation journey. By tapping into its wisdom, you gain insights, clarity, and alignment with your desires, supercharging your manifesting practice.

I’ve been using Tarot as a manifesting tool for YEARS. And now, I’m so excited to share my personal process in my course, Intuitive Manifesting!

Inside, I’ll guide you through my personal 4-step manifestation process where you’ll discover how to…

1. Picture your perfect future

2. Elevate your energy vibration

3. Break free from limiting beliefs

4. Manifest your dream life with the Tarot cards as your guide

This is a systematic approach to manifesting that adds two magic ingredients – Tarot and your intuition.

If other manifestation programs or methods haven’t worked for you…
And you resonate with Tarot as a guidance tool…

I invite you to witness what happens when you decide to really go for it and take action on creating the life you desire inside Intuitive Manifesting!

I hope what I’ve shared here helps you return back to yourself so you can manifest with more clarity and ease. And there’s so much more where that came from! 

These techniques are only just scratching the surface of how you can connect to your higher self and manifest your dreams with Tarot. If you’re interested in using Tarot as part of your manifestation practice, I hope you’ll join me inside Intuitive Manifesting


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Are you ready to create
the life of your dreams?

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Doors Opening Soon

NEW Course Alert!

Are you ready to create
the life of your dreams?

Join The Waitlist for Intuitive Manifesting

Doors Opening Soon